Sleepy Hollow: Go Where I Send Thee Recap

Sleepy Hollow

Back again for another exciting installment of Sleepy Hollow, last week Henry sent a tainted coin through town that brought out people’s inner anger.  Also Ichabod was able to tell Irving the truth about Henry.

This installment starts with a little girl being lured out of her house but some lovely music.  We all know this episode has to do with the Pied Piper so he must be the one summoning the little girl.

We jump over to Ichabod and Abbie in the car, Abbie has decided to finally teach Ichabod to drive.

Did anyone else love this scene, because I loved this scene, I had been looking forward to seeing Ichabod driving.  Ichabod behind the wheel of a car was better then I could have imagined. Ichabod enjoys the feeling of the horse power beneath his feet. Ichabod got an amber alert about a missing girl who happens to be the daughter of someone whom Abbie knows.

SH - Ichabod

Abbie and Ichabod head over the house, well Ichabod kind of stays in the car since he cannot be on crime scenes anymore.  It comes out that the girl missing belongs to Abbie’s case worker when she was a kid.  Ichabod tries to break into the house but Abbie catches him.  Abbie and Ichabod go into the wood to see if they can find the little girl.  While searching around in the woods they come across a bone flute that Ichabod naturally picks up and plays.

Could you imagine bringing a cello on the battlefield

Could you imagine bringing a cello on the battlefield

In his defense can you imagine bringing a cello onto the battlefield.  Ichabod plays the flute, which puts Abbie into a trance and she starts walking away. Hey, Ichabod pay attention you are losing your Leftenant.  Ichabod realizes that Abbie is walking away and goes after her, now Ichabod knows what the flute is. Of course Ichabod knows what the flute it, why it is the Pied Piper’s flute.

After sneaking into the police station because even with identification Ichabod is still not welcome there.  Ichabod tells a story about how someone played the flute and killed a whole a bunch of the British during the war.  What did not happen during this war, the Revolutionary War seems like the worst time period ever.  The only way to find where the Pied Piper is for the music to play because that music is a summoning spell, Abbie I guess you are it and she knows it.

SH - find Hawley

Ichabod was able to record some of the music so it will play through the phone and he can follow her.  How is it that Ichabod was able to figure out how to do this but he cannot figure out how to log into the computer.  Abbie listens to the music and goes into a trance again and walks through the woods with Ichabod following behind her like a stalkers.  Ichabod sees someone behind the rocks so he breaks Abbie out of her trance. She goes over to the there with her gun out only to find Mr. Hawley who is also looking for the Piped Piper because he is looking for the flute. Hawley knows more about the story, he knows that the Pied Piper sold his soul to Moloch and that he need to take one Lancaster girl when they reach the age of 10.

Let’s head over to the psych ward where Irving is reading through the bible to find out more about the Horseman of War.  It is while doing that Irving gets a vision of him killing people like Rambo during the end of days.  Is that what the contract he signed does?

SH - Irving Killing

After they have agreed to let Hawley have the flute if he helps them, they then put Abbie back into a trance so she can lead them to the Pied Pipers lair.  They get to the lair, which really is a lair where they find Sara the little girl chained up.  As they are unchaining her the Pied Piper comes out with two sticks that he is whirling around, which causes an ear pitching sound.  The Pied Piper gets knocked out and they are able to get Sara out.  Hawley wants his flute because he is getting paid to retrieve it, well they give it to him broken in half.

Once back at the precinct Abbie cannot help wondering why Beth wasn’t happier to have her daughter back so they do some research about the Lancaster family.  Yes, for years one Lancaster girl had disappeared in every generation including Beth’s sister.  The only time that did not happen all the kids got sick and died.  It seems that Beth has a tough choice to make, sacrifice her daughter or lose them all.  Abbie and Ichabod find Beth taking Sara out into the woods to give to the Pied Piper.  Abbie and Ichabod go to kill the Pied Piper, Ichabod is wearing noise canceling headphones so he is not affected by the Piper’s sticks.  While fighting with the Piper they are knocked out but Abbie comes in and saves Ichabod.

Henry pays a visit to Irving who is not happy to see him, Henry tells Irving that he can stop being his lawyer but then a lot of things will change with his family.

In Henry’s crazy mind he honestly thinks that he is doing what is right.  Henry also tells Irving that he might want to read a certain passage in the bible, that passages tells Irving that he gave his soul to the Horseman of War.  Well we all knew something bad happened when he signed that contract.

SH - Henry - 1

Hawley is giving the broken pieces of the flute to his buyer who then delivers them to Henry.  It seems that Henry wanted to smash-up the flute anyway.  I am rather scared what he plans on using the powder for anyway.

I have yet to find an episode of Sleepy Hollow that I do not like, I do like their take on this children’s tale.  To make the Pied Piper someone who sold his soul to Moloch, was an interesting take.  I like how Hawley made an another appearance, I think he will be an interested addition to the team. We all know I loved the whole Ichabod driving the car because well come on it is Ichabod driving a car.  We officially know that Irving sold his soul to Henry, so the question is how are Abbie and Ichabod going to help Irving.  Also how great was it not to see Katrina, I didn’t miss her, did anyone else miss her?


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