Gotham: Series Premiere Recap


Here is it the series premiere of Gotham which we have all been waiting for, well I know I have.  I am super excited for this, I am hoping they don’t disappoint.

Gotham - Catwoman - 2

The episode starts with Selina Kyle coming down from the rooftops, as she walks down the street she cuts open a lady’s bag of groceries to take her milk. As she keeps walking down the street she take a wallet out of a guy’s jacket.  The guy realizes it has been sold and starts chasing her.  It’s Catwoman so she jumps up fire escapes and gets away, if you want me to love something with Batman show me Catwoman right away.  Right now I am sold, I saw Catwoman, as we continue with Selina she stops to give some alley cats milk.  In case anyone did not know this was young Catwoman there is no question about it now.  As she is doing this she hear some people coming down the alley so she hides.  It would be none other than the Wayne family, well I think we all know where this is going to go.  The mugger comes up to them, Thomas hands over his wallet and Martha hands over her pearls, no struggle.

Gotham - Waynes

The mugger still shoots both Thomas and Martha Wayne for no reason and Selina witnessed the whole thing.  That was a huge twist to have Selina witness the murder.  It will explain her obsession with Bruce Wayne later on.

Over at the Gotham Police Station a small fight breaks out with one of the inmates and Gordon hits him in order to stop him.  The other cops grab him and beat him some more.  While Gordon is not happy about that Bullock pulls him away asking what he was doing. A call comes in before the end of shift that Bullock does not want to go but they have no choice.  Once they arrive at the crime scene Bullock takes a look at the dead bodies and realizes that they are Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Gotham - Crime scene

He does not want to take the case because he knows it will be a media frenzy.  Gordon has already started talking with Bruce Wayne.  Gordon does his best to make Bruce feel better and finds out what Bruce remembers.

The amazing part of this scene is that Bruce remembers that he had shiny shoes.  He was already starting to be a detective, I will admit I wouldn’t have noticed the shoes in that situation.  Alfred comes to take Bruce and Gordon tells Bruce that he will find out who did this to his parents.

Gotham - Alfred

Bullock is at the dinner with Gordon unhappy about them having to take on the case because he does not want to deal with the pressure.

Gordon goes back home to his fiance because they are supposed to go to an event but he would really just like to stay home for the night, so they do.  Gordon gets a call from Bullock about a lead so he leaves to meet up Bullock.  When Gordon gets to the Bullock, Bullock had already been drinking.  Bullock brings Gordon into Fish Moony’s club to meet her.  Fish Moony the amazing Jada Pinket Smith is outside beating a guy who is suspected of stealing.

This is the first time we hear Oswald get called the Penguin.

Fish goes in where she greets Bullock with a kiss and it is very obvious that they know each other. Bullock is supposed to be known as a dirty cop so this is definitely helping prove that.  Fish meets Gordon for the first time as they question her about the Wayne murder.

Gotham - Fish

Apparently Fish works for Carmen Falcone, we all know that Falcone runs Gotham.  I have to say that Jada Pinkett Smith killed it in this scene was a great combination of sexy and powerful.  I have to say I am really looking forward to Fish because of it.  Bullock also leaves Fish with a kiss, so there is something that happened between them.

Bullock and Gordon visit the forensics department where they meet the Riddler, who works in forensics.

Gotham - Riddler

All he can tell them is that the bullet came from a gun that they do not know about.  Also the Riddler speaks in riddles and was not happy with Gordon was able to figure out his riddle.  Gordon and Bullock eventually take a lead that they got from Fish about checking out a guy Mario Pepper.  When they go over there, his daughter lets them in but she doesn’t want to be her father is mean.  There are a lot of plants in the apartment that Ivy, Mario’s daughter is taking care of, well hello Poison Ivy.  Mario takes off after the cop tell him they can search his place because of him being on parole.  Mario shoots at the cops, well that’s never a good idea and Bullock shoots Pepper.  As the cops look through Pepper’s apartment they find Martha Wayne’s pearls in a bag of cocaine.  Pepper is put down as the Wayne’s murderer.  Gordon and Bullock visit the Wayne’s burial where little Bruce Wayne thanks them for finding out who killed his parents.

