Agents of SHIELD: Face My Enemies Recap


Back again to see what is happening between SHIELD and Hydra. As we learned last week, Simmons is playing double agent for SHIELD. Fitz wanted to show Ward what he did to Fitz. Skye is always calm, she never gets rattled with her nerves.

This episode starts with some priest talking about a painting, one that is 500 hundred years old. This painting is important because it survived a fire but it also had the alien writing that both Coulson and Garrett were doing. Who else went through the T.A.H.I.T.I project, because they lost them.

Hunter is kissing some girl on the beach whom he pick pockets, well the whole art of pick pocketing is distraction. Skye comes up from the back and grabs the item from Hunter.

AOS - Mac

This item was important because Coulson and May need it to get into a really swanky party. Coulson has cuff links that he is excited about and well May would pay someone to get her out of the heels. Side note Mac looks really good in a suit, he was posing as the driver.

Once inside Skye and the rest of the team are listening in on May and Coulson, Triplett is mad that he had to guard the plane. While listening in they hear a strange sound coming from May and Skye is worried that something might be wrong. May is laughing to the point that her face hurts. Then they turn off the com links so they can talk while they dance. Did anyone else feel like they were watching True Lies. Then whole reason that they are at the party is because they are trying to get a hold of the painting.

Coulson stops to talk with Talbot to find out what he is doing at the party, he says he is there for the painting just like Coulson is. Then later on Talbot calls Whitehall to tell him that SHIELD is also they’re looking for the painting. Talbot is working for Hydra, seriously.

May and Coulson decided that they need to speed up getting the painting with Talbot there, so they inform the team of this new development. May and Coulson head downstairs to grab the painting to only find that it is guarded by laser beams. Coulson is ready to pull out his Catwoman moves to get through the laser beam but May just walks right through them since it is pointless since they already know they are there. This plan would have worked out really great except that the painting is already gone, Talbot has it.

Coulson and May confront Talbot about him having the painting. This leads to May heading up to Talbot’s room. It had been discovered just before that it was not Talbot but Whitehall’s right hand man Bakshi. Bakshi had been posting as Talbot by using some face changing device. Well that explains why Talbot was working for Hydra because it did not make sense considering how much Talbot dislikes Hydra and SHIELD. Well Bakshi’s little buddy Agent 33 knocks out May. They make a face changing device but with May this time, Agent 33, goes undercover as May. Well she will give herself away because no one can be May.

Fake May walks onto the plane where she walks past everybody else and takes Coulson into a small room. Fake May tells Colton that Talbot wants to meet with them about the painting. Coulson leaves with fake May back to the hotel. Fake May plants a device on the Bus, this does not look good.

While driving over to Talbot, Coulson wants to talk to fake May about the plan. Fake May knows nothing of this plan but goes along like she does. While talking about the plan, Coulson realizes Fake May is not May because she’s too sympathetic. Fake May should have never grabbed Coulson’s hand.

AOS - May - 1

Bakshi has May tied up in a chair and is threatening to torture her to get information about who the new director of shield is. The last person who threaten to torture May, well that did not go very well. Outside of the room Coulson and Fake May are walking up to the door. Before they go in Coulson asks Fake May if she finally wants to go for coffee like they planned all those years ago. Fake May agrees but that was a mistake because May hate coffee, so Coulson punches her in the face. Bakshi hears the commotion outside and goes towards the door. Now this is a mistake because it gives May a chance to break out of her confinement.

May tackles Bakshi right before she leaves the room and running into Fake May and Coulson. The May’s gear up to fight and Coulson cannot believe he is the only one here to see it. Bakshi runs out of the rooms and Coulson knows that he has to go after him. Well this begins an epic May fight that you can see here:

On the bus the device that fake May left was causing an explosion. Fitz is the only one who knows how to fix it. The rest the team does what they canto help him. Fitz and Hunter go down below in the Bus to fix this. Why did they not send Mac down because he can actually understand and help Fitz. Fitz was able to fix the problem and counteract the device thus saving the Bus.

May and Coulson video chat with Talbot, where they let him know that Hydra has been impersonating him. Talbot was shocked that Coulson did not realize it wasn’t him when he was going after painting. Coulson sits down with May to discuss the plan.

The readings on the painting come back, the painting is 500 years old but the writing on the back is recent. Someone is going around marking up paintings, which means that they have to find this person.

AOS - Fitz and Fake Simmons

Hunter brought the guys beers to celebrate saving the Bus and that he was able to help. Hunter gives Fitz a beer saying that while he does not know him well he is hoping that will change. A subplot during the episode was Fitz talking to imaginary Simmons and imaginary Simmons trying to convince Fitz to join in with the group. This scene was important because it shows Fitz is moving on. Fitz knows that Simmons is not there, it is good that he is finally trying to fit into the groups again. He even opens up and tells them how he confessed his love to Simmons and she left.

Of course there is a bonus scene:

This scene actually made me feel bad for Raina, which is hard to do because well I don’t really like her.

I like this episode, it was great to see Coulson and May undercover, because those scene gave great background information. How the academy had a dance elective that May dropped out of, if they had a flirting class well she excelled at that. It gave us more information about Hydra’s tech, they have some really cool gadgets. It was great to see Fitz get along with the guys in the end, he needs to be a part of the group again. Also I think everyone loved the whole May on May fight scene because it was well amazing.

AOS - May kicking ass

It looks like Skye will finally be meeting her dad next episode, the question is will we find out what she is then, I guess we have to wait and see.

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