“The Walking Dead” Season 5 Review – “NO Sanctuary”

No time for pleasantries. No sanctuary, after all.




We catch up with a few members of “The Gang” being brought into the killing floor of the Terminus slaughterhouse. The place is super clean and looks very efficient, but an uninteresting-in-that-specific-fact Bob, Rick, Darryl, and Glenn are pushed to kneel over a trough with a drain, alongside four nameless extras (although we have seen one of them in the episode where Rick kicks Carol out of the group) who you just know aren’t going to make it.

Lo and behold, the redshirts bite it first in one of the goriest moment on the show so far (and that’s saying something!), but gunshot repeatedly buys Glenn a literal stay of execution.

Turns out that Carol is a fucking one-woman army (like we didn’t know). She’s left Tyreese and the baby with a Terminus lackey (who they overhead taking on a walkie-talkie about the lady with the sword and the kid with the hat being trouble or something) in a shack in the woods (more on that later) and discovers that the supposed sanctuary is not all that it’s cracked up to be while performing some walker-guts-covered recon about the permiter, armed with ginormous guns, knives, brass knuckles, blades, a blood-soaked poncho, and a bag full of roman candles. She causes a massive explosion and slips in with the throngs of walkers overtaking the compound, popping random Termites in the head along the way.



Tyreese, waiting for Carol’s return in the cabin, is being egged on by the Termite who, in a moment of distraction, gets close enough to Judith to threaten her life, forcing Tyreese outside in trade for Li’l Asskicker’s life. All of this after needling him about being too good, and hoe it’s going to get him killed, and being completely unapologetic about his own Terminus brand of awfulness.

Thanks to the distraction outside, Rick and the guys are able to overpower the butchers, use baseball bats and machetes to take out some walkers, and liberate some higher powered weapons from their former captors and rain hell down on the Termites and walkers alike, making it to the shipping containers with other survivors trapped in them. The first one they open, at Glenn’s insistence because Rick just wants to get their people and leave, is holding a single, crazed, face-covered-with-tattoos-and-isn’t-that-always-just-the-best-possible-sign man who assaults Glenn, claiming that they’re all the same. He gets put down, but there’s actually something more about him later on.

Rick makes them not headshot their victims, saying to let them turn… WHICH FUCKING DRIVES ME CRAZY.

WHY would you create more walkers? Are there not enough for you already?! Do you people not understand exponential growth?!


But I digress.

They make it to the A container and free their compatriots and the whole group rushes out. The apparent leader of Terminus and a couple of other douches wielding semi-automatic weapons try to fire on them, but Rick takes them out with a spray of bullets. It is interesting to note, however, that the leader just takes a hit to the shoulder as he goes down, so he may still be out there, even with the throngs of walkers clawing up at him from just a few feet below.

Long story short, Terminus is pretty much terminated in the space of a half an hour.

Outside the fence, Carol meets the group. In an unusual display of emotion, which I fucking loved, Darryl rushes to her and embraces her tightly. She returns the gesture. Rick asks if she was the one responsible for the fall of Terminus.


Yeah, homie. You're welcome.

Yeah, homie. You’re welcome.

The group meets up at the cabin, where Tyreese has managed to best the walkers and the knife-wielding Terminus douche bare-handed and saved Judith. There is a tearful reunion between the Grimes family and Sasha and Tyreese, and it’s a nice moment to see, giving us a glimpse of their humanity, which was so easy to forget during their actions at Terminus, survival situation or not.



So many hugs. So many feelings being felt.

So many hugs. So many feelings being felt.

They head on down the road again, defacing a Sanctuary poster to read “NO Sanctuary.”

Like in the title. Get it?

Like in the title. Get it?

We see that the people of Terminus, as Tasha Yar had divulged while at the mercy of MECHACarol, was originally actually supposed to be a sanctuary, that they were trying to do good for other survivors, but their first “visitors” were brutish thieves. They were rapists. So, the Termites were eventually able to steel themselves, overthrow their tormentors, and came to the conclusion that they either had to fashion themselves as butcher or be the cattle of this new world.

I still feel like you took it too literally when you went all the way to cannibalism.

I still feel like you took it too literally when you went all the way to cannibalism.

Because metaphors are important.

Turns out that that tattooed face guy in the shipping container? He was one of their original abusers at Terminus. Guess they wanted to take their time with them.

The last shot of the episode is almost my favourite. Second only to the sheer emotion displayed between Darryl and Carol (TELL me they don’t love each other) is the appearance of a lone figure, staring at the defaced Terminus sign.

It’s… Drumroll, please… MORGAN.

I’m so psyched to see Morgan back. “Clear” is my favourite episode of the series so far. He’s such an interesting character. A good friend, a husband and father, a man who has lost everything including his sanity, and still a man who was able to prove himself incredibly resourceful in the field of walker-destruction.

And he looked awfully together in the brief moment that we get to see him.

From the TWD 2015 ZA survival line.

From the TWD 2015 ZA survival line.

So, has he managed to bring himself back from the brink? Or has he gone even crazier and fallen into a cold sort of emotionless calm?

Is he hero or villain?

Got my fingers crossed for hero, but if written well, I’ll take either one.

So, for a season opener, yeah, they’ve gone and upped the stakes already, but we’ll have to see if they maintain this momentum. Not to mention who is going to make it to the end of this season.

What did you think of the premiere? What were you most excited about or what did you actually wish they had done? Let us know and we’ll see you next week!



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