What We Would Like to See Happen on ‘Gotham’


I know we are all very excited for the new Gotham show, I bet we all have things that we would like to see happen.  I wanted to go over the list of some of what I would like to see happen over the series, not just the first season because we all know that this will be the set up season for the show.


  • I would like to see origins for some of the other villains such as: Freeze, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, Falcone, Two – Face, etc.  I want to see how man of them become who they are, because it is more then a freak accident in the case of Freeze and Two-Face.  I want to know what in the backgrounds of the Scarecrow and Harley Quinn made them susceptible to becoming crazy when they were training psychiatrists.  I want to know more about the villains and how they become who they are.


  • I want to see the Joker but I really don’t want him to have an origin story, because that is what is amazing about the Joker.  No one knows anything about him not even Batman.  I want them to keep it that way, I don’t mind if they introduce him and make him a low level thug for one of the mobs, that could be possible.  Since there are a few different stories for how he became the way he is, I don’t mind them taking from those.  I don’t want him to have an official background because that would take away from his mystery and he needs to have that because that is who the Joker is.


  • I want to see Gordon taken to the edge, I want to see him get taken to a place that could completely destroy him and for him not to cross over.  I want to see how far Gordon can be pushed but I want to see him remain the same hopeful guy who believes that he can make a difference in the city with some help.  How does Gordon maintain his morals in a city that is immoral.


  • I want to see how Bruce sorta gets over the death of his parents (I did say sorta because all know this is a driving force behind him).  I want to see him learn to cope and become an almost functioning adult.  I want to see him have nightmares, I want to see how this becomes the driving force behind his life.  As much as Batman lets his parents death consume him, he also manages to move past it at the same time because it could have completely destroyed him and turned him into much worse.  I want to see what stops that and how does he maintain his morals and sanity.


  • I want to see a Bat and Cat romance, this must happen, because they are one of the most iconic couples in comics and DC.  Even though the characters are young, they can have crushes and as they get older they can become more attracted to each other.  At some point during the series I want to see something going on between them.  I feel like they might saving each other even at a young age.  They have the scene with Selina going to mansion and Bruce on the top of the house possibly going to jump, who knows what part she plays in that.  I want to see the development of these two and the fact that Bruce knew her growing up is that why he never gives up on her, because he knows who she really is deep down.

Lucius_Fox Leslie_Thompkins_1

  • I want to see the good supporting characters like Lucius Fox, is he already working at Wayne Enterprise.  There are a few different stories for him but most have him working either in Wayne Tech or Wayne Aerospace, but he basically creates most of the gadgets that Batman will use.  How about Dr. Leslie Thompson, she basically becomes Bruce’s surrogate mom.  She knew both his parents before their death because Martha Wayne worked with Leslie at the clinic.  Thomas Wayne eventually helps Leslie at the clinic as one of the doctors.  There are some accounts have Leslie being one of the first people to find Bruce after his parents were shot because her clinic is right there.  It would be amazing if they put her in the first episode.


  • Barbara Gordon, a baby or little kid but I want to see the Gordon’s get her.  Also on this note, the death of Jim’s wife and son, because those are very important things to happen to him.

dick grayson

  • A glimpse of Dick Grayson, he does not have to be in the show, it could just be a poster of the circus with the family and him really young.  If they have to Gordon can save the parents and we can see a young Dick running over to them.  Just something with him, at least towards the end.

This is just some of what I would like to see happen during the series, I might have more specifics for the first season after watching the first episode.  Check back next week to for a recap of the very first episode.

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