True Blood Recap: I Found You

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Here we are at the second episode; I know we are all hoping for a good final season. The first episode showed some promise so here is our fingers crosses. Last episode gave us our first shocker of the season when Tara was killed within the first few min. From then on the town blamed Sookie for what is happening to them. Jessica tried to make peace with the Bellefluers after killing 3 of Andy’s daughters. Lettie May is under the impression that Tara is trying to communicate with her from the beyond.

The episode starts off with someone being followed, let’s be fair it was Eric and we all knew it was Eric. Jason was the one following Eric and had apparently found him even though he was hiding. I am calling dream because I don’t see Jason putting the effort in to look for Eric.


During this scene, Jason admits that even though he cares for Violet he can’t get Eric out of his head. This leads to an Eric & Jason sex scene, which officially confirms that this is a dream.

True Blood - Jason Eric sex scene

Also I think I mention that we want a Bill & Eric sex scene, close but not quite what we want. Jason wakes up from the dream before things can get too crazy.

Now the police want to figure out where the Hep V vampires are staying and what their plan is. Sookie mentions how she tripped over a dead girl the other night when she was walking home by herself.

True Blood - season 7

Thank goodness, this looks like the continuation of last episode or else I would have to question how long Sookie was keeping that info. They go to the dead girl whom they are able to identify rather quickly and head over to her town.


Once they get there, they find a ghost town kind of like the Walking Dead or other zombie movies or the Silent Hill games. As they look around the town, they notice writing on a lot of the buildings giving messages to anyone coming through or any vampires who might be outside.


They find the home of the dead girl and naturally they are curious about how long has it been since the town was under attack. Jason gets them this answer with his amazing pizza forensics skills. Just take a look at the scene because it was pretty funny.

I guess I have to give props to Jason for being able to tell how long a pizza has been left out. I guess that is what happens when you are a bachelor. The group splits up and looks around the house, Sookie finds the dead girls room and begins to read aloud from her diary.


Naturally since the cliché of this parallel’s my life has to happen, which causes Sookie to flash back to meeting Bill and going to Fangtasia. Look the diary just gave you a hint, check out Fangtasia because it is the perfect vampire hideaway. Sam comes across the parent’s room, which has an empty baby crib in it. Naturally, Sam feels the connection to his own baby. They decide to leave the house and as they are walking though the town they come across a mass gave which tells them that the vampires either kill everyone or take them hostage. It looks like Bon Temps is going to be destroyed by Hep V vampires.

True Blood - everyone dead

Let’s head over to Fangtasia for a bit, well the vampires are all going crazy because they need to feed to survive. Not to mention they all know that they are going to die from the Hep V.


An older lady vampire goes down to pick someone to feed on and she was going to choose Arlene but changes her mind. Arlene then recognizes the lady as Mrs. Harris who use to teach her and Holly’s kids. Arlene then comes up with a crazy idea to use Mrs. Harris as their way out. After much consideration discussion, flattering and crying Mrs. Harris agrees.

True Blood - escape

Mrs. Harris takes the nap watch; I guess they have someone be nap monitor to make sure that all the vampires are sleeping. Actually, it is to make sure that they wake up and do not die in their sleep. Mrs. Harris heads down the stairs to Arlene out but she needs to feed a bit first. Arlene offers herself, but to make sure that the other vampires don’t notice the bite it has to be done through the upper leg. As Mrs. Harris feeds, she begins to go a bit crazy with blood lust and then suffers the True Death.


Arlene has vampire between her legs

Well there goes that plan, anyone else thing the witch should I dunno be a witch.

Back in Bon Temps everyone who was at church heads over to help clean up Bellefluers aka Merlotte since it was trashed in the attack. Arlene might want to come back to a functioning clean bar, because who knows maybe her next crazy idea will work out better. Adilyn is cleaning up dead vampire with Holly’s youngest Wade; this was after she convinced her dad to let her help.

Please Daddy let me help clean after the crazy vampire attack

Please Daddy let me help clean after the crazy vampire attack

While people are cleaning, they find some dead bodies in the freezer, this prompts Vince to start another we should kill the vamps crusade.


