Gotham: Selina Kyle Recap


Here we are at the second of Gotham, but I enjoyed the first episode it was great to get a feel for the characters and to meet most of the main players.  The Penguin betrayed Fish who betrayed Falcone, Gordon “shot” The Penguin.  Bullock is a dirty cop and a drunk but we already knew that.  The Wayne’s were killed and Gordon plans on doing everything to bring their killer to justice.

The episode starts with Bruce holding his hand over a candle flame because he is testing himself.

Gotham - Bruce and flame

Well it’s nice to see his crazy behavior started early. Alfred comes into the room and Bruce jumps away like kid caught watching porn. Alfred realizing what Bruce was doing gets mad and yells at him, but then pulls Bruce into a hug and coddles him. Bruce is going crazy trying to hurt himself and Alfred is bipolar, well this makes for a great home environment.

Let’s head over to the streets of Gotham, there might be less crazy going on there. There are a bunch of street kids hanging around a fire in a garbage can when a van pulls up. These nice people who don’t look so nice, giving them sandwiches because of a new outreach program. Am I the only one who thinks that something is up here. Well there is because then the people start jabbing pens into the kids necks and knocking the kids out. Well Selina happens to be among these kids but she manages to get away. It seems the kids are being drugged and kidnapped.

Bullock and Gordon arrive at the scene where everything happened the night before. Gordon is mad that the officer who responded was not there guarding a witness. A local place is paying the cop money to look out for them so he had to check in on them. That is where the priorities are, get your money who cares about actual crime. At the police station they are interrogating one of the kids who tells them what happened but Bullock does not believe him. The kids tell them to ask Cat because she was there too. Bullock does not care for this and gets really mad at the kid.  Gordon not liking this pulls Bullock away and tell him that he can’t be doing that.  Bullock reminds Gordon that things are done differently and how not to long ago did he put a man in the river.

Speaking of the man in the river, the Penguin manages to catch a ride from some young college looking guys who are probably just trying mess with him.

Known trigger for The Penguin calling him a penguin, well let us all remember never to do that anymore.  I would also like to note that I am loving Carol Kane as The Peng…Oswald’s mother.

Gotham - Carol Kane

I had loved the idea of her being casted in that role and after seeing her play the role it was great, I really can’t wait for those two characters to interact.

Back at the Gotham PD, Gordon and Bullock have been pulled into the Captain’s office to talk about the missing kids case.  The Captain does not want it put out to the papers and Gordon is not feeling that idea.  After some talking the Captain looks at Bullock confused because she had thought Gordon was with the program. Seriously the Captain is corrupt as well, is there anyone in this town who is not.  Also if the Captain is corrupt how do her and Gordon have an affair later on?  Well I guess we will find out how that happens later on.  Speaking of relationships Gordon tells Barbara about what is going on and she knows it is wrong to so she makes an anonymous tip to one of the papers.  Which Bullock and Gordon both get called out for and both deny.  Bullock tells Gordon he is a horrible liar but that he almost believed him.  Gordon tells Bullock that he did not make the call, which is true Gordon did not make that call.

Over at Fish’s club Falcone pays her a visit because before he had the Oswald killed he sat down and talked with him.  Oswald spilled everything that Fish said especially about Falcone being old and on his way out. Of course Fish denies all of this because well she is a smart woman most of the time  Falcone is worried about what the Maroni’s might do because the balance what was done by the Wayne’s and Falcone’s is now disrupted.  When Falcone asks if Fish is attached to her little play thing and she says that she is not.  After Falcone tells Fish’s little pay thing that he has to treat her well Falcone then has Fish’s little pay thing beaten up in her view site.  Falcone is not a man to be messed with and will remind you of your place.  Fish then gets pissed off and kicks everyone out after Falcone leaves.

Gotham - Fish

While driving over to visit Fish, Gordon confesses to Bullock that it was Barbara that made the tip.  Bullock then gives Gordon advice on women, I would not take advice from Bullock when it comes to women.  Bullock and Gordon go in to talk to Fish to see what she knows about the kidnappings because they happened on her turf.

