Check out our first PSA, just in time for the release of “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” In this episode, I welcome Bryan Singer back to the helm of the franchise and point out the horrible ways in which “X-Men: The Last Stand” Went Wrong.

Check it out below and let us know if we missed anything you hated about X3 or what you thought about DoFP in the comments below!



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  1. Fairly spot on with your analysis of the disaster that was X3. One of the reasons it was such a mess was precisely because of Singer’s departure at the outset of production and his sudden confiscation of Marsden who was to have a more prominent role. His crew had different ideas, including introducing Emma Frost (Sigourney Weaver). The new screenwwriter was the same fucktard who brought us such “masterpieces” as Fantastic Four and Elektra, so it’s no surpirse that the plot and the script is a disaster full of holes and the dialogue is painfully atrocious –it was like a rough draft rushed out the door, and that was really the case for the whole movie, cutting corners along the way. Fox also intervened with the story for scheduling, budgetary, and casting continuity (first Wolvie solo flic) concerns.

    The film bears virtually no resemblance whatsoeverto the seminal Dark Phoenix Saga by Claremont and Byrne who were face down in their graves after this travesty! OK, they’re still alive but they were face down, somewhere (probably on carpet) I assure you. I was! I don’t know why they even bothered to call her/”it” Phoenix, except perhaps as a dirty ploy to lure more comics fans into the theater (and then piss them off).

    Did I like anything about it? Sure, I enjoyed the inclusion of Colossus and Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) very much, but I despised the lame, teeny-bopper pseudo love triangle with Iceman and Rogue -serious puke! Nightcrawler (who was so well-done in X2) was conspicuously absent because his makeup was too difficult and Beast was added instead because they only had to do his hands and face and stick him in a business suit (as I said cutting corners) as a cabinet member? It was so ludicrous, I felt embarrassed.

    As for Professor X… well yes his power is somatic in its foundation, but it’s not a limitation for a psionic mutant, not in the wonderful world of comic books! Over the years, he has been able to leave his body to battle baddies and use his powers in the astral plane, and I think he was even cut off from it in one story? He has also had his consciousness transferred to a new, cloned body using alien technology. Perhaps they have a similar explanation for his return in mind -hopscotch from boy to clone? Hard to save or redeem any part of this -I vote for retconning the whole affair into oblivion.

    Days of Future Past was also a great Claremont/Byrne story, and I don’t expect this film to be a faithful adaptation either -which is fine- so long as their creative liberties are done *well*! First Class was decent so I’m hopeful.

    • pattyinreallife

      Hey, thanks for the comment!

      I totally agree. Believe it or not, this video was originally 20 MINUTES because of all of the itemized things wrong with that movie…

      Man, was that terrible. And Days of Future Past is, of course, going to be considerably different, based on Wolverine being the time traveler instead of Shadowcat alone, but it does look to be way better already. Although, better than X3 is hardly a difficult thing to achieve.


      • I wish it had been 20 min -I enjoyed the 5 you gave us thoroughly!

        I’m going to DoFP tonight. Scored 93% at Rotten Tomatoes with some rave reviews so I’m really stoked!

      • pattyinreallife

        Haha! Thanks again! If you’re interested, you should check out my review, up today:

      • I certainly will reply to your latest post (in detail) — I just need some time to ponder the awesomeness that I just beheld!

        But before that, I need to make a retraction on my initial comments here: there IS actually a little bit of redemption for X3 in DoFP (perhaps), but that’s in the creative background -notably the efforts of writer/producer Simon Kinberg on this latest feature. I *maaay* have been unnecessarily hard on him above, and the X3 mess is not all his fault. Zakk Penn was also involved and he won the Golden Raspberry in ’93 for the abyssmal Last Action Hero, HE did Elektra too not Kinberg, so I’m inclined to think that he had a more substantial hand in messing it up –in addition to the studio’s intervention as noted. Brett Ratner had no business directing a supergroup with which he was unfamiliar and he is obviously inferior to Singer, unable to identify and fix unworkable script elements as they rear their ugly heads during filming. Or he didnt care, or he didnt have time to because of studio pressure and schedule, or all of the above.

        Alternatively, Kinberg IS a doofus and just needs other, better co-writers and a director like Singer to mitigate his lameness! 🙂

        And on the Singer>Ratner note, aside from all of the obvious faults within the X3 film itself, a major reason why it was so disappointing is simply because X2 was so good and set a benchmark standard which X3 had no hope of meeting. If X2 had been worse or equal, people’s expectations wouldnt have been so high.

        A wiseman once said that all unhappiness is caused by comparison (of some sort).

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