What We Would Like to See Happen on ‘Agents of Shield’ This Season


With Agents of SHIELD starting next week I thought we would go over what we would like to see happen on the second season.

Avenger characters

  • I want to see more characters from the Marvel universe, I loved it when they included more of them.  I want to see how SHIELD handles some of these super human characters.


  • I want to see how SHIELD comes back and what is taken from the original concept for SHIELD and what new things does Coulson put on it. I really want to see Agent Hill and her possibly coming back to SHIELD.


  • I want to see how they handle Ward and what he did to them.  At the same time, there was something there between Skye and Ward so I am curious about that and if they will play a part in rehabilitating Ward.  Do they even want to rehabilitate him?  Is Hydra still out there in which case Ward would make for a really great double agent.

Sif please tell us what you know

  • I want to see more cameo’s from the movies, just because well those are fun.


  • I want to know more about what Coulson was writing on the wall at the end of the show.  What does all that lead to, a weapon, knowledge, is it a map; I would like those questions answered.

Picture 72

  • Will Deathlok come back? Will he have done enough good to be reunited with his son.

Picture 82

  • Also who is Skye’s father exactly and how does Raina know him?  Can we find out exactly what Skye is?  If she is an alien does she have super powers that she can use to help people.  I am all right with them building her like they tried to do with River on Firefly, but I just hope they don’t take to long with it.

Those are just some things that I would like to see in the upcoming season.  What would you like to see this upcoming season on Agents of SHIELD.


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