“Batman: Arhkam Knight” Batmobile Gameplay Trailer

Howdy, nerds.


News hit a few days back that “Batman: Arkham Knight,” the fourth (console) installment of the stellar Arkham games, had its release date pushed back to early next year. Well, if the following trailer is any indication, this baby is going to be well worth the wait!


I’m digging the segmented armour in the opening shots, even if it is a little bit too reminiscent of Iron Man.

And I’m not one for driving games, and I’m terrible at those mini missions where you have to catch someone who’s traipsing about the city, blowing shit up, but…

Finally, FINALLY, we get to sit behind the wheel of the Batmobile!!! This actually looks incredible. Whether driving and viewing the vehicle in third person, or looking through that beautiful HUD, it just makes me want to be the Bat even more. And I already really want to be the Bat.

And if they follow up with the Hush cameo from Arkham City… I will probably actually lose it. Like, legit. I will shun society and the outside world and the hideous light of the day star and live in front of my PS4.

Either way, though, delay or not, Batmobile or just more gliding, the thing that I love most about the Arkham games has been the storyline. Follow that up closely with the number and the sheer depth of the side missions and villain cameos, the Easter eggs and the promises of future storylines, and there’s just nothing not to love about these games!

Well… Maybe the button mashing street thug fights…

Whatever. I don’t care. Sorry thumbs, but we’re going to get Arthritis, and we’re going to exacerbate it by playing this (and many other) games.



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