What We Would like to See Happen on ‘Arrow’


After a very interesting season premiere I thought I would go over what we would like to see happen this season on Arrow.

Sara Lance Death

  • I think the biggest thing would be we need to find out who killed Sara Lance.  Was it Ra’s Al Ghul since he is supposed to be a character this season? Could it have been someone else from the League of Shadows?  Was it Nyssa acting on her father’s orders to kill her former lover?  Or was it someone else completely different?


  • Also will Laurel take on the mantel of Black Canary now like she is supposed to.  Then the next question is will Laurel use the sonic devices like Sara or will she be an actual metahuman? With Flash it would be easier to introduce that concept and make her one.


  • Felicity and Oliver will they have another chance later in the season?  It would be nice to see them together because they would be cute but I also know lore has Green Arrow with Black Canary.  There is so much history with Laurel and Oliver that it would make sense for them to get together, especially if she becomes a crime fighter.


  • I would like to see Oliver get his company and money back, because he has always been rich so it would be nice for that to continue.  He does have to help fund the Justice League one day, come on Batman can’t put in all the money.  I would say it is good for Oliver to learn life without money but he already did that on the Island and during his time away.  I would like for Oliver to find himself, the Oliver part of himself the part that is not the vigilante.


  • Also how Diggle and Lyla balance their work lives with the baby, I foresee Felicity being the baby sitter.  I think it will be so interesting.  We all know that Diggle and Lyla are going to get back into the game.


  • Also Waller’s role in this season, because we are going to see her and Oliver’s back story.  At the same time I have a feeling that Waller is going to show up in present day as well, especially when it comes to Lyla.


  • What part does Ra’s Al Ghul play in this story, because without Sara I am not sure how he fits in besides maybe playing a part in her death.  Then again the stories and twists they come up could mean that he fit in a number of different ways.


  • Thea, I want to know what is going on with her, I know John Barrowman is supposed to be a season regular so are we going to see them away from Starling City but are we going to see them in Starling City.  I kind of want Thea to come back because I love her and Oliver’s relationship.  I also really like her and Roy, there is something really nice about the rich girl and the kid from the wrong side of the tracks.  Yes, I know that story is so played out but I really like how it goes with them.

These are some things I would like to see happen on this season of Arrow, what would you like to see happen?

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