Now the Penguin has decided that he has had enough of being kicked around so he goes to Montoya and her partner to tell them that the saw Fish with the pearls.  Which means that Mario Pepper was set up, he was implying that Gordon and Bullock set him up because they had visited Fish.  Montoya goes to visit Barbara Keen – the future Mrs. Gordon to see how well he knows Jim.

Gotham - Monotya and Barbara

It also seems that Montoya and Barbara had a thing back in the day and drugs were involved. Barbara tells Montoya that she knows Jim and that he wouldn’t do that.  I agree Gordon would not do that, Bullock on the other hand is a completely different story.  When Gordon comes back Barbara asks him about it, he tells her no he had nothing to do with is.  Gordon pays another visit to the Peppers where he looks at Mario’s shoes, none of them are shiny.

Gordon pays a visit to Fish alone where he tries to find out more about the pearls.

Barbara fearing for Gordon goes to Bullock to see if he knows where Jim is.  Bullock covers for Gordon realizing that something must be up.  Bullock was right because hanging upside down in a meat locker is none other than Jim Gordon himself about to be beat by the one of Fish’s thugs.  Bullock knowing where all of Fish’s things happen shows up and tries to convince the thug not to beat Gordon.

Gotham - Bullock meat freezer

When that doesn’t work well all that it left to make a call to Fish herself. Fish is looking at a new comic for her club with the Penguin there.  Fish tells Bullock that she will have Gordon released after she finds out how much they know.  Unfortunately, Bullock threatened Fish when he did this so she told her guy to kill Bullock too and not Bullock is knocked out.  At the club Fish realizes that the Penguin set her up, so while she has him massaging her feet she calls him on what he did.  Penguin tries to deny it saying he would open a vein for her, well that was a back choice of words because Fish asks him too.  The Penguin thinking he is all smart does to attack Fish when her back is turned but Fish is well brilliant so she hit the Penguin with a chair a few times injuring him.  The comic on the stage witnesses the whole thing.



One of the Joker’s possible origins was that he was a stand up comic, could this have been the Joker.

Bullock and Gordon are both hanging upside down about to get beaten when Carmine Falcone comes into the locker demanding that the cop be releases.  Apparently Fish thought to highly of herself and was overstepping her bounds.  Gordon talks with Falcone to find out why he saved them.  Falcone is a business man and he knows better than to do dumb rash things.  Also Falcone for all his criminal ways loves Gotham and would do anything for the city.  Falcone tells Gordon to leave the Wayne murder alone, it seems that someone bigger then Falcone had something to do with it.  This is almost reminiscent of Batman Begins with Ra’s Al Ghul.

Bullock takes Gordon to the docks where he has the Penguin in the trunk of the car.  Falcone told Bullock to make sure that Gordon kills the Penguin to show that he is with the program.  If Gordon does not kill the Penguin then Bullock is supposed to kill them both.  Gordon walks the Penguin down the dock, the Penguin begs for his life and tells Gordon that a war is coming.

Gotham - Gordon and Penguin

When the Penguin is facing the river Gordon tells him to never come back to Gotham.  Gordon then pushes the Penguin into the river as he shoots off his gun.  It was enough to convince Bullock that Gordon shot the Penguin.  The Penguin swims away, when he gets out of the river he comes across an old man who the Penguin kills for his sandwich.

Gordon goes by the Wayne Manor to let Bruce know what happen and how he will do everything in his power to find the person who killed his parents.  I should mention that Bruce was on the roof before that looking like he was about to jump.  Bruce is trying to conquer fear by standing on the top of the roof.

I have to say I really enjoyed the episode, I know some people did not like how all the characters were introduced but I liked it.  I did not feel like it was overwhelming and everyone had a purpose.  I look forward to seeing more about the characters that were not has highly shown.  Check out my What I Would Like to See Happen in Gotham for more of what I am looking for.  I will keep this one short, but I am sure I will have more to say as the show goes on.

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  1. The pilot was a good one. Happy-grin-inducing, so much that I also wrote a little piece about it:

    Please, check it out and let me know what you think!

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