Wonder Woman to Have New 52 Origin in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”

So… That basically says it right there. Diana will now be just another bastard child of Zeus which, by the way, is literally the world’s oldest cliche. It also has taken the origin story of the most feminist comic book character of all time and made it dependent on a man.

What is that supposed to be at her feet?

What is that supposed to be at her feet?

Producer Charles Roven stated in an interview that she’s “a demi-god. Her father was Zeus.”

According to Badass Digest, the REAL WW origin story is:

The Amazons were created by the gods using the souls of all the women murdered by men. There was, when it was all said and done, one soul remaining, the soul of the unborn daughter of the first woman to ever be murdered by a man. That woman was Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, and she molded a figure of clay and gave to it the soul of that unborn girl. The clay was animated and became Diana, who was gifted abilities from the gods.

I guess that would be too creative complicated for the “gritty” DC movie Universe.

Couple that with her Xena ripoff of a costume, added boots with heels, and FUCK THIS MOVIE.

That’s it.

Fuck it.

I’m done.

I hated “Man of Steel” and I already had very little hope for “Dawn of Justice,” and DC and Warner Bros. just keep flushing it down the toilet.

So. Yeah. Fuck this movie.

Don’t be surprised if TFP “neglects” to review this movie as I, personally, have no intention of seeing one of my all-time favourite female heroes butchered in her first foray on the big screen.

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  1. i agree,diana had one of the most unique origins in comics,only to have it watered down to her now just one of zeus many bastard children.thats really sad.

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