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Game of Throne Season Finale Recap: The Children

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Here we are at the season finale, I think I speak for everyone when I say that I wish the seasons were longer. Granted I am not sure if we could handle all the death and violence if the seasons were longer. Let’s recaps last episode, the Wildlings attacked The Wall, which resulted in a lot of deaths.

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Shocking photos from the set of Mockingjay: Part 2

Some new pics from the set of Mockingjay: Part 2 are circulating the internet, if you have not read the book then I suggest not reading any further because there will be SPOILERS!!!!!!

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Manicure Mondays – How To Train Your Dragon PLUS Winner Announced!

Happy Monday, everybody!

Look at those eyes!

Look at those eyes!

As you may have gotten from our review, Kizerezik and I saw “How to Train Your Dragon 2” last week, and we both loved it. So, naturally, this week’s installment of Manicure Mondays had to feature everyone’s favourite Night Fury, Toothless!

Let’s get started with a base coat of white.



From there, paint your middle and ring fingers yellow from the centre of the nail to the tip, and then start to draw out your line art with a black nail polish pen.

Or you can finish the line are and brush the yellow inside of the eye if  you've got a very steady hand.

Or you can finish the line are and brush the yellow inside of the eye if you’ve got a very steady hand.

Fill in the black and clear coat.

He's looking at you. With his EYES.

He’s looking at you. With his EYES.

Now, on to the thumb, which we’ve styled after Toothless’s tail flag. Paint the whole nail red and clear coat it once it’s dry. Fun fact: This top coat is the worst I’ve ever used!

The clear coat helps the white pen to show, and with that stupid thing, every little bit helps.

The clear coat helps the white pen to show, and with that stupid thing, every little bit helps.

Bust out that white nail polish pen and prepare to exercise your patience because you’ll need a couple of coats to really get this to pop.

Five million coats later...

Five million coats later…

Clear coat again and you’re done!


See how the white on the thumb is already bleeding? That’s that stupid top coat crap.

And now for what a good number of folks have been waiting for:

MacBook not included. And yes, that is me working on this post. So meta!

MacBook not included. And yes, that is me working on this post. So meta!

And the winner is

@winonapatt !

Congratulations, Winona! We’ll send out your prize just as soon as you PM us your mailing address via FB or Twitter! (We’ll be on the lookout for it!)


Thanks to all of who entered, all of our fans, old and new, and keep sharing TFP with your friends! We’ll have our next giveaway at 250 FB likes, so help us get there together!

See you at the next Manicure Mondays!



TFP Presents Our Four Favorite Dads

In honors of Father’s Day, the ladies of the TFP wanted to spotlight some of our favorite dads in the DC and Marvel Universe.


Jonathan Kent

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Jason Momoa to play Aquaman in ‘Justice League’ film

The current rumor going around is that Jason Momoa has been cast as Aquaman for the upcoming Justice League movie.  There is also a rumor going around that he will have a small cameo in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Aquaman is supposed to be upset about the damage the World Engine did to the waters of the world in Man of Steel.


Jasmon Momoa is widely known to fans as Khal Drogo from Season 1 of Game of Thrones.  Then Momoa went on to play Conan in the Barbarian in the Conan remake.

I will say this I like Momoa as an actor, he made me love the character of Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones.  I am excited to hear that he might be in the Justice League movie.  The only thing I am skeptical on is him being Aquaman.  An earlier rumor had him possibly being casted as Doomsday, which I definitely could have seen.  I think Momoa would have been great in that role.  If I had to pick from the Justice League crew, I would think more Green Arrow or maybe Green Lantern, I am just not seeing him as Aquaman.  I just do not see Momoa looking good as a blond.


I will admit Aquaman is not my favorite Justice League character so that might play into it. With that being said, I think he is a great addition to the cast and that he will do well in the role.  Maybe with Momoa playing Aquaman they will be able to show more of Aquaman’s badass side.  Aquaman is not the useless character they make him out to be, Aquaman can actually do a lot.  Most incantation only show Aquaman’s aquatic abilities they rarely show that he can communicate telepathically with humans.  Not to mention he has enhanced senses and a few superhuman abilities.  I am just hoping with Momoa in the role they will show more of Aquaman can do.

If Aquaman is supposed to make an appearance in Dawn of Justice then that explains why they have casted him now.  Since there are conflicting stories about that it is unsure if he will have a cameo in the movie.  Otherwise we will not being seeing him until the Justice League movie, then I would have to question why they are casting for that movie now while they are filming another one.  I would be really be focused Dawn of Justice right now and not worry about the Justice League movie but Warner Brothers really wants to make the Justice League movie.

What do you think of the possible rumor that Jason Momoa will be playing Aquaman?

REVIEW: “How to Train Your Dragon 2”

After watching this movie… I don’t know what to do with my life.

Don’t get me wrong; it was an excellent movie! It really was! The animation was flawless, the story was coherent and amusing and easy to follow, characterization was good, and it pretty much covered the entire spectrum of human emotion.


I can't even.

I can’t even.

THIS bitch.

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New “Doctor Who” Peter Capaldi to be Introduced in 7-City World Tour

The newest Time Lord to come to screens in the new series of the beloved BBC show “Doctor Who” is Peter Capaldi. Capaldi’s casting was met with skepticism by fans who were rallying for the first ever female Doctor, or for a person of colour to be cast in the role. Alas, another white male was cast in the role.

But let’s face it, odds are fans will come to love him in time.



No doubt hoping to speed up the process of that acceptance, the BBC is putting Capaldi and on-screen companion Jenna Coleman (and, in some cities, head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat) will be traveling the globe to promote the new season, which airs in August on BBC America.

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“Batman: Arhkam Knight” Batmobile Gameplay Trailer

Howdy, nerds.


News hit a few days back that “Batman: Arkham Knight,” the fourth (console) installment of the stellar Arkham games, had its release date pushed back to early next year. Well, if the following trailer is any indication, this baby is going to be well worth the wait!


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Vincent D’Onofrio will be joining the Netflix series ‘Daredevil’

As we all know Netflix will be airing a new Marvel series; Defenders which will include stand-alone series for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage.  After the stand-alone series they will all come together for the Defenders series.  Almost like the Avengers movies, since Marvel has such success with that who can blame them for trying it again.

Vincent D'Onofrio


There has been some recent casting news, Vincent D’Onofrio will be joining the Daredevil series as Kingpin.

“D’Onofrio will play Wilson Fisk, a powerful businessman whose interests in the future of Hell’s Kitchen will bring him into conflict with the blind attorney Matt Murdock and his alter ego Daredevil.”

The studio is very excited about D’Onofrio joining the series:

“We’re incredibly proud to have an actor with the gravitas and versatility of Vincent joining ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ in such an integral role,” said Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s head of television. “Wilson Fisk is an iconic villain whose cunning and power make him the dangerous equal of our hero.”

D’Onofrio was cast a few months ago in the new Jurassic Park movie, he’s previous credits include Men in Black, Full Metal Jacket, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.  He played the villain Edgar in Men in Black and has taken on that role in a few other works.  He should make for a good contrast to the hero Daredevil who will be played by Charlie Cox of Boardwalk Empire.

Matt Murdock - Daredevil

Matt Murdock – Daredevil

What do you think of the newly casted Kingpin?

Game of Thrones Recap: Watchers on the Wall

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I’m back after a brief hiatus, life can get crazy. While not much from last episode affects this one, we should mention how Sansa learned something in King’s Landing and lied for Littlefinger. Our dear favorite Prince Oberyn was killed by The Mountain :(.  (Should warn that this recap with contain violent/graphic images).

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