The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive Recap


I have to say that was a fun first episode for Flash, we learned about Barry and how he got his powers.  We also learned that during the storm and explosion it caused a few other metahumans besides Barry.

Fastest Man Alive

The episode starts with Barry saying that he cannot be bothered to do an into, he is runs into to a burning building to help save a kid. It is a good thing that suit was originally a fire suit, his entourage is still there helping him out.  Caitlin still has the stick up her ass and is yells at Barry because she is not always going to stitch him back up when he gets injured during his escapades.

Barry gets a call to head down to a crime scene but Barry forget to change clothes so he runs into a local store. I would naturally think that Barry paid for the clothes but since some still had tags it’s kind of up in the air. While at the crime scene Barry notes that their were 6 killers all wearing the same shoe and size.

Barry then has to go with Iris to an event because she has to write an article. Barry goes down there with her but while there three guys come by kill the speaker. Barry naturally protects Iris and chases down the guys. While he is running after them he passes out. I am pretty sure he is not suppose to be passing out. Iris finds him later on outside, when Detective West gets there he figures out that Barry went running after the guys. Detective West gets mad at Barry because Barry is not bullet proof or a cop.

Barry’s team finds out that he has been passing out and Caitlin is so unhappy because Barry was keeping this from them.  The team has Barry get on the treadmill, which they put boxes around just in case he can’t stop or he passes out.  They are able to figure out why Barry keeps passing out he needs to eat about 850 tacos a day, his metabolism sped up as well.  Detective West figures out that Barry is at Star Labs so he goes down there and confronts Barry.

This was a great scene, because it shows how much Detective West cares for Barry.

In Barry’s lab while he is working on things that he is allow to work on, Iris confronts Barry about the fact he is keeping secrets and why her dad is mad at him.  Well Barry does a speed around her telling her that he loves her, but she doesn’t hear any of it.  I have to say that this was a really cool scene, but not really helpful when it comes to someone actually hearing what you have to say.

Barry notices a bunch of the cops running out the police station well that naturally sets off his flash sense causing Barry to get on his Flash suit and head over the scene.  Black can clone himself and he is trying to kill Simon Stagg, Detective West was there and was able to get Stagg out.  As Detective West was hiding when Barry comes who looked at Detective West and was like not now as Barry runs Detective West outside the building.  Barry takes on Black but with Black’s ability to clone himself makes it hard for Barry to fight him because he is able to beat up Barry.  Barry is able to make it out of there but he passes out.

As Barry is talking with his team he says that he cannot do it and that Detective West is right.  This leads Wells to pay a visit to Detective West, where he tells him that Barry will not be able to succeed as the Flash because he will always have it in the back of his mind that he cannot do it because of what Detective West said.

The Flash - Team


Caitlin and Cisco call Barry down to the lab where Black it standing there, apparently Caitlin was able to grow him from a tissue sample.  It is was important because they were able to learn that the clones are just shells, they have no mind they only do what Black tells them to do.  Cisco figures that Black is probably like Barry and that using his abilities puts a strain on him so that is who Barry should look for.  Barry was not going to go out but Detective West shows up and tells Barry that no one else but him can do this so Barry should listen to him for once and go.

Barry shows up at Stagg Industries, where he saves Stagg from being killed and then Barry goes to take on Black.  It should be noted that Black was trying to clone a heart and Stagg stole his research and caused the person to die. The down side is the Black created so many multiples of himself that Barry is cannot find the actual Black.  After a pep talk from the team and Detective West, really it was Detective West having the faith in him that got Barry to take action and find the actually Black.  Black falls out a window and Barry goes to save him and Black even creates another hand but they cannot hold on.

The Flash - Barry and Detective West

Later on Barry is in his lab talking with Detective West who says that Barry was right and he will help find out who killed his mom and free his dad.  Barry apologized to Detective West for saying he was not his dad, because he did all the things a father does so he is his dad, this was a really great moment that brought a tear to my eye.

Iris wants to start doing articles and research on the red figure that is running around town saving people because she is fascinated by him. Why do I see a Lois Lane – Superman thing going on here, I am going to start feeling like I watching Smallville again if this keeps up.

It should be mentioned that there were flashbacks throughout the episode from Detective West remembering how hard it was to raise Barry.  Barry had said that Detective West was not his dad before because Detective West was keeping Barry from seeing his father.  In the end it comes out that Barry’s dad was the one who didn’t want Barry to see him in handcuffs.

The Flash - Wells

The very end of the episode has Wells confronting Stagg because he knows that Stagg is going to want to use Barry’s powers and Wells needs to protect Barry, Wells kills Stagg.  Ok, what is up with Wells because he knows a whole lot, so he had to go to the future or be from the future.

The Flash is continuing the good pace from the first episode, which is great. Barry is still learning his limitation but he has a great teams who are helping him out.  Cisco was able to create protein bars for Barry to eat that will help him.  Honestly the most important part of this show was the Detective West and Barry relationship.  I really wanted them to go into this more because it has to be hard for Detective West to watch “his kid” risk his life.  Much like Alfred and the Kents, he was going to have to step back and let him so it and encourage him.  I am really happy they gave us this early on but it also something that can grow as the season goes on.


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