…Someone Please Explain To Me Why I’m Still Watching “Game of Thrones…”

Hello, people.


I know that a lot of us have read the books and that even more of us anxiously look forward to ever Sunday night in the Springtime but, after last Sunday’s episode, I find myself wondering why.


Why are we putting ourselves through this?


Fleeting moments of dragon fire and platinum blonde badassery? Imp wit? Jon Snow saying his name that way that he does.



OR is it the gore? The sex? The copious amounts of nonconsensual sex? (<-Please, please, please, let that NOT be what drives you all to watch the show.) Is it all bloodlust? Does Freudian sex and aggression draw throngs of viewers to their living rooms and their friends’ parents’ HBO Go accounts on their various brands of tablets week after week?

I mean… I’m starting to think that it’s not worth it. Those little bits that make you cheer or smile or laugh, firmly mired in heaps of the fetid shit that is almost every single terrible person (or just, every person in) Westeros… That’s not really enough for me to call this show “entertaining” any more.

It seems– No, what happens is that every time I like a character, horrible, horrible things happen to them. Or, it turns out that they’re actually secretly a villain themselves.

Et tu, Sansa?

Et tu, Sansa?

Seriously, y’all. That is a villainess dress if I’ve ever seen one.

Well, because numerous people feel the need to flippantly spoil the events of the books to me, I know that certain things are going to happen to certain characters. And I know that certain of those things are bad things and certain of those characters are bad characters, but I feel like that’s not enough. Especially since it neither brings back a beloved character now does it make things all that better in my eyes when the characters doing the bad things to the bad people used to be good characters before going down that path of douchebaggery.

Le sigh.

Alas, I shall finish the season, but if this show fails to reengage me within the next couple of episodes, then somebody just give me a call when you think I’ll give a shit again.

Because giving myself anxiety every weekend and it ending in heartache is getting old after four years.



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  1. We watch the show because it has great characters in an exciting narrative. With a few exceptions, there aren’t any real heroes or villains just people trying to live through historical events happening in this world. It’s incredibly dark, as it is during war and strife, and that’s just not some people’s cup of tea. Nothing wrong with that. Personally, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  2. Four years?! I can’t believe you stuck it out so long. You deserve a drink. Coffee, vodka, apple juice, lemongrass tea — whatever your beverage of choice is, I’ll buy it for you. I stopped reading the books and there hasn’t been enough promise of anything to make me go back to them. My problem is, I need someone to care about, just one who (a) is still breathing, (b) has something positive happen to them every once in a blue moon, and (c) has at least one character trait that doesn’t qualify as evil.

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