Gotham - Bullock, Gordon, Fish

She does admit that she has a buyer oversees who will take children no matter what they look like but she does not know anything about the person or why they want the kids.

Now the two people who were kidnapping the kid go to visit the person who was giving them then supplies that they needed.  The guy is trying to screw them over and not give them what they need.  They are not happy about this because the Dollmaker will be mad, I am curious which one of the Dollmaker incantations they are using but if it’s the one from Arrow this is not good.  Since the are pissed that they are not getting what they want they stab one of the other guys with the injection.  Bullock and Gordon arrive at the place and the girl – Patti I guess I should use character names is manning the front of the store and lets the owner know that the cops are there.  Well Gordon and Bullock question the owner and eventually a gun fight breaks out.  Someone is sent to get the kids out of the basement, the same one that was used in Saw. Gordon shoots the guy and saves the kids.

The Mayor decides that the street kids should be taken upset to where they can be put in foster homes or other ‘good’ place for kids.  Selina is one of the kids taken and she is not happy about it:

Selina is giving all the sass, just like the Catwoman we all know and love.  Once on the bus to take her away she sees Patti who she remembers from that night.  Selina tries to get off he bus but Patti threatens to shoot her so Selina is a smart girl and sits down.

Gordon had agreed to go over and visit Alfred because Alfred is not sure what to do with Bruce.  Bruce has been hurting himself but Bruce does not see it like that he see it as testing himself.

Gotham - Alfred and Gordon

Alfred will not send Bruce to see someone because Bruce does not want to and his instructions from Thomas and Martha were for Bruce to choose his own path.  After Bruce sneaks up on them much to Alfred’s annoyance Bruce tells them that he is not hurting himself.  After Gordon does his best to convince Bruce that is not a good idea, Bruce tells Gordon that he has been following him.  Bruce offers to give money for the kids, even as a kid he thinks money will get him everything.  When Gordon tells Bruce that they need something more them money, Bruce offers to get them clothes.  At the end of the day Bruce is still a Wayne and the Wayne’s are good for the city.

Oswald is staying in a house that he is renting while he tries to ransom the other guy who was driving the car.  It seems that the kids mom does not believe him and well hangs up.  It seems that Oswald is not a good negotiator, I have serious doubts about this kid living.

Selina is a smart little creature and she manages to hide on the bus from Patti.  Selina takes her own advice as she is escaping and scratches a guards eyes out.  Patti goes looking for the missing child and finds Selina who is not happy to have been discovered.  Gordon tackles Patti before she can shoot Selina, when Gordon asks Selina her name she tells him it’s not his business.  At the police station Selina does not want to get to send to the correctional facility so she demands to speak to Gordon again.  Again someone does not want to let her, but Selina say he better or she will say that he touched her.  The cop listens and gets Gordon who finally finds out that Selina is Cat.  Selina wants to get out and she offers Gordon some info since she has been following him and knows he is friends with Bruce.  Selina tells Gordon that she knows who killed the Wayne’s because she got a good look at him.

I have to say this was a good second episode, I am naturally a fan because of the extra focus on Catwoman.  I love that they made her a sassy street kid, but that they also made her resilient.  These are all iconic traits of Catwoman so they had to be there in some form as a kid.  Also I like how they are basically showing how Bruce started to think about the idea for Batman as a kid.  He has already begun to test himself and learn his limits as well as conquer his fears.  It was great to see Alfred go to Gordon because it helps explain the role that Gordon will play in Bruce’s life.  We finally have the answer to why Bruce never went through therapy.  I like how they are mainly focusing on Gordon and Gotham as the show should be.  That is what this is really about, the main characters we know are not getting as much air time unless there is a reason to.  I like how they are including them into the show.  Oswald seems to be getting the most air time of them all, he is crazy.  Also I am still loving Jada Pickett Smith as Fish, this character is amazing, I am happy that they created this character.  I am hoping that she will take like Harley Quinn did and become a character in the comics as well.

Until next episode.


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