Sleepy Hollow: Root of All Evil Recap

Sleepy Hollow

Here we are at a new episode, well Katrina is hanging with the Horseman who is trying to convince her that Ichabod is the bad guy.  Katrina is trying to help Ichabod by learning Moloch’s plan, I still don’t know how she plans on tell him the plan when she discovers it.  Henry is Irving’s lawyer now and he has made Irving sign something with blood.

Abbie and Ichabod are at Tarrytown Psychiatric paying a visit to Irving where Abbie does question if it bad that she knows the visiting hours by heart. While there they find out that, they can’t see Irving because his lawyer Henry Parish banned them.

Sheriff Reyes gives Jenny an analogy about her dog that would always run out the door to chase cars until one day the dog did not come back. Jenny was not amused; no one is feeling this new Sheriff.

SH- Sheriff Reyes

Jenny is free to go because Abbie managed to get Jenny out on community service.

Abbie and Ichabod find the location where the cab dropped off Henry and that happen to be at the bank where one of the tellers is holding the bank hostage. Apparently, she is mad because of all the time she spent working at the bank and nothing, not going to lie she sounds like a disgruntled postal worker. Abbie does her best to stop the lady from shooting up the bank but the Sheriff shoots her. As she falls, a coin falls out of her hand, something tells me this coin is not good and that Henry has something to do with it.

As poor Ichabod has to sneak into the police station because, the new Sheriff is not alright with him. As Abbie and Ichabod look over the police video Ichabod notices that, the teller takes one of the coins.  Of course Ichabod would be the one to notice this. Then Ichabod realizes it might be a tainted coin like the one Benedict Arnold found that made him turn.

SH - Benedict Arnold

Jenny comes and lets them know about a friend of her that deals with this kind of stuff. Jenny also uses Abbie’s log in to look up the Sheriff’s personal files and she finds out that the Sheriff was the one who put their mom in the psych ward. Jenny is not is not happy about this at all. Jenny and Abbie get into a fight because Jenny thinks that Abbie is siding with the Sheriff and does not care about their mom and what happened.

Over in Headless Horseman land, Henry and The Horseman are talking about their most recent plan, which is about the tainted coin. Katrina of course is ease dropping and Henry shows up by her because he is good at that. Also it seems every time she ease drops he seems to show up. Katrina tries to talk with Henry but he could care less. Katrina does not understand why Henry would be living in Fredrick’s Manor where he was born.

Henry is also putting pins into a diagram of the town to mark everywhere the coin has corrupted someone because someone at the bank picked up the coin and he then blew up his job.

Ichabod and Abbie go to visit Jenny’s friend Mr. Holly because he could help them learn more about the coin that they are looking for. Ichabod is not a fan of Mr. Holly, which is interesting because Mr. Holly is rather similar to Ichabod in knowing everything. Ichabod then realizes that they are dealing with a Roman coin that is probably from the 30 pieces of silver that Judas was given to betray Jesus.

Henry Parish is building up a client list because he now representing the guy who blew up his job. Really, Henry just wanted to get the coin back from him. Ichabod does his best to talk with Henry and possibly reach him, which honestly might be useless because Henry might actually be the devil.

While in the police station Ichabod runs into the Sheriff who is wondering why Ichabod is there since she banned him.

Henry continues to be an ass and takes that coin, which does not look all that different then a quarter but kind of doesn’t at the same time and he drops it by Jenny. Jenny do not pick up that coin – Jenny picks up the coin. The coin brings out the inner anger and rage; well Jenny has a ton of rage focused on the Sheriff for what happened to their mother.   Mr. Holly then lets Abbie and Ichabod know that Jenny paid him a visit and took one of his guns. They all know that Jenny is going after the Sheriff because what happened to their mom.

Mr. Holly and Ichabod go to a church where they have to break a stain glass window because that is the only thing that can counter the effects of the coin because no one can pick up the coin with their hands and not be affected. Ichabod distracts the priest with a quick confession then both Mr. Holly and Ichabod leave. Abbie uses her police resources to find her sister who happens to be on her way to the woods, the same woods where the Sheriff is hunting. How did Jenny know to find the Sheriff in the woods and not in the police station or at home? Come on writers that was too convenient  of a plot move.

The team heads to the woods where Ichabod and Abbie do what they can to stop Jenny from killing the Sheriff.

SH - Jenny with gun

Abbie even tries to convince Jenny to give her the gun so she can be the one to shoot the Sheriff. After some convincing, they manage to get the gun away from Jenny and coin out of her hand. Abbie thinks about picking up the coin because it talks to her but Ichabod kicks it and Mr. Holly catches it between the stain glass pieces and takes off.

The Sheriff does something nice for Abbie and gives Abbie her mom’s records from the pysch ward. Sheriff Reyes does feel a bit bad about what happened because she was the one who put their mom in the psych ward hoping to help her. While reading through the records Abbie finds out that her mom was not crazy but was trying to protect them from Moloch. Mr. Holly shows up and they are not happy to see him but he tells them he is going to look for other 29 pieces so he can have a full set. Mr. Holly does do something nice by giving Ichabod identification. They might have another ally in Mr. Holly.

Ichabod visits someone else in the psych hospital so he can get to Irving, while there Ichabod tells Irving who Henry is and to not trust him.

SH- Ichabod and Irving

This is hard for Irving because he wants to get out and he sees Henry as his only way out.   Over at Fredrick’s Manor Henry finds the bed he was born in and has visions of it, which causes him to burn the bed.

Another good episode of Sleepy Hollow, I have to say they do a rather good job of delivering good episodes consistently.   The only issue I have with most episodes is the plot convinces; Ichabod knows everything, he see everything, and people knowing where to go to find people. Other than that issue, I love this show it is one of my favorites to recap and live tweet. The humor in the show is great, in this episode we find out that Ichabod is more offended by people wearing hats insides then gays people, also Ichabod watches Glee.

I will admit I was scared when Jenny was mad at Abbie because no one wants to see that relationship get ruined again. I really hope they find a way to get Irving out without Henry but since Irving signed that document, I am not sure that will be possible. I think it is very telling that Henry has an aversion to anything that reminds him of his real parents and who he really is. I think that will be something really big later in the season because maybe Katrina is right and he has a connection to her.

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