What We Would like to See Happen on ‘Flash’


After seeing the first episode of The Flash, I came up with a few things that I would like to see happen this season.

Flash - 2

I would like to see more about The Flash learning to control his powers as well as him finally learning to stop without crashing into things.  I would enjoy seeing more about The Flash learning about his new abilities and what he can do.  Honestly I don’t know a ton about The Flash besides that he can run really fast, faster then Superman. I am sure I am not the only person who does not know a ton about this character so it is a great chance to educate the fan base about this character.


I want to see an Arrow/Flash crossover, I heard that might be happening on the ninth episode.  I love the fact that Flash visited Arrow because he needed advice.


I think I would also like to see a Flash – Felicity relations which looks promising because there was kiss shown in previews for the season.  I would like to see Felicity happy and well it would make Oliver jealous.  Also I think Barry and Felicity would be so cute because I am not sold on Iris right now.


Some lore characters, which it looks like they are bringing some of them into the show with Professor Zoom and others.  It will be nice to see none metahuman villains.  I understand that Flash is a metahuman so it makes sense that he fights metahumans, I would like to see him have to use his brain with a super smart human villain.  It would be fun so see a few human villains that challenge him in different way.  Let’s be fair Lex Luthor is a human and he is Superman’s archnemsis because of his intelligence, money, manipulation, etc.

Barry and Detective West

I want to see the bond grow between Detective West and Barry grow, it has already been shown that there will be some turbulence there but that might be needed in order to make their relationship better.  Detective West is going to have to cover for Barry even more now but is does not mean he is happy about it.  At the end of the day Detective West pulled an Alfred when it came to Barry, there is going to be a protective instinct there.

Flash - Future paper

I would love to find out what is going on with Wells, why is he faking that he can’t walk? Is he from the future? How did he have that newpaper article?

Flash - Barry visits dad

Also I would like the answer to what happened to Barry’s mom to come out. I really don’t want this to drag on for seasons, because that is a really hard thing to accomplish. With Professor Zoom being in this season there might be a good chance that we get the answers soon, if they are going with that story line.

These are just some of the things that I would like to see happen on this season of The Flash, is there anything you would like to see happen?

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