Agents of SHIELD: Season Premiere Shadows Recap


Agents of Shield is back for another exciting season, if we all remember what happened last season. Garrett and Ward were Hydra agents, SHIELD was destroyed, Coulson was made Director, some alien DNA brought Coulson back, and Skye’s father is some red creature.

AOS - Agent Carter and Howling Commandos

The episode starts with a flashback to Nazi Germany with Hydra trying to capture new alien weapons with only BAMF Agent Carter and the Howling Commandos stop them. This was apparently the last Hydra site, but Agent Carter knew they needed a place to house all of the Hydra items they find. It was during this mission that the first 0-8-4 was discovered.

Possibly T.A.H.I.T.I

Possibly T.A.H.I.T.I

In present day, we now have Skye breaking into something looking pretty badass.

AOS - Skye

Xena, I mean Lucy Lawless is trying to barter for a case when a super soldier comes out of nowhere. They try to shoot him but he cannot be killed. May and Skye jump in to help out but the guy manages to get away. Xena is not happy about the interference from Coulson’s team. They tell her that they are bringing her in to meet Coulson.

Xena (yes, I have no plans to learn her name on the show) and her team arrive at the new SHIELD headquarters, the Playhouse.

AOS - S2E1

May goes onto yell at Coulson because he has not been checking in with her. Coulson has been out recruiting people for the agency, he had just came back from England – we all know there is a superhero team in England.  May and Coulson keep talking but when he finds out more about Absorbing Man, the more he realizes that he has to help.

There is a bunch of new people are joining the team and one is Mac the new mechanic.  He seems cool but mainly I liked the banter between Triplett and Mac.

There is a Koenig at the new headquarters but we already knew that but apparently there is an endless stream of Koenig brothers that have been showing up.  Triplett and Skye were making jokes about it, honestly I would probably do the same. Fitz is trying to work on things for the team.  Since he had such oxygen deprivation Fitz is having trouble remembering some words because of what happened to him.  I just want to give him lots of hugs because he is causing all of the feels.   He is having such a hard time talking thankfully Simmons is there because she seems to know what he is trying to say.

AOS - Fitzsimmons

The team goes over everything they have on Absorbing Man:

Then they realized that they would have to go visit Ward because well he might have some information.  The only trick is that he will only talk to Skye, I think we all saw that coming.  Skye goes in there after everyone makes sure that she is alright with it.  Ward with his crazy beard is all Hannibal Lector in this scene:

Skye eventually get Ward to give her the information that she wants which is that Absorbing Man can turn himself into anything that he absorbs.

AOS- Absorbing Man

That is actually a really cool power and one that would make for an interesting villain.  Also lets talk about how Ward is being kept in a prison cell but more importantly a glass one.  Well you know what they say that some people are too good-looking to held in a normal cell.

The team realizes that Absorbing Man is going to go after Glenn Talbot who has been looking for Coulson since he escaped, so they go in to save him.  After Triplett drops a phone in Talbots pocket and Coulson doesn’t manage to convince Talbot to listen.  Then Absorbing Man comes by to grab Talbot but May jumps in to save him.  Always love the Agent May fight scenes because well she is a BAMF.  Talbot gets away and he still does not believe Coulson but that is alright because May is sitting in his car holding a gun to him.  The next time we see Talbot he is in the interrogation room, where he is talking with Coulson. They go over a lot of things but some of the most important things about what it is that Absorbing Man is trying to get.

It should also be mentioned that they managed to capture Absorbing Man because Skye shot him with taser, apparently he cannot absorb electricity.

AOS - Absorbing Man - 2

They basically have Absorbing Man in a glass or plastic prison in the compound.  It looks like they have him in a similar prison they had Magneto in.  Well it seems to be a bad move because Absorbing Man can absorb into thing as well.

While Absorbing Man is basically getting out of the prison while the team is going over how they are going to get into the compound to get the item they are looking for.  Triplett is supposed to look like a General, which I must say he looks good in the suit.  With some hacking from Skye and some lying from Coulson using a voice changer to sound like Talbot, they are able to get Triplett and other members of the team in.  Xena and her team enter the room to look for the box containing the item, well they run into a small problem all the boxes in the room look the same. May and Skye join them to help search for the box, Xena is the one to find it.  She grabs the case and opens it and then grabs the item in the case.

AOS - Artifact

Well that was a really bad idea because the item burns onto her hand and she is unable to let go.  The item is doing something to her because it is somewhat killing her.  May asks Coulson what they should do and Coulson tells them to keep on with the mission.  This would work out well if one of Xena’s guys didn’t decided that he needs to take her to the hospital and runs out of there with her.  None of them noticed Absorbing Man because he has absorbed into the wall.

As they are rushing Xena to the hospital she asks them to cut her arm off because the artifact is killing her.  Let this be a really valuable lesson about grabbing random artifacts with you hand because you never know what might happen. They cut off her arm, that is all right there Xena can still survive there is great tech out there, I mean look at Garrett.

Coulson’s team has already left in their respective vehicles, Coulson has said that they need to go dark again.

Wait a min, Simmons has been talking to him this whole time, nope Fitz has been hallucinating Simmons this whole time.  OMG all the of the feels, I cannot describe all of the feels that I was having.  I want to know where Simmons went because she does not seem the type to up and leave.

It was a good first episode back, it told us pretty much want everyone had been up to since we last left off.  It is nice to see Coulson is doing everything he can to recruit new members to SHIELD or at least allies.  Ward has gotten seriously creepy and Skye has gotten more badass.  Fitz, I just can’t, why did they do that to us it was so wrong.  I am liking Absorbing Man as a new villain he seems like a really good one for the team to go after.  We really need to talk about them killing Xena in the first episode that does not make sense she was so hyped up.  I am thinking she is not really dead.

Hydra is still very much alive

Hydra is still very much alive


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