Marvel Cinematic Universe Expands PLUS First Look at “Infinity War”

Whoo-boy, has it been a big couple of days for Marvel movie announcements!

First, we get the news that Dr. Strange has been cast as none other than Benedict Cumberbatch…

And that's how Marvel just won.

And that’s how Marvel just won.

DC might as well quit and keep making direct-to-DVD animated features. I mean, Marvel already had won over a lot of the female fanbase, but now the added numbers in Cumberbitches…

Well, my bitter resentment towards all things (current) DC aside, we got a heap of other new release info.

Hamina hamina hamina hamina...

Hamina hamina hamina hamina…

We’re getting a Captain Marvel movie which will be female driven, featuring by Carol Danvers as CM. Either way, I kind of love that they threw down and took the name before DC could title their movie, despite the new weeks ago that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was cast as Black Adam. Ha!

We’re also getting a Black Panther movie, which is great because we have a lack of people of colour in superhero movies, let alone leading roles. In Hollywood terms, it’s a gamble, but it’s good to see that Marvel doesn’t necessarilly agree, and that they have faith in their character and their fanbase.

And it never hurts to have Captain America and Iron Man backing you up.

But maybe the biggest reveal was this little clip, a small teaser, really, that shows us exactly how all of the movies so far are going to tie into one big, huge, mega event that is going to leave me swooning fans breathless.

I… Am so stupid excited for all of this. Literally all of it. Personally, I’m hoping for some good ol’ superhero crossover action in Infinity War. Also wondering if that supposed Gambit movie starring Channing Tatum is still a thing (or would that be under Fox’s label?). Hoping Marvel can cut that deal they’re rumoured to be working on with Sony to get a couple of Spider-Man cameos in since they’re doing Civil War and Spidey was kind of instrumental in that storyline… And I’m PSYCHED about Captain Marvel! Wondering how they’re going to get around that whole “you can’t use mutants because Fox owns ’em” thing, but still psyched.

What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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