Sleepy Hollow: Season Premiere This is War Recap

Sleepy Hollow

So here we are back for a new season of Sleepy Hollow, I have been looking forward to this for months. Let’s recap what happened in the crazy but amazing season finale, well Henry is Ichabod and Katrina’s son who is the second Horseman of the Apocalypse – War. The Headless Horseman kidnaps Katrina because we all know he still has a thing for her. Abbie is stuck in purgatory because she took Katrina’s place. The Headless Horseman shot Jenny’s car and Irving was taking off to jail for confessing to his daughter’s murders. Yea, a lot happened in the season finale so there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. If you have not gotten the chance check, out my what I Would Like to See Happen on Sleepy Hollow this season.

The episode starts off with Ichabod locked up in the coffin, I am always fan of starting off-season premieres where the last season finale left off. Then we are in the cabin with Abbie giving Ichabod a birthday cupcake. Note, I love that it is a red white and blue cupcake and that Abbie had to explain the whole blowing out the candle and making a wish. We have apparently jumped forward 1 year, Abbie is out of purgatory and Jenny and Katrina are dead. I am sad about Jenny being dead I really liked her. Also I don’t believe that this is real, because if it is the writer have some serious explaining to do.

Abbie gets a call for them to investigate a scene where they find a headless body, good to know the Headless Horsemen is still killing people.

Ichabod with a crossbow

Ichabod with a crossbow

They find some documents of Benjamin Franklin’s; we find out that Ichabod had been an apprentice of his. Ichabod is not a fan of Benjamin Franklin, also I missed all the ways they work history into the show. Benjamin Franklin laso visited the Hellfire Club in London, was I the only person who thought of X-Men.  After doing they some research they realize there is a key that will open the doors of purgatory. Abby and Ichabod visit Henry who they have hostage. Apparently, to get Henry to talk to them they have to give him a plant. Really, they have to bribe information from Henry.

SH S2E1 - 4

Also it has come out that Ichabod can sometimes feel things when it comes to his connection to the Horseman, this is getting really Harry Potter. While talking with Henry it comes out that they are still in purgatory, Ichabod is still in the coffin and Molok is using them to find out about the key. Yay, it was all a dream, I had been hoping that there would be a dream moment between Ichabod and Abbie. Also this hopefully means that Jenny is not dead.

Speaking of Jenny, she is alive and being held hostage by Henry because he wants the information about the key since Jenny had stolen the notebook for Corbin. Henry or should I say War at this point, reads Jenny’s mind to find out where the book is. Henry keeps Jenny because they will need more information from her. This was not a great idea because Jenny beats the crap out of the guy guarding her. Well Jenny, is BAMF and gets herself out of there.

SH S2E1- 7

Ichabod is laying in the coffin and he finds sulfur in the dirt which means that Ichabod genius brain realizes that he can use that to get himself out of the coffin. Ichabod leaves a message for Abbie incase he dies but his memory was full so it didn’t save. Poor Ichabod, well he blows up the coffin and gets out, he then immediately calls Jenny.

The Headless Horseman has Katrina tied up to a chair. She is trying to get out, I’m wondering do her witch powers not work or does she not have the ability to get herself out.

I don’t blame her I would want to get out to, but maybe build up some trust first or come up with a plan.

Over in Purgatory Abbie is running around.

Andy brings her to this place, Molok would be mad if he knew what Andy was doing. Andy has to help Abbie because she helps make him feel human.

Back over by Jenny, she continues to be a BAMF by shooting at everyone. All of a sudden an ambulance truck comes up along the side with Ichabod driving it. Yay, I had been hoping that they would have Ichabod driving and they gave it to me the first episode. Jenny asks Ichabod to put the truck in reverse but he does not know how so she switch seats with him. Jenny and Ichabod take off. Ichabod fills Jenny in about everything that happen. He asks her about the book with the key because they need that key to free Abbie. Jenny knows where to find it.

While in the cabin they find Benjamin Franklin’s notebook, which is written in a code that Ichabod knows because he was forced to learn it while Benjamin Franklin’s apprentice.  While I love all the secret codes and everything because it is so National Treasure, it is becoming really convenient that Ichabod always knows the code or language. They figure out that it is supposed to be buried with Franklin but Franklin is not buried in Sleepy Hollow, but Jenny has an idea where they can find it

Abbie enters the place where she can communicate with Ichabod and she talks to him through the rear view mirror.  After some serious hugging which I am sure had all the Ichabod and Abbie shippers going crazy. After filling each other in on what has been going on with them, Ichabod tells Abbie about the key and how he is going to use it to get her.  Abbie worries that this is what Molok wants and that he is playing them.  Ichabod says that they are the witnesses and they are the ones that have to do this.  Ichabod refuses to accept good-bye, so he is coming to get her.  They make plans to meet at the church since Abbie has to go back there since she dropped the talisman Katrina gave her there.

Ichabod comes back to Jenny and tells her that they have to move quick to get Abbie because Molok is building an army. Jenny and Ichabod arrive at the place where Jenny thinks the key might be hidden only to find Hessians already digging up the grave.  While they think up a plan Ichabod remembers that Franklin always said something about under an alarm clock. That is when Ichabod looks over and sees a clock that might be what Franklin was talking about.  Low and behold they find Franklin’s initials and the key.

Ichabod says the incantation to enter into purgatory and Jenny reminds him of the rules; no eating, no drinking, and not to accept anything from anyone.  Over by the church Abbie is looking for the talisman when Ichabod comes running over to her.  More hugging, again I am sure the Ichabod and Abbie shippers are going crazy.  Ichabod offers Abbie something to drink, I don’t remember Ichabod having anything in his hand when he went in.  As Abbie is about to drink the water, Ichabod comes running over telling her to stop.  Fake Ichabod hisses, thankfully Abbie did not drink the water because she seems to have forgotten the rules of purgatory.  Ichabod then takes Abbie while they are over by some trees Abbie slices off his head as another Ichabod comes running down.

SH S2E1 - 8

Abby knew this was also another fake Ichabod because he did not call her Lieutenant right.  For this Ichabod the fist bump had to come out to make sure it was the right one.  Molok does not want Abbie to leave so he sends his army after her.  Ichabod and Abbie make it out in just enough time, the Mills sisters have their reunion.

Before I forget the Horseman pays another visit to Katrina only this time he gives her the same necklace that he gave her once upon a time when they were a couple.  Only the necklace glows now because it has the power to show the Horseman as his former self of Brom.  Katrina tells him that it will not help him, she still does not want him.  He tells her that Ichabod will be dead so she might as well accept her new fate.

Molach was a bit mad that Henry was not able to retrieve the key, but not too mad because he gave Henry a present of an armored soldier that he can control.  Henry’s little toy even come with a fire sword.  That is really what War needs a soldier with a fire sword.  With all Henry’s parent issues, this is going to be really fun for Ichabod.

I have to say this was a great first episode of the season, it gave me a lot of what I wanted to see and know.  I wanted Ichabod to get out and for Abbie to come back.  I wanted to find out what happened to Jenny, I am so happy that she is not dead.  I was really upset when they first said she was dead, I was really happy when that was all a dream.  I was dying to see Ichabod drive a car so I was beyond excited when they had him driving one in this episode, I am pretty sure I squeed.  I wish I could have seen Irving in this episode, but I guess I will have to wait until next week.  I am really happy that Sleepy Hollow is back, they started off the show right.  I am looking forward to seeing how they get Katrina back, what other crazy things Henry is going to do especially with his new toy, and life in Sleepy Hollow now.

Until next week when we find out more about the creature Ichabod and Abbie are raising up.


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