Game of Throne Season Finale Recap: The Children

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Here we are at the season finale, I think I speak for everyone when I say that I wish the seasons were longer. Granted I am not sure if we could handle all the death and violence if the seasons were longer. Let’s recaps last episode, the Wildlings attacked The Wall, which resulted in a lot of deaths.

The episode starts with Jon going to Mance’s camp so that he can negotiate with him.

Jon is determined to lie to Mance but Mance tells Jon the truth as to why he wants to go south of The Wall.

If the Wildlings are scared of winter coming then it must have to do with the White Walkers. I will admit I’m scared of the White Walkers but they must be some serious shit if they are scaring the Wildings enough to make them cross The Wall.

Jon and Mance hear the sound of someone coming:

Stannis comes to save the day, which I know surprised a lot of people.  Now I knew that Stannis comes to aid the Night’s Watch, but he goes to The Wall not the Wildling camp.  I know some people are questioning how did Stannis know to aid The Wall, because Sam had sent out Ravens before the Wildling attack.

The men of the Night’s Watch hold a small funeral for the dead before they burn the bodies, Jon goes to visit Tormund to find out if the Wildings do anything special for their dead. Tormunds tells Jon no but asks Jon if he loved Ygirtte because she loved him. Tormund tells Jon that Ygirtte should be burned north of The Wall. Jon takes her body north of The Wall to be burned and as he walks away, he starts to cry.

GoT season finale Jon buries Ygritte GoT season finale - Jon cries

In the Free Cites, Dany is listening to more people’s petitions. One man asks to go back to being a slave because his life was better than. Dany does not understand this but she grants his request to go back for less than a year. Another man comes up to Dany:

Poor Dany because she really loves her dragons and it was killing her to chain them up.  She knows that it is for the best because she cannot control them.  She cannot have her babies killing innocent children in her kingdom.

Bran and his group are making their way towards the tree that Jojen has seen in his visions:

GoT season finale hearttree

Which they find but not before meeting with some trouble:

The skeleton army is new and very thankful they were brief, it is sad that Jojen did not make it especially since he is still alive in the books.  Since the writers know what George R. R. Martin have planned I am guessing that means Jojen won’t make it through the books.  I was kind of getting that feeling anyway.

Brienne and Pod are sleeping, when Brienne wakes up she realizes that horses are gone because Pod did not tie them up right.  Needless to say we have unhappy Brienne, the duo starts walking towards the Eyrie where they come upon Arya who they ask for directions. It is only after The Hound comes out and Pod identifies him that Brienne realizes that is Arya.  Brienne tries to convince Arya to come to with her but well you can see how that goes:

This was a rather amazing fight between these two great warriors, one that did not happen in the book so it was exciting to see.  As Brienne is getting up Pod runs over to her and Brienne is again mad at Pod because he should have been trying to get Arya.  Poor Pod, he can’t seem to do anything right but he does try really hard, he is the King of A for effort.  Arya had been hiding out near by and goes over to The Hound when the coast is clear. The Hound knows that there is no chance of him surviving.

Arya is next seen riding a horse, I am guessing she found one of Pod and Brienne’s horses, which she takes over to the docks.  She tries to get passage north but the ship is going to Braavos.  Arya takes out the coin that Jaqen H’ghar gave her and says the phrase Valar Morghulis, which gets her passage on the ship.

Over in King’s Landing Cersei is trying to save The Mountain because well he killed Oberyn (still very upset about this) but he has also been a loyal and great guard.  Prince Oberyn spear was poisoned so the poison is slowly killing The Mountain.  Maester Pycelle says that nothing can be done for him, but Qyburn says there is a way to help him.  Cersei kicks Maester Pycelle out and lets Qyburn do his thing, which is very Doctor Frankensteinish.  Cersei does not care what is done as long as The Mountain comes back just as strong.

Cersei as a meeting with her father because she is really against marrying Sir Loras:

Tywin did not know this whole time, well Cersei then crushed his little heart. Cersei really does not want marry Sir Loras, I don’t know what puts her off more that Loras is gay or not her brother.

Cersei decides she should go visit Jaime:

If you want to avoid the incest, Cersei basically tells Jaime that she told their father about them. Also I do have to question Cersei’s feelings for Jaime, she seems to have them only when it suits her. Also can Cersei and Tywin please stop blaming Tyrion for his mothers death, he didn’t do it on purpose.

I am sure you are all wondering about poor Tyrion because well he is going to die, well I will let you see what happens because it is much better then me telling you.

Well Tyrion definitely left an impression.

This was a good season finale because it pretty much shows everyone and what is going on with them.  Jon is dealing with the death of Ygritte and Wildlings.

Jon really did love Ygritte

Jon really did love Ygritte

Stannis is helping the Night’s Watch, I am sure many of you are wondering what is going to happen there.  Some of you might be wondering about that look that Melisandre was giving Jon, well you are just going to have to wait and see.

Bran has found the tree and the three eyed raven so he can now begin his training.  Arya is about to start a new adventure in Braavos.  We already know Sansa is plotting with Littlefinger in the Vale.

Brienne and Pod still have some adventures ahead of them and they really are the best comedy act.

I feel so bad for Dany having to lock up her dragons because she was so upset, it really hurt her to do that.


It is even harder being a Queen, Dany is finally learning that lesson.

I will finally talk about Tyrion’s scene, Jaime is a great brother for saving Tyrion.  They did leave out the part where Jaime tells Tyrion that Tyrion’s first wife was not a whore but Tywin thought she was after his money so he set that whole thing up.  Unfortunately, Jaime played a part in that, which causes a horrible rift between the brothers, this is what motivate Tyrion in the end.  I knew about Shae in bed with Tywin so that combined with what happened during the trial are why I hate her, also she is not as sympathetic in the book.  Can well all give Tyrion an applause for killing his father because I am pretty sure a lot of people wanted him dead.  Tywin was that character that you loved to hate.  Tyrion has an adventure ahead of him in the Free Cites.  This was Varys way of making it up to Tyrion for what happened during the trial. Also looks like Cersei is getting what she wants now, she doesn’t have to marry Sir Loras.

I know there are many people who are upset that Lady Stoneheart did not make an appearance but it is not uncommon for the last few chapter of one book be the start of the next season so I think we will be seeing her next season.  Also there is still some things that have to be resolved at The Wall that I think many people will enjoy.

Since I have read the books I will say this come back next season so see what happens to many of your favorite characters. There is a lot of adventure still left for our main crew, also you will be taken to the Dorne and meet the Sandsnakes who are Prince Oberyn’s daughters and they are not happy about his death.  There are some more twists and turns and surprises that you are going to want to keep an eye out for.  You will be introduced to some new interesting characters as well.

Until next season, I hope you will join us for more intrigue, twists and turns, surprises, and death.


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  1. Just caught up with the last episode (watched the last three episodes in one sitting, now THATS the way to watch this show!). But yeah, its going be a long wait for the next season. I’m reading the books now (just started book three) and am really enjoying it.

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