The Flash: Things You Can’t Outrun recap


We are back again for another exciting episode of The Flash, last week Barry had to accept that he really is the only person who can take on the metahumans but he also had to learn that speed alone will not be enough.  Detective West and Barry’s relationship hit a bump but even Detective West had to accept that fact that Barry is the only one who can do that and it would help Barry more if he supported him.

This episode starts with Barry giving words of wisdom at the beginning of the episode saying no matter how hard we try there are just somethings that we cannot outrun.

Barry is leaving a zombie movie with Iris, while they are out she has to call Eddie about getting the spare key while Barry gets a call about a crime that is happening right now.  Thanks to Caitlin, Barry was to understand what the crime was because Cisco was not helping.  Barry gets back to Iris before she even had time to notice that he had been missing, that super speed is comes in handy.  It also comes with a very high metabolism so Barry is hungry again.

Over in a random restaurant a shady looking meeting is going down, but it does not go the way that people expected because this green smoke fills the room killing people.  When Barry arrives at the police station, Detective West grabs him to head down to the crime scene.  Barry notices that they have been killed by a choking on gas.

They head down to Team Flash headquarters so the team could find out more about this mysterious smoke, because well they get so excited over things like this.

Barry figures out that in his lab another persons DNA in the people lungs, that is not normal. That leads them to come to conclusion that maybe the guy can turn into smoke.  Also Eddie decides to pay a visit to surprise Iris at the house but Detective West is home and he does not know they are dating so Eddie has to make up some story as to why he is there.

The Flash - Barry attacked by The Mist

Kyle Nimbus aka the Mist, goes to the mall where he kills the judge that put him away, it should be noted that the judge is shocked to see him because he is supposed to be dead.  With the help of Team Flash, Barry makes it down to the mall to confront Nimbus but Barry has no idea how to fight him.  Nimbus attacks Barry and goes to kill him the same way that he does everyone else, as Barry is suffocating, he runs over to Star Labs to have them help him.  Now he has a sample of Nimbus in him and they might be able to figure out who is he.  Caitlin shoves a giant needle into Barry’s heart to save him.

The Flash - Caitlin saving Barry

The plus side they are able to get some DNA from Barry, so they are able to identify Nimbus who was a death row inmate who was gassed at the time of the explosion.  It seems that Nimbus is going after everyone who helped put him away and the last person on his list is the cop who arrested him, I think we can all guess who the cop is.

The Flash - Detective West and Nimbus (Mist)


Detective West decided to pay a visit to Barry’s dad, because he had not done so before but also because he wanted to tell him that he believes him and is going to reopen his case.  Henry (Barry’s dad), it just grateful for all that Detective West did for Barry.  While there Nimbus shows up and attacks Detective West, Henry has to stand there and watch because he cannot do anything.  Barry shows up in costume and give Detective West the antidote all while trying to make sure his father does not recognize him.  I have to say the speed up face trick was kinda interesting.

Barry takes off after Nimbus who Barry has no idea how to fight and no loner has the antidote to save him.  Science is on their side because Nimbus cannot maintain the mist form for long and he will have to get fatigued just like all the rest of the metahumans.  It at that time that Barry is able to take down Nimbus who they put in a “cell” down in the particle accelerator.

Daddy please don't shoot him.

Daddy please don’t shoot him.

Iris and Eddie go and visit Detective West right and the same time, which leads Joe to make a comment about that.  Iris finally decides to tell her father that her and Eddie are dating.  Detective West tells her that he already knows, he is a detective after all.  Iris gets her dad to agree not to shoot Eddie and be happy for her.

Also Barry meets with his dad who remarks on how it took Barry to a long time to walk but he did once he had some place to go which was to his mother.

The Flash - the team

Now going down into the particle accelerator caused a lot of flashbacks to the explosion, during this time we meet Ronnie, Caitlin’s fiance who is played by Robbie Amell who is the cousin to Stephan Amell star of Arrow. We learn that Ronnie was not supposed to be there but since he worked on the particle accelerator when things went bad he went down to fix it.  Ronnie made Cisco promise to seal things off if he was not back in 2 min.  Ronnie is only able to divert the blast but he cannot fix it, so he says his good-byes to Caitlin.  While all of this goes on Wells goes in his secret room where he has a camera set up in Barry’s lab and Wells remarks how he will be seeing Barry soon.

I have to say I am liking the progression of The Flash, Barry is still gaining confidence in his abilities, which I really like.  I enjoy that he needs help, because it makes him human, which is something we can all relate to.  Making science such a huge aspect of the show has been fantastic because it gives a different aspect to the show and story.  Besides I don’t know about the rest of you but I enjoy it more when science is brought in to help explain things.  I am looking forward to seeing how the team and science continues to help Barry on his journey.  I also like the change in Detective West and Barry’s relationship, especially with the change in Detective West’s attitude when it comes to Barry’s father.  Also Iris and Eddie failing to hide their relationship, seriously that excuse that Eddie came up with was horrible.  I would have known something was up just based on that alone.

Does anyone have any ideas on who Well’s might be, he is not a lore character per see, unless he might be a villain that has no alias.  I want to know what is up with him and what is his deal, the only thing that does seem plausible is the Infinite Crisis might be taking place.  He could be someone from that storyline, does anyone have any guesses?

Until next episode when Felicity will be making a trip to Central City:

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