He also decides to out Sam as a dog and Maxine says she saw Sam as a bear. Lucky for us Adilyn decided to be a fae and used her I can read minds ability this causes her to find out that the now crazy towns people are going to the police station for guns. Adilyn gets out of there with Wade while everyone in town starts breaking everything made of wood. Well there goes Arlene having a clean bar when she gets back.

Let's break anything that is wood we need stakes

Let’s break anything that is wood we need stakes

Adilyn runs with Wade to the police station where she tells Kenya what is going happen. Of course, Kenya does not believe her and Adilyn can’t come out as a fae but eventually Adilyn gets through to Kenya and they go to hide the guns. The angry lynch mob of people arrives at the police looking to get guns. Ok, um I have never thought that I would be able to over take a police station, is the whole police force; Andy, Jason, Kenya, and Kevin. Don’t they have some other cops that work there? Kenya was doing a real good job of not letting these people through until the only other black female in town beside Lettie May plays the female race card.


She had to remind Kenya about the promotion that she was passed over for Jason Stackhouse. Now they have Kenya on their side, which causes Adilyn to release her fairy light (which is pinkish purple, Sookies is yellow does that mean something), well that definitely didn’t help her. Kenya and some of the other people lock Adilyn and Wade up. Now the town folk begin to shot practice/ shoot off the guns. Now that is a good idea, waste all the ammo so you have none when it comes to the vampires.

True Blood - town revolt

Naturally, Jessica can feel Adilyn in trouble, which causes her to wake up. Unfortunately, it is daylight and she no longer has Warlow’s blood so going outside will not be a thing. A freaked out Jessica tries to call people like the police (obviously not going to help) and Sookie (who is without her phone because she threw it).


After sometime, Andy gets home looking for Adilyn and Jessica calls to him from the attic. Andy is not happy to see Jessica and accuses her of eating Adilyn but Jessica tells him she didn’t and that she will help Andy find her when the sun goes down. I would also like to note that Jessica had none healed bite marks on her arm from where she feed Adilyn does that mean she is infected?


While all this is going on Lettie May is still convinced that she Tara is trying to talk to her. Lettie May goes to Lafayette hoping that he will help because he can talk to the dead. Lafayette refuses to help her and Lettie May gets mad. While cooking food Lettie May burns herself slight on the pan, then she realizes the vampire blood has healing powers. Lettie May then burns her hand on the pan. She then heads down into the church basement to wake up Willa.


Lettie May then begs Willa to give her some blood because she is in so much pain. While high on vampire, blood Lettie May hallucinates that she is talk to Tara.

True Blood - Tara dead

Alcide and Sookie get back to her home not before Alcide offered to drive them both away. Sookie kisses Alcide and convinces him to take a shower. While Alcide is in the shower Sookie leaves the house and heads through the cemetery to Bill’s house. Sookie asks if Bill can still feel her if something bad happens.


Over in France Pam comes to a place that she never thought she would see again. She heads inside and down the basement where she finds Eric.

True Blood - Eric

Yay, they listened and let us find out Eric is alive early. Eric does not look all that great, but then again he probably burnt really badly, he does look way better than Russell did. Pam is happy to see Eric that she sheds a tear.


The second episode was not bad, I have to say the scene with Arlene giving blood and having the vampire die on her was funny. Before that Arlene had a great scene where she convinced Mrs. Harris to save them, it was a powerful scene.  Also the whole lynch mob thing does seem a bit played out, I am having visions of Beauty and Beast here. The angry town folk are going to have an interested part in next week’s episode. I am curious why Sookie went over to Bill’s because is seems she has a plan. This clip from next week’s episode proves that:

What is her plan, does she realize that they should head to Fangtasia? Will anyone realize that they should head to Fantasia? Can Pam and Eric please find out that these vampire have taken over their bar and kick them out. Also can we talk about how Eric has apparently infected himself with the virus, are they talking Hep V? He could have gotten its milder cousin Hep D; I really hope he got Hep D and not Hep V. Unless he has found a miracle cure Hep V leads only to death and I said no killing Eric.

Until next week where is looks like more people will be dying.

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