True Blood Recap: Fire in the Hole

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Here is an all new episode of True Blood the season is going a long pretty well, last week they discovered that the Hep V vampires are killing whole towns of people. Still no one has thought to check out Fantasia. Arlene and Holly try to convince a vampire that they know to save them but she dies before she can. The townspeople start a lynch mob; Adiyln and Wade try to hide all the guns but are taken prisoner. Lettie May is still trying to communicate with Tara.

The episode starts in a yoga class; this is a very odd place to start since I cannot think of who would be taking a yoga class. As the instructor compliments various students he is mostly impressed with one of his students who is none other than Sarah Newlin. Well I guess that useless character is back.


Life in Bon Temps, well Alcide realized that Sookie took off; he threw on some pants and ran across the graveyard towards Bill’s house. Where Alcide went all Were and thrust kicked open the door looking for Sookie.


Well Sookie was not in the house, she was in the car with Bill driving somewhere to do Sookie’s plan. During the convo in the car, we find out that Bill is not the same person that he was because when they drank all his blood at the compound they took out all the cray apparently, so he is a new vampire.  I find this weird and possibly bs but Bill was on my last nerve these last two seasons so I’ll take it.  Because of this reason Sookie had to drink Bill’s blood again so he would be able to know where she is.


Over in the Bon Temps jail poor Adiyln and Wade are chilling because well what else can they do. Adilyn tells Wade that they had kissed once but he doesn’t remember because vampires glamoured it out of them. When did this happen? Did this happen last season and I don’t remember or was it an off camera thing? Adiyln and Wade go in to kiss again but Jessica interrupts them because she thinks that Adiyln is in trouble. Andy lets Adiyln and Wade out and Adilyn tells him that the townspeople are against anyone who is different and that they might harm Sookie.

Over at Fangtasia because still no one has thought to check there, I get it has only been like 2 days Fangtasia would have come into my mine especially after reading the diary. The vampires are talking about how they do not have enough people to sustain them because apparently with Hep V they need to eat every hour. That means that they have to go out hunting again. Well Holly is in the basement finally being a witch (about time) and using the other girls to help her cast a spell. Unfortunately they are stopped by one of the vampires and since the other girls are not witches they don’t know that they are stronger than the vampire. Holly admits that she is the one who thinks that she is Harry Potter because that is what they referenced and the vampire takes Holly.

True Blood e3-1

Sam is driving along with his vampire buddy because well he has to have a vampire too. Sam got the chatty vampire, who is trying to make conversation until they come across the angry mob of people. They get out of the car and naturally, Sam tries to reason with them.


Vince tells Sam that people think that he is the mayor now. Well Sam’s poor vampire buddy gets shot and he meets the true death. Sam realizing that well the townspeople of Bon Temps are serious changes into a bird and flies off.

Eventually Andy, Jessica, Violet, and Jason are all driving because at this point they are all worried about Sookie. Jason keeps trying to call Sookie but her phone is still ringing in the woods. I am sure the battery on that phone should have died by now or did she just get the phone and it still has amazing battery life. Andy and crew come across Sam’s car and the angry mob of townspeople. Now the townspeople are standing there all angry with Andy because his daughter shot light at them. Well Andy is proud of Adilyn for using her fairy powers.

True Blood - standoff

Someone shoots Jessica, I think it was Hoyt’s mom because she was all mad at Jessica and Jason because they made Hoyt leave, I miss Hoyt. Violet who hates Jessica actually runs up to Hoyt’s mom and rips body parts out from inside her. Well there goes Hoyt’s mom; I think Hoyt might be happy with this because it means she won’t be up his ass anymore. Seriously, I bet she is still trying to up his ass even in Alaska because she has problems cutting the umbilical cord. That scares off people because no one knows what to do with a crazy vampire. Also we should note how Jason noticed how Jessica was not healing – does that mean Jessica is infected?

A brief interlude at Lafayette’s has James and Lafayette getting high, which is what James wanted to do. Since James can’t pop pills, he had to drink Lafayette’s blood after Lafayette popped the pills. I have to say I am loving the high vampires, thank you for including this again.

