The Flash gets friendzoned in this new clip

In a new clip and interview from CW’s The Flash shows Barry Allen getting friendzoned.

Poor Barry, looks like he is going to be suffering from the usual unrequited love that all the superheros seem to go through.  I will admit this probably the first thing I have seen that does not make me want to watch the show.  I think I am starting to get bored with the superhero pinning away for the girl from afar.  All of DC superheros do it, I am beginning to think that it must be a written rule for all DC characters, the superhero cannot have the girl he must pin away from afar.  With any luck they will at least the make the story interesting around these two like they did with Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance in Arrow.  At least with that one I understood why he had to pin away because well Laurel hated him, with a legit reason.  With any luck Iris actually likes Barry as well and is just to afraid to ruin their friendship.

What do you think of Barry getting friendzoned?  What do you think of all the DC superheros always pinning away.

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