Gotham: Arkham Recap


Here we at another episode of Gotham, last week was a rather interesting episode because there was a man killing corrupt cops because someone needed to and he didn’t trust the system. I find it interesting how many of the people in Gotham know that Gordon is a good guy.

The episode starts back up right where the other one left off which is with Oswald at Gordon’s door. Obviously Gordon is not happy to see Oswald whom he told never too come back. Oswald is a smart man sometimes and used an alias. Barbara was excited to meet one of Gordon’s friends since he hides them. Gordon was not looking for a reunion so he dragged Oswald outside. Outside Gordon reminded Oswald of what he told him that day on the pier. At this point Gordon is really thinking of shooting Oswald. Oswald tells Gordon that a war is coming and that Oswald can help Gordon because he knows things. I don’t know about anyone else but Oswald sounded crazy in scene. This Penguin is way more crazy than any incarnation I have ever seen.

Gotham - Gladwell

Now over on some rooftop there is a meeting happening, meetings on rooftops are never good much less go well. The guy Gladwell has the device that kinda looks like a Chinese finger trap but you look into it.  I’m sorry some random person I’m meeting on a rooftop at night tells me to look into something, I’m going to be like hell no. Of course the object was bad and killed the guy, the politician who was there starts running away but Gladwell catches up to him and kills him.

So Bullock and Gordon are brought in for this case of course because they get all the good cases. I get that they need to get the cases for the story line but I kinda want to see Montoya and her partner get the good case and for Gordon to interfere or figure it out. Bullock wants to know who would just kill a congressman.

Fish is interviewing singers for her club. Part of the interview is to see how well they can seduce someone. Well this girl is not really good at the seducing part.  There is talk about how Falcone cannot afford to lose the Arkham site to Maroni because that will show that is old and weak.

The mayor had been on the TV saying that they are going to try to turn Akrham into the asylum that the Wayne’s had wanted.  Falcone wanted to turn the area into a housing project  But Maroni wants to take the land and turn it into a waste dump.  Bruce does not want to see something his parents were working for get ruined.  The only problem is that a full on gang war could happen, which would be very bad for the city.

Gotham - Oswald

Now Oswald is back over at the kitchen eavesdropping on conversation and getting caught because he is supposed to keep his beak down.  Gladwell kills another person this time in Arkham, which is a very creepy place. Nigma pays a visit because he needs to analyze the crime scene. His scenes are very interesting because they are brief but he just comes off so awkward.

There is a huge hit on Maroni’s restaurant by the Falcone family, which results in the death of many people included the restaurant manager.  As they are going through the restaurant they find Oswald who is hiding in the fridge with a bag of money.  Now Oswald was not able to save all of the money but he was able to save that bag, deeds like this do not go unnoticed by Maroni.

Gotham - Bullock and Gordon

Now Gordon and Bullock have a lead on a guy who works at a bank so they head over there to check in on him.  Well it happens to Gladwell who takes off because he sees the cops coming.  Now Gordon is heading in the direction of Gladwell but Bullock calls Gordon back because he finds a note when some letters on it.  What do these random letters mean?

Fish is still auditioning singers so she has another one only thing one asks more questions, which give us the viewers more answers or proves what we already knew.  I think we all knew that Fish would be using this girl to get at Falcone.  Again this one is told to seduce Fish and she does much better then the last girl because she kisses Fish.

Gotham - shooting

Now Gordon with some help from anonymous phone call from Oswald is able to figure out that those letters are the initials for the cops guarding the Mayor, which means that the Mayor is the next target.  Gordon rushes over there so he can save the Mayor, which is good because Gordon gets there first.  Gladwell happens to show up right afterwards, which is a problem because Gordon tries to take the Mayor out the front door.  This leads them to run up the stairs like in the horror movies, well we all know how well that works out in the horror movies.  I would like to note that they might have not run into the problem if the Mayor wasn’t trying to get something from his safe that was not a gun.  Now Gordon is fighting with Gladwell who is trying to kill him with the magic tool.  Gladwell is all cocky thinking that he is going to get away with his only to be shoot by both Bullock and Gordon. Thankgoodness that Bullock checks his voicemail because he showed up just in time.

Gotham - Gordon and Bruce


The Mayor decided to make everyone happy so the asylum was going to happen, the housing, and the waste disposal.  While Bruce is not fully happy about that, Gordon explains to him that is was the only way to stop the war.  Gordon convinces Bruce that the city can be saved.  I guess Gordon really is going to be visiting Bruce since Alfred does not fully understand what to do with Bruce.

Fish can’t figure out how to choose the right “singer” so she makes the girls fight each other for the position.  Well Fish did say that they would have to do anything, so the cat fight happens.  This scene would have been really pointless if it wasn’t Fish doing it only because Jada Pinkett Smith can make all of her scenes amazing and it fit her character.  The second girl beats the other girl down so the job is hers.

Gotham - Fish

After Barbara had brought up Oswald earlier she is not happy about the secrets that Gordon is keeping.  Well apparently she as keeping a secret because he had no idea why Montoya was coming by to see her.  Barbara comes clean and tells Gordon that she use to have a relationship with Montoya.  While Gordon was mad that she had not told him, I am sure he was also mad about the fact that they have not had a 3some.  Well Barbara give Gordon about 2 seconds to choose to forgive her or not, so she leaves.  The highlight is that we finally see her outside the apt.

The guys who robbed the Maroni are counting the money, only they get a visit from none other than Oswald.  Apparently Oswald hired them, he was so nice he brought them cannolis.  Yea, this is not going to go well and I was right because they died from poison cannolis.  Now this seems a bit more like the Penguin we all know, having others do his work of him and then killing them sneakily.

This episode was not best, the whole Maroni – Falcone war was not really all that great, I was expecting more.  Oswald was good and we are finally beginning to see his manipulative nature that makes the Penguin.  As much as I love Fish, she served no point in this story then to just be there.  The villain was just a hit man and was not doing it for me.  Bruce was just thrown in, this episode just feels like they threw one together.  This was the one I liked the least and here is to hoping for a better episode next week.

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