TFP Presents Our Four Favorite Dads

In honors of Father’s Day, the ladies of the TFP wanted to spotlight some of our favorite dads in the DC and Marvel Universe.


Jonathan Kent

Jonathan Kent makes the list for being the best adoptive father.  The Kents found a young Clark Kent and did not think twice about taking him in.


From then on the Kents raised Clark with some of the best and most wholesome middle America values.  They also did their best to protect Clark from people who might want to come and do research on him.  If it was not for the fact that Clark exhibited alien traits I honestly would not have known that the Kents were not his real parents.  Jonathan Kent had a tough situation to handle, he had to raise a kid that he had no idea what this child would be able to do.  He had a child who was developing all this exceptional powers, he knew that if people found out about Clark that something bad could happen to Clark.  At the same time Jonathan wanted Clark to have a normal life.


It was a hard job for Jonathan Kent who I have to say handled rather well.  Even though he dies in the comics (depending on pre/post crisis, new 52, etc. depends on when it happens) the most important part about Jonathan Kent’s death is that after that Clark goes off and truly becomes Superman.  It is also the values, lessons, and advice that Jonathan Kent instill in Clark that make him the ultimate hero that he becomes.

Jonathan Kent

Jonathan Kent is one of the main people to tell Clark that he should use his abilities to help the human race (unless you are talking about Jonathan Kent from Man of Steel). If Clark had not been raised by the Kents there is no telling how he would have turned out.  Jonathan Kent wins the award for Best Adoptive Father, because he gave morals, values, and humanity to a nearly perfect alien.

Ben Parker

Ben Parker

Ben Parker is next up, he is on the list because while he was like an adoptive parent he really was next of kin.  Peter Parker’s parents had dropped him off with his Aunt and Uncle while they went on a trip, Peter’s parents died on the trip.  For Ben Parker he had the task of raising a kid who loved his parents and was extremely upset over their death.  Ben had to deal an angsty teen who would tell Ben that he was not his dad.


While Ben Parker dies before Peter Parker really becomes Spider-Man, he does have the honor of being the person who taught Peter morals and values.  Ben Parker has been shown many times in various flashbacks in the comics, sometime having very important words of wisdom for Peter.  It is because of Ben Parker’s death that Peter Parker truly embraces his Spider-Man persona and becomes a hero.  Ben Parker always taught Peter to never settle for less  and that with great power comes great responsibility.


Without Ben Parker’s death and influence Peter Parker would never have become Spider-Man (as proven in a What if comic).  Because of all this Ben Parker wins the Best Uncle Award.

Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred had to make the list because he became Bruce Wayne’s father after his parents died.  Alfred had tough shoes to fill because the Waynes were good parents.  When Bruce falls down the well it is always his father Thomas Wayne who goes down and gets him.

Alfred Movie

His parents took him out to the movies and had conversations with Bruce.  When Bruce’s parents were killed right in front of him, Alfred really had a tough job ahead of him.  As everyone knows Alfred stepped up and did a great job, he made sure to continue the values and ideals that Thomas and Martha Wayne had.  Which is one of the reason’s why Bruce is such a giving and generous person.  Alfred held and took care of a traumatized little boy who was having nightmares.  Alfred did his best to raise Bruce into a normal functioning person, he might have failed at the normal part but a lot of parents do.  Even though Alfred had hesitations, Alfred helped Bruce become Batman.  Alfred is there to stitch up wounds, come up with cover stories, and make sure Bruce eats.


Most importantly Alfred is there to call Bruce out on his shit and tell him the things that he does want to hear.


If Alfred was not the sane person whispering in Bruce’s eye, who knows what kind of person Bruce would be and who knows where Bruce’s obsession would have taken him.  Alfred had a tough job taking care of a traumatized little kid and supporting him no matter what.  Let us not forget that Alfred all had the task of helping raise Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian.


Alfred during that time had to show Bruce how to be a father because that was now Bruce’s role.  Because of all this Alfred Pennyworth gets the Best Surrogate Dad award.


Professor Charles Xavier

Professor X makes the list because let’s be fair he is a father figure to all the of the X-Men, Scott, Jean, and Storm are very much his children.  So many of the kids that Xavier’s Institute are runaways or were disowned when they discovered they were mutants.  Many of the teachers at Xavier’s Institute became surrogate parents to many of the students, but Charles Xavier was the over all father figure of them all.  His biggest bond was always with his original students Jean and Scott and the later addition of Storm.


These three always looked up to Professor X and blossomed under his praise and tutelage.  Scott and Storm are orphans (well until Scott’s dad briefly shows up) so Professor X really is the only parent that they know.  While Jean has parents she did not have much contact with them after college, thus causing Professor X to become a surrogate father figure for her.  Professor X’s love for these three are is so strong, they are main students to lead and inherit the school.  Charles Xavier loves all of his students and treats them much like they are his own children.  He offers all of them advice, guidance, knowledge and an ear whenever he can.

Professor X does have a biological child of his own, Legion.  Legion was conceived during a brief affair.  Legion’s mother never told Charles so for a part of Legion’s life Professor X was not a part of it.  Unfortunately like so many mutants Legion’s powers develop after a tragic event but since his powers are similar to his fathers it was even worse for Legion and he became catatonic afterwards and his personality spilt into multiples personalities.  When Professor X does find out about his son he does everything he can to help him control his powers and his personalities.

Professor X and Legion

It was a hard task but Professor X refused to give up on his son.  In the end it was the death of Charles Xavier that helped Legion control his powers and personalities.  Professor Charles Xavier wins the award for Best Father Figure.

It is safe to say that all the men on this list are great fathers, they have influenced many people, most importantly they have all influenced people with great powers.  Without the guidance, influence, and teachings of these amazing men; Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, and the X-Men would not be the people/team that we all know and love.  None of these people would have achieved their greatness without these men.  All of us at TFP would like to acknowledge all the greatness that these men have done.  Without them we would not have some of our favorite superheros.

Happy Father’s Day to all the other amazing dads who are helping raise future superheros.

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