X-Men: Professor X and Magneto Bromance

I have always loved the bromance of Professor Xavier and Magneto. I have to say that Days of Future Past did a great job playing off that bromance. I want to take a look at their amazing bromance with special emphasis on Days of Future Past obviously this will contain Spoilers you have been warned.

I wanted to look at the early establishment of this bromance. While the comics, they meet because Professor X is visiting a friend who runs a Holocaust clinic where Magento was  volunteering.  It is during this time that they become friends and eventually reveal their powers to each other.  It is during a fight with Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, when Professor X stops Magneto from killing Strucker that Magneto realizes that their views on mutant – human relations are different, Magneto leaves.

In the films, Professor X stops Magneto from not only possibly killing others but killing himself in the process.  In the movies, Magneto helps Professor X start the X-Men.  Xavier in turns pushes Magneto to use his powers to their full potential.  It was a good way for us to see the development of their friendship and trust in each other.  It was also the start of many chess matches between them in the movies; in just about every movie, they play chess with each other.

chess - 2

The ending of First Class was important because everyone gets to see that no matter what Professor X said or did he could not stop Magneto from his vendetta.  That whole scene was horrible, Professor X pleading with Magneto not to go through with it and then being inside of Sebastian Shaw head when the coin was going through.  I have always wondered if Magneto knew that Professor X was in Shaw head because if he did wow was that a dick move.  Based on what I have seen and know about their friendship it is a hard call to make if he knew or not.  The worst part of the ending was Magneto deflecting the bullets and causing Professor X to be hit.  In the comic, someone else is responsible for Xavier losing his legs.  For the movie, it had to Magneto because you needed something really bad to kill their friendship.  Magneto felt horrible about it, he really did, and he rushed over to Xavier so fast.  In the end, it didn’t matter and Magneto left with Raven, which is important since in the movies, Raven grew up like Xavier’s sister.

This would take us into Days of Future Past, (Spoilers) just saying;


How this movie start is with older Professor X and Magneto are basically working together to help stop the sentinels.

Days - 1

This part is important because they agree to send Wolverine back into the past; they both also agree that they have to work together in order to stop the sentinels from happening.  What made this scene important was the fact that they both realized and agreed, there was no discussion they just knew that they had to work together.

In the 80’s we go where Xavier has pretty much given up on everything because he feel alone and using a serum that enable him to walk but at the cost of his powers.  Magneto is being held under the pentagon for killing the president.  I won’t go into everything from the movie but I will cover the important scenes.

When Xavier and Magneto meet again Xavier punches Magneto, Magneto was already surprised to see Xavier there breaking him out.

days - 3

Most of us can guess why Xavier punched Magneto, but the actual reason comes out later when everyone is on the airplane.  Xavier is mad at Magneto for taking Raven from him and for the loss of his legs.  Most importantly, Xavier is mad that Magneto abandoned him because Xavier loved Magneto.  Now I know all that Professor X – Magneto shippers were going crazy about that but I have never shipped them so I didn’t take it that way and I never would.  Also I would like to bring in the definition of Bromance: is a close non-romantic relationship between two (or more) men, a form of affectional or homosocial intimacy.  That would definitely account for the word love being used.

days - 5

The scene definitely took a turn when Magneto got pissed (almost crashing the plane) because to Magneto, Xavier abandoned them all because many of the mutants were experimented on and killed.  At this point and time, both of them feel abandoned by the other one.  What I love about this scene is you really get how much they meant to each other.  Neither one would have been as pissed if they still did not care for each other.

Naturally the next scene with them is them playing chess, because well that is what they do they play chess.

days - 2

Honestly, that comes from the fact that no one many people are as smart as them and can give them a challenge.  It is also their thing, in the case it was Magneto giving a peace-offering; ‘please forgive me, lets play a game of chess for old times’.

The next important scene in the past would be when Xavier lets Magneto go.  They both know that Magneto is screwed after what he did; the government is coming after him.  Also Magneto is in a completely different place from Xavier, no matter what happens they will never have the same values and ideals.  It is in this moment that they say good-bye to each other, more than likely they will never fight side by side for anything again.  The scene was sad because of that, in a sense they were saying good-bye to their friendship and best friend.  Let’s be fair they are always going to be besties.

For the future, the important scene would have to be after Magneto gets injured and he is sitting on the floor talking with Professor X.  At this point Magneto knows there is not a lot of time left for him but also that he has done all he can do to protect them.  Once the sententials breach the door or walls there is no way to stop them, Magento does not have the strength.  It in this moment Magneto says how they had wasted so much time fighting each other.

days - 7

In the end, they were fighting on the same side against the same enemy.  The handshake at the end that basically said ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘good-bye,’ and was an official truce.  In that moment they both almost realized they never stopped being friends but also that, friendship was always important.

I was to take a moment to mention the other 3 movies, more importantly the important scenes, from both X1 and X2, naturally the chess playing scenes.


These are important because it shows that Xavier does not hold anything against Magneto.  Magneto was in jail, Professor X did not have to go there and he could have gone to gloat.  No, he went to that jail a few times and played chess with him because that is what they did as friends.  Professor X even calls him ‘old friend.’

In X2, Magneto feels horrible about disclosing the secrets of Cerebro.  He knows that nothing good can come from that but also because it means something bad is going to happen to Professor X.

In X3 the important moment would have to be when Jean kills Professor X, Magento had to watch the whole thing happen.  Magneto’s face while he watches this happen, he is in shock but worse he knows what is going to happen and there is nothing he can do about it.  Magneto even calls out Jean in a rather sad attempt to stop her but it’s not like he could do anything else.  When he knows Xavier is about to die Magneto calls out to him, also as to say ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘good-bye.’ (A special thank you to Bryan Singer for undoing all of this, more importantly for erasing this movie from the X-Men universe.)

I guess I should mention how at the end of The Wolverine, both Xavier and Magneto are together.  I take it as Magneto was the first person to find out that Professor X was still alive, besides Moira.  They are obviously working together at this point.

Yes, I know an argument can be mad about all the horrible things Magneto has done to Xavier, such as putting that drug in Cerebro thus causing Xavier to go into a coma.  Let’s be fair Magneto could have had Mystique kill him, she is pretty deadly.  While what he did was an ass move, he could have done worse.

Let’s be fair Magneto was a dick in X2 by using Professor X to try to kill the humans but its Magneto he is not going to by-pass an attempt to kill humans.

In every incantation of their friendship; movie, comics, and cartoon Magneto has always done some dick move towards Professor X.  The one thing Magneto never does is maim or kill Xavier.  Most of the time, Magneto tries not to harm Xavier.  Even though they are enemies they are also best friends, no matter what happens between them, no matter what Magneto does they never stop being friends.  Magneto loves and respects Xavier too much to kill him.  Honestly that is my favorite part of this bromance, no matter what happens or what the other one does they are still best friends, besties, BFF’s whatever word you want to use.



I know I left a lot out and mainly stuck to the movies but these two have a long history, I will leave you with the clip from the series finale episode of X-Men the animated series, this goes a good job of showing the never-ending bromance.


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