What We Would like to See Happen on ‘Sleepy Hollow’ This Season

With season 2 of Sleepy Hollow beginning next week, we wanted to share everything that we would like to see happen on this season of Sleepy Hollow.

SH - Henry as he waits

  • The effects of War on the town of Sleepy Hollow, because that should bring out some very interesting things in the people of the town.  It might almost be like if the whole town for affected by the deadly sin wraith.

SH - Ichabod trapped

  • Ichabod to get out of that coffin, because really he needs to get out of there.  As they say in the trailer he did not survive for 200 years to die in a coffin.  Based on the trailers is looks like he does, I am intrigued to see how that happens.

Abbie Dollhouse

  • For Abbie to get out of purgatory because well she needs to be in Sleepy Hollow.  I would like to see some dream scenes with her and Ichabod until she does.  Also I want to see what she learns from young Abbie and Jenny.

SH- Jenny and Irving

  • Is Jenny dead, I would like that answered.  While we are on that, I would like to see Irving get out of jail.  Also can we have Cho possibly come back, he was interesting.

SH - Henry and parents

  • For Henry to get over is parent issues, he blames them for either being dead or trying to protect him.  At this point Moloch is just manipulating him.  I would like for Henry to wise up, maybe have him do something good.

Katrina Crane

  • I would like Ichabod to save Katrina from the Headless Horseman but also I would like for that whole love triangle to just go away.  I really hate the fact that even exist in the universe.

SH - abbie and katrina

  • For the whole love triangle to go away, then I guess Ichabod would have to choose one of them.

Lieutenant Abbie Mills

  • I would like for the next horsemen to be caused by Abbie instead of it being caused by Ichabod because well he already caused two of them to happen.

SH - Ichabod in modern close

  • Also to see Ichabod in the other period clothes that he brought and maybe for the skinny jean or should I say devils trousers to make a comeback.

SH - Ichabod car

  • I would also like to see Ichabod try to drive a car, while he might be willing to walk everywhere how does he plan on getting around without Abbie.

There you have some of what I would like to see happen this season on Sleepy Hollow.  I am sure I will have more ides after watching the first episode.  Check back for the recap of the first episode next week.


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