Agents of SHIELD: Heavy Is the Head Recap


Here we are at the second episode of Agents of SHIELD. What we learned is that Coulson is recruiting for SHIELD. Fitz is hallucinating Simmons because she left him – all the feels.

Well I didn’t like this episode which is why this recap took so long to write because I was dreading writing it. I decided to just write the highlights I found instead of just torturing you with a long recap.

AOS - S2E1

I have issues with the fact that they made this huge deal about Lucy Lawless being on the show and they killed her. She was in one episode I was looking forward to this, I think we all were. They killed her and then most of the episode was about her character being dead.

Then there was Hunter, her mercenary guy who was basically playing both sides. All he wanted was for her to get a proper burial, which I support. By the end of the episode Hunter was basically on SHIELD, even though he shot May, Skye, and Triplett.  Coulson tells Hunter it was a bad idea to shot May, I can’t wait to see her kick his ass.

Highlight Mac the new guy can actually understand Fitz because he smart. After Mac was done mentioning about Simmons, which is not a great idea he was able to help Fitz fix the cloaking device. I think that is a good thing because Fitz needs someone because all the feels, all the feels. I do like Mac because he has a Triplett quality to him. Until we find out what happened to Simmons, Fitz needs Mac.

AOS - Raina

Raina came back because poor Absorbing Man could not control his powers. Unfortunately, this was causing Absorbing Man to kill people with out meaning to by turning them into rock. Absorbing Man has no idea who Raina is even though he is with Hydra. Honestly I think Raina should have introduced herself as Flowers that would have probably had more recognition. Now the people who hired Absorbing Man gave him something that heals him but also makes him more controllable. Then Coulson and the team turn Absorbing Man into stone.

The biggest highlights would be Coulson negotiating with Glenn Talbot. Basically Coulson’s team and SHIELD will deliver people like Absorbing Man to Talbot and Talbot can keep getting promoted. Then Coulson showed off their cloaking device.

Raina is working with Skye’s dad who looks human.  Now I have a big question about the red arm, was that blood?

Coulson had told May about his episodes which was a good thing so now May documents them.  Maybe they will be able to figure out what is in his brain.

I was not a fan of this episode I just had a hard time getting into it. The highlights honestly were the lines. There were some great Joss Whedon writing but the episode fell flat for me.

Now the next episode looks great because Simmons is Hydra? I guess we will find out.

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