Amazing X-Men #9 Review

Amazing #9 - 1

I have to say Amazing X-Men is my fav of all the series I am reading, they had some great writers and artists. In the last issue, Wolverine just goes off to Canada to visit Vindicator. Wolverine finds out that James is missing, while searching for him Wolverine comes across Wendigos.

The issue starts with a little girl on the roof, she sees the x-plane coming towards her and she thinks that is will save her but the plane crashes through her house.

Help is here or maybe not

Help is here or maybe not

Let’s go back an hour, the X-Men (Storm, Marvel Girl, Northstar, Firestar, Iceman, Nightcrawler, and Colossus) are all heading to Canada because they are worried about Wolverine. Wolveine is off fighting the Wendigos as best he can but they are strong and he does not have his healing factor. He gets some extra help from Talisman and Puck of Alpha Flight.

On the Minnesota Canada border, the Avengers have arrived to help the situation because various towns in Canada are being over run by the Wendigos.

Don't worry The Avengers are here

Don’t worry The Avengers are here

An aircraft comes by the X-Men urging them to pull up because they are flying too low. Then a wendigo jumps up on the other plane, I guess they were flying too low because Wendigos can jump.

Wendiego Smash

Wendigo Smash

Nightcrawler jumps out to save the pilot while Storm and Marvel Girl fly the plane. The Wendigo is pulling apart the plane, which is why it crashes in the first place.

Iceman builds an ice wall around everyone, well really an ice block, saves the X-Men and the pilot.

Amazing #9 - 5

Firestar then uses her powers to get everyone out, in this moment Strom and everyone get why Professor X made Iceman and X-Man. Also water pulls down Storm’s Mohawk, which is all right because she still looks awesome.

OK, maybe you are useful after all

OK, maybe you are useful after all

The team is then surrounded by Wendigos who naturally attack. Firestar has no idea what they are, but we learn you don’t let them touch you and that if you perform cannibalism you turn into one.

Amazing #9 - 7

Talisman, Puck and Wolverine show up, Storm is worried about Wolverine but he says he is all right. She is being a concerned… I’m not sure what they are exactly… friend I will go with that.

Wolverine tells them that Talisman is their best hope so they need to hold the Wendigos back. Since there is no set time for when the spell will work, they have to hold out for however long. Talisman feels the spell working until Wendigo Wolverine stabs her through the stomach. Great Wolverine is one of those creatures now.

Amazing #9 - 8

I really like this Wendigo storyline, because it is bringing in various marvel groups such as The Avengers and Alpha Flight. I also like the turn at the end with Wolverine turning into one of them. This will really be something interesting if he gets to keep his claws and some of his mutant powers. That would make him a more advanced Wendigo. I am intrigued to see where this goes because there is a chance that both Heather and James are Wendigo’s as well. If they are, did they keep their mutant powers?

Until next issue.

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