Sleepy Hollow: The Weeping Lady Recap

Sleepy Hollow

Here was are again at another new episode, last weeks was rather interested take on the Pied Piper tale.

This episode starts off with Ichabod getting some new clothes from Caroline. Let us all get excited about Ichabod getting new clothes. Well Caroline had a thing for Ichabod but lets be fair who doesn’t have a thing for him. Caroline thought that Abbie was Ichabod’s wife when she shows up.  We know all the Ichabbie shipper were going crazy over that.  Abby lets Ichabod know that is was obvious that Caroline had a case of Crane on the brain, but really who doesn’t.

Over in Headless Horseman and Katrina land, well Katrina is actually being a witch, look at that she finally figured out what she is. She calls a crow over to deliver a message to Ichabod, well now we know how she plans to let Ichabod know about any plans that she discovers, maybe she is not completely useless. Well the Horseman shows up afterwards and doing his usually Katrina be with me thing.

By using a two – way mirror, or at least communicating via mirror, the Horseman asks Henry to check on the enchantments he put around so Katrina couldn’t use magic. That explains things, because seriously her not using magic was annoying. The Horseman is being all noble and refusing to use the binding spell.

Abbie convinces Ichabod that he cannot lose another friend so she convinces him to talk to Caroline.

Maybe it is just me, but I hear unnatural sounds in my home especially a weeping sound I don’t know if I am going to investigate it especially if I live alone.  If I have learned anything from horror movies that usually means something bad.  I can deal with a ghost as long as the ghost does not bother me.

Abbie called Ichabod down to the crime scene because she wanted to let him know that Caroline was dead. While investigating the scene Abbie notices tire tracks they could only belong to a local teenager. Now we all know that they do because we saw the teenagers run away from the scene after seeing the Weeping Lady.

Ichabod and Abbie go visit the local high school, really they go visit cheerleading practice because that is where they’re going to get all the good gossip. After talking with some teenagers about what happened they decide to visit the local library to do some research.

While at the library Abbie runs into Hawley, I swear this guy it’s just gonna be a thing now which is cool like him.

SH - Ichabod and crow

While there Abby hears weeping, not her again, Abbie goes investigate the sound. While Abbie is doing that Ichabod received a letter via crow from Katrina. I guess she was able to actually use magic.  Abbie comes across the Weeping Lady who attacks her, lucky for her Ichabod comes across the area because he wanted to show Abbie the letter.  There is a puddle on the floor that leads to the river, in the water way the Weeping Lady is pulling Abbie below trying to drowned her.  Abbie keeps trying to get free and Ichabod is doing everything that he can to save Abbie. Ichabod is able to pulls Abbie out of the puddle which closes up but she is not breathing.  Lucky for them Hawley is still there and saw the whole thing so Hawley runs over the perform CPR on Abbie.

SH - Ichabod and Mary

While at the police station Ichabod and Abbie are going over the information about the Weeping Lady who drowned herself because of a lost lover.  Abbie happen to take a piece of lace from the Weeping Lady, which happens to be a specific kind of lace that happen to belong to someone who Ichabod use to know.  It was none other then the girl that Ichabod had been promised to but they broke up before he left for America.  Mary thought that Ichabod was trying to protect her incase he was killed.  Ichabod did not have feelings like that about her.  Abbie thinks that it might be her because Caroline is dead and Abbie was attacked, before all this the ghost had been passive.  Ichabod did remember her being very possessive of him before, unfortunately he cannot find the note Katrina sent him and if the Weeping Lady finds that note.

Ichabod and Abbie take a pit stop at Hawley’s before heading over to see if he has anything that can help them because bullets do not work.  The Weeping Lady did find the note and she went after Katrina, the Horseman takes off leaving an opening for Abbie and Ichabod to go in.  When they get there they find the same puddle that was in the library, Abbie remembers being by the bridge at one point so they have a chance to find her.  Honestly, I am not sure if I want them to get to her in enough time.

In the river Katrina is trying to get free and she is able to do so with some help of magic.  This seems to be the episode where Katrina remembers that she is a witch.  Ichabod and Abbie arrive to find that Katrina has managed to free herself.  Katrina knows of a spell that can be performed to stop the Weeping Lady who happens to a creature of black magic.  The only person who could perform that kind of magic is none other then Henry. While Katrina casts the spell with the help of Abbie, Ichabod goes to confront the Weeping Lady who is none other then he’s ex Mary.  While trying to reason with her, Ichabod shoots her with the crossbow but it does not stop her but she does not attack Ichabod.

Mary and Katrina

The Weeping Lady runs towards Katrina but the spell had been cast by Katrina with help from Abbie.  Ichabod goes over to the Weeping Lady to find out why she did not leave, The Weeping Lady points at Katrina before she dies.  Katrina what did you do?  After Ichabod makes Katrina tell him what happened, it seems that Mary had asked for a meeting with Katrina.  When Mary found Ichabod he was with Katrina, but she was engaged to Brom at the time, well we all know how well that went.  Well Mary went to attack Katrina who moved out of the way and Mary fell off the cliff and died.  Then Katrina performed a magic to duplicate Mary’s handwriting and sent Ichabod the note. Katrina was worried that if Ichabod went back England to deliver the body that she might not see him again.  At this point Ichabod give Katrina the look you need to stop right now, he is over all of her secrets.  At this point the Headless Horseman comes by and is ready to kill Ichabod of course but Katrina tells him that Ichabod saved her after a spirit kidnapped her.  With some pleading on Katrina’s part she was able to convince the Horseman to not kill them.  Well at least Katrina was some what useful in the episode.

You are useless, you cannot kill your mother

You are useless, you cannot kill your mother

Henry is getting beat up and thrown around by Moloch who is not happy that Katrina almost died.  Nothing can happen to Katrina because she is needed.  After that Henry breaks down crying because he disappointed his “father.”

Ichabod attends Caroline’s funeral, where Ichabod acts like he is one of the costume players.  Ichabod talks to Abbie afterwards because he is not sure how he should handle this whole thing with Katrina because she has too many secrets.  Abbie is there for support but let’s be fair Ichabod needs to more on from Katrina.

Katrina is all upset because she thought that the Horseman and Henry both had planned this to turn Ichabod away from her.  It seems that the Horseman had no idea of this plan.

Jenny gives the crossbow back to Hawley and offers him sex, apparently that was something they did back in the day.  Hawley turns her down, really he turned down Jenny.  Well Jenny takes it rather well she kisses Hawley and then walks away, I guess he just remembered what he had lost.

Well this was another great episode, I like how they brought in Ichabod’s ex and made her an tormented spirit.  It was great how Katrina had kept yet another secret from Ichabod, because I am so over Katrina that I want Ichabod to move on from her.  Ichabod is so loyal that all he will stay with her but she keeps hiding things from him so she can keep him.  This was a great episode to put a rift between the happy couple.  I am really beginning to like Hawley a lot, he can definitely become an official member of the team.  Can we talk about him turning down sex with Jenny, I don’t like girls like that but I would have sex with Jenny.  I think we would all like to see Jenny and Hawley be a thing at least for a bit because she has a great dynamic with Irving.

Until next episode when we need to get the entire team on deck:

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