Agents of SHIELD: A Hen in the Wolf House Recap


Here we are back for another exciting episode of SHIELD, last week Coulson and May went under cover for to get a painting only to find out that Hydra has an really awesome face changing device.  Also there was a really epic May fight between real May and fake May.

The episode starts off with a wedding toast that turns deadly when people begin to choke on what they are drinking.  Some Hydra agents can be seen leaving the scene, what was the point of that?

Then over in SHIELD land they are trying to figure out what happened to the people at the wedding.  They are also trying to figure out more about the writings.  Skye wants to know who the source is but Coulson won’t tell her and she is asking all the questions, Coulson does not like it.

AOS - Raina and Skye's dad

Raina goes to Skye’s dad trying to get the Obelisk back because Whitehall is threating her.  Skye’s dad does not care he just wants Skye and Raina needs to deliver her.  Also Skye’s dad has anger issues, where everyone is telling him to calm down, that screams Hulk to me.

Over at Hydra, Simmons is brought into a meeting where they go over resent research.  Whitehall wants to know if it is possible to turn the Obelisk into a weapon if they had it.  Simmons has to be honest so she tells them that it is possible.

Simmons naturally sends a message to SHIELD letting them know the new information that she discovered.  This was a bad idea because someone intercepted the message:

Simmons is able to plant her device on someone else, good thinking Simmons.

Back at SHIELD, Hunter tells Skye that she was right to question Coulson but if she wants answers she should talk with her Hydra bf.  Skye pays a visit to Ward who still has his beard but short hair, someone shave that beard already.  When Skye shows Ward the writings he cannot tell her what they mean.  He can tell her that Garrett started to do them after he was injected with the GH formula and that is changed him.  Ward was worried that Skye was the one doing the writings but she told him no.

This leads Skye to tell Coulson that she knows that he is the source.  Coulson only started doing it after he had seen it, but that has not happened to Skye, they should know since they have been monitoring her.  This makes Skye mad because they think that she might be an alien and Coulson doesn’t break it to her in the best of ways.  Coulson gets a call from Raina telling him that they need to meet.

Coulson with the rest of the team in place meets Raina at a restaurant:

Raina also might have taken a flirting class, well Skye wants to go out there to see if Raina is telling the truth but May tells her no and stops her.  I really don’t get how Skye thought she was going to get past May.  Coulson lets the clock run down on Raina’s phone, which means that the picture of Simmons was sent to everyone at Hydra.  Coulson wants Raina to tell him where Skye’s father is.

Simmons was in the bathroom giving herself a mini pep talk and when she comes out Bobbi Morse is standing there.  Bobbi had all the questions for Simmons, like if she was loyal to Hydra and did she know about her lab partner working for SHIELD.  Of course Simmons lies, but Bobbi does not believe her.

When Simmons walks back to her desk she notices everyone looking at her and then Simmons notices her picture on the screen.  As she sees Bakshi and some guards coming she knows that her cover has been blown.  Simmons take off running where she see Bobbi Morse, as Simmons goes the other way Bobbi kills the guards that she is with.  Bobbi grabs Simmons and tells her to come with her because Coulson has a plan.  It seems that Bobbi is a member of the team, Bobbi is doing her best to get Simmons out.  Bobbi is killing anyone with her two swords that gets in her way.  After a frantic race to get up on the roof of the building and find the plane that is suppose to be picking her up.  Bobbi and Simmons jump off the roof and land on a very nicely cloaked plane.  Who is flying this rescue plane why none other then Triplett, you know he had to be the one to get Simmons.

While the team is discussing what to do with the info from Raina, they happen to notice that Skye went missing.  Of course Skye went missing, because she had to head off down this spooky tunnel thing to see if she could catch a glimpse of her father.  Skye’s dad was not there but he had been watching her from a camera in a clock.  He was enjoying it until he saw Coulson come in and Skye hug him, then Skye’s dad got angry and did a Hulk Smash on the poor iPad; that hurt me because I want an iPad.  May finds the room where Skye’s father had been treating some people but they were all dead.  Skye is not looking forward to meeting her father now.

At HQ, Simmons is back and she goes over to Fitz, the only problem with this is that Fitz was starting to let go of imaginary Simmons.  It is good that real Simmons is back so we can have FitzSimmons again, but this might be a problem for Fitz.

Bobbi happens to know a few members of the team like Mack, but most importantly she knows Hunter.  Hunter is really unhappy to see Bobbi, apparently Bobbi is Hunter’s she-devil ex-wife, this is going to make for an interesting dynamic.

Skye and Coulson talk where Skye makes Coulson promise no more secrets, so Coulson shows her his drawings.  Skye things she knows what they might be, a map.  Coulson has an alien treasure map in his head, lets hope it leads them to somewhere good.

AOS - Whitehall

Skye’s dad goes to Hydra where he visits Whitehall and gives him the Obelisk, because Skye’s dad wants to join forces with Whitehall to bring down Coulson.

This was a good episode, it did not give us the Skye and her father meeting that I think we were all hoping for but it was still good.  I like how Coulson always has a plan, how he had two people in Hydra but if something happened to Simmons, Coulson knew that she would be safe.  I have to say Coulson must have learned a lot from Fury, because he is handling this whole being the director thing well.  Also I am loving Bobbi Morse, which makes me a bit sad that her Wonder Woman pilot got canceled.  I am curious to see how Hunter is going to handle his ex on the team.  I am wondering how Fitz is going to handle Simmons being back for real, with any luck his bromance with Mack will help him through.

Until next episode when we have to trust Ward:

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