Amazing X-Men #10 Review

Amazing #10 - 1

We are back for another exciting issue of the Amazing X-Men in Canada. Last issues more of Alpha Flight cam to join the X-Men while the Avengers are guarding the US/Canada border. Oh, Wolverine is a Wendigo now.

The issue starts with Northstar in the middle of a crater holding the little girl who had been on the roof of the house in the last issue. There are some Wendigos going to attack them.

Well this is already off to a good start

Well this is already off to a good start

As the issues have been doing, we go back to 30 min before that scene. We find out that Rockslide was in the bathroom of the x-jet the whole time. Storm makes him jump in and help in the fight against the Wendigos. Nightcrawler takes the Wolverine Wendigo about 2 miles away from the fight because the team was having a hard time hurting him. While fighting the Wendigos they notice the little girl on the roof of the house. While Kurt was, suppose to get the girl Northstar jumped in and grabbed her.

Amazing #10 - 3

Over at the border The Avengers are trying to get as many people out of Canada and to safety. Only to have a whole bunch of Wendigo’s come and attack, The Avengers keep trying to get a hold of Dr. Strange but he is occupied.

Sorry I am a bit busy at the moment

Sorry I am a bit busy at the moment

Northstar takes off trying to protect the little girl and succeeds but he gains a bit of help from the rest of Alpha Flight. James happens to be with this group so I guess that means he was not turned into a Wendigo.

The X-Men keep fighting the Wendigos, only Storm does not want them harmed them because they are still innocent people. Wendigo Wolverine shows back up and attacks poor Rockslide’s head. Iceman catches it and offers to glue his head back on.

Buddy do you need some glue?

Buddy do you need some glue?

Colossus grabs Wendigo Wolverine and throws him away from the group. They manage to get Rockslide put back together. Rachel Grey uses her powers to try to help ease the pain Talisman is feeling. Since no one can understand, what Talisman is trying to say Rachel goes is and figures out there is an entrance to the spirit realm. The only way to help save Talisman, Firestar has to cauterised the wound. Everyone pretty much does their best not to throw up.

Amazing #10 - 6

Alpha Flight joins them but now before Rockslide is freaked out by Sasquatch thinking he is an orange Wendigo. Alpha Flight was able to figure out that people were turned because of tainted meat. Makes sense if human meat gets distributed and people don’t know it, then there will be lots of unintentional cannibalism. They realize that the Canada will fall if people keep being turned into Wendigos.

The Windigos are attacking the border, which worries some of The Avengers. The only thing helping them is that the curse is only effective on Canadian soil. Anyone who crosses over the border is then turned back into a human.

Amazing #10 - 7

Northstar and some others head over to the border while Storm and the rest of the team head towards the spirit realm breach. Sasquatch is leading them where they need to go because the Wendigo calls to him.

Amazing #10 - 8

It is starting to worry everyone because well it seems like he is going to turn into a crazy Wendigo. Storm makes them changed the plan and have Colossus and Nightcrawler go out as bait to distract the Wendigo, while Storm and everyone else head into the spirit realm breach.

Who is this dude?

Who is this dude?

This was another great addition to the series, I am sure we all figured out that the murder of that guy in the first issue is why this was happening. It was great to see Rockslide fighting alongside the X-Men. Considering that the curse is only effective on Canadian soil why don’t they try to move all the Wendigos out of Canada? It’s probably because then the people can never go back to Canada.

Until next issue.

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