True Blood - Lafayette and James high

James got worried that Lafayette OD’ed but he didn’t. Lafayette noticed that James likes him but James can’t do anything because he is with Jessica. Well they did say that the other actor left because he would not do a gay scene.

Now back to Sookie and Bill, well Sookie is sitting in the middle of a field and Bill is chilling in a tree.

True Blood - Episode 7.03 - Fire in the Hole - Promotional Photo true-blood-season-703-fire-in-L-fJ_TaQ

Sookie’s plan is to get the Hep V vampires to come to her because well she is vampire bait because of how she smells. Then the vampires will take her to where they are hiding everyone (aka Fangtasia) and Bill since he can feel her will come with others to save them. While Bill is not a huge fan of this plan – well why did you go along with it in the first place, he is still there helping her. While Sookie is waiting in the field she talks with Bill, they talk about Six Flags and Bill flashes back to taking a photo with his family (one that was taken by one of Hoyt’s ancestors). I’m sorry if you are trying to draw the vampires to you, maybe you shouldn’t be talking to Bill because that would give away that there is someone else there. Last time I checked vampires have good hearing and shouldn’t Bill know this.

Sookie gets tired of waiting for the vampires because they apparently don’t want her, this is a first. Sookie cuts her arm with something so they smell the blood. Well that kinda worked, because Holly comes walking out.


As we found out earlier, Holly is with the vampires and they glamoured her so she could not tell anyone anything. Some vampires attack Bill and Sookie but Andy and crew show up with Sam and Alcide and save Sookie and Bill. During all of this Alcide is shot and killed, really he was he only cute Were ever.

True Blood - alcide dead

RIP Alcide

Over in Europe we find out that Eric officially has Hep V, which he did not try to contract but really didn’t do anything to stop it either. While Pam talks with Eric, we find out why he chooses that place. Apparently, in the 80’s, Eric was all into some French girl names Sophie. While in France, Pam and Eric had basically been ignoring the Authority and what they are trying to do. Eric tells them to fuck off and tells Pam that he will take care of her.

True Blood - Eric and Pam

Eric is having sex with Sophie for the second time; he is interrupted again (the poor man just can’t get off) by the people of the True Blood corp. They have Pam and take Sophie and force Eric to make a choice between the two. Eric does everything that he can to convince them not to kill both. Well I think we all know who Eric choices to save even though it breaks his heart. Eric tells Pam to leave and let him die in peace but before she does she tells him that Sarah Newlin is still alive. This motivates Eric to get up because he wants to kill Sarah Newlin for what she has done.

Back over to Sarah Newlin, she has just gotten done sleeping with her yoga instructor, no wonder she is the favorite student. While she is off finding a bottle of wine to drink from his amazingly huge wine cellar, the men from the True Blood corp show up.

True Blood - sarah newlin

I guess they are not happy about what she did to their product. Her screw instructor does say that he knows her but he refuses to tell them where she is, so they kill him. Sarah Newlin is now forced to hide silently in the wine cellar while she watches the blood of her lover flow under the door.

Sookie’s plan was to get taken hostage and have Bill track her down in order to save everyone. While not a bad idea, any reason no one feels a need to check Fangtasia. I did enjoy the little banter between Bill and Sookie in the field though. It was also nice to get some of Eric and Pam’s past since they have been around so long and through so much. I am wondering if Eric refusing to comply with the authority will have any affect on them. While I found the Eric’s flashback interesting, I did not find the Bill’s interesting. We already knew that Bill loved his family so there really was nothing new gained there besides that one of Hoyt’s ancestors took the photo. Also really, did we have to kill Alcide; there was no point to that. He could have lived, I liked the werewolf, he served a purpose, he had the best ab’s on the show.  Although Joe Manganiello admits to knowing that he was going to die once they had him get together with Sookie. Basically Sookie is a death wish to anyone who is not Bill or Eric.   Well maybe she caused Eric to get sick. Also really, Sarah Newlin is back, she better die this time seriously I am so over her.

Until next week.

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