The Official Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer is Finally Here

After months of waiting the trailer for Mockingjay has finally arrived.

I have to say I am even more excited for the movie after seeing this trailer.  It did a great job of showing some of the key elements in the story.  Seeing Peeta working for the Capitol, Katniss fighting for him, the bombing, and of course all the fighting.  There is a lot that happens in this story, I will do my best to not give any spoilers right now.  I like what I have seen about life in District 13, it is completely different than life in the other districts.  Effie in all grey, with no makeup, hair, or her usually clothes is still shocking.  The action looks like it will be amazing in the movie, I am looking forward to that because there are a lot of action scenes in this movie.  I am very happy with this trailer and cannot wait to see the movie on November 21st.


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