‘Man of Steel’ Sequel gets a title


Warner Brothers has released the official title to the Man of Steel sequel, the film fans have been calling Batman vs Superman.  The official title is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  This does confirm the that movie will be a Batman against Superman.  Not sure how Wonder Woman is supposed to fit into this, but maybe she stops the fight.

This movie will serve as the prequel to Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Justice League which is anticipated to be released in 2018.

Well we all knew they were trying to lead up to a Justice League movie, but I am not sure this is the proper way to go.  The title Dawn of Justice does give us some idea of where they might be going with the movie.  With any luck it will emphasis the different approaches that Batman and Superman have when it comes to justice.  The end of the movie should highlight the similarities that they have when it comes to justice which would explain the creation of the Justice League.  Since the movie is only showcasing a Superman villain as far as we know, Bruce Wayne is probably going to have some business dealings with Lex Luthor.  Since we all know Luthor is shady, it would not be surprising to see Batman investigate Luthor and thus run into Superman.  Doing it that way would be a great way to highlight the differences between Batman and Superman.  I guess we are just going to have to wait and see.

What are your speculations about the movie?

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  1. Last time I checked, versus was abbreviated as “vs.”. “V” is a roman numeral isn’t it? It must be a graphic design decision to achieve um “visual balance” -that’s it.

    “Dawn of Justice” is most certainly a direct reference to the JUSTICE League. It is clearly paving the way toward the team movie by introducing more chartacters just as Marvel Studios did with the five films that preceded The Avengers. But unlike Marvel, they have deemed two of the characters being introduced here -Cyborg and Wonder Woman- as too much of financial risk to debut in solo films -yet. [oh and there’s not enough time if they want JLA out before the 2020’s.] By placing them here, they can gauge fan reaction to these heroes and make a better determination for solo spinoffs, and if Wonder Woman goes well, she WILL be next up for her own film as Gal Gadot is under contract for three total. Batman is in here to help sell all of it. The last two Dark Knights did approximately a billion dollars each, but Man of Steel did less at $668 M. They are trying to compete with Marvel and cash in on the superhero craze, and by comparison Marvel is in the lead having scored $1.2 B with Ironman 3 and $1.5 B with Avengers -ranked #5 and #3 (respectively) ALL TIME!!

    So Bats is immensely popular and easily their best-seller, but for some unfathomable reason, Ben Affleck got the part. I’m just praying very hard that he doesn’t hurt the character. This is what Affleck has going for him:
    1. He has a heroic jaw
    2. He’s a comics fan and friends with Kevin Smith
    3. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. did I say jaw already?
    He sucks! Daredevil blew -too many of his films have. He belogs in a director’s chair -nowhere else!
    Chistian Bale is by far the superior actor, and of all the guys to ever play Batman he is the only one who actually looks like the Bruce Wayne depicted in DC Comics –he was perfect in every way. It’s a shame he wouldn’t reprise, and the screenwriter also decided that the Nolan Battrilogy is in a “separate universe”. Yes, make sure not to tie the project to your most successful superhero films to date, moron!

    I don’t want to close on a negative note here though -I’m verrrry excited about this movie, hopeful that special fx and makeup tech can transform a demure twig like Gadot into an Amazon badass, and that it will be their best superflic yet!

    • christenagarcia

      Thank you for the comment, I have been wondering about the whole V instead of vs, there has to be a reason for it. I get that they are gauging people’s reactions to Wonder Women before giving her own film. I am just not sure how she is going to fit into the story line. Wonder Woman is not in the Dark Knight Returns. She is in the sequel Dark Knight Strikes Again, maybe they are pulling something from there. I know the Dark Knight Returns story is suppose to influence this movie. I guess we are just going to have to wait and see on this one.

      Yes, they need Batman to make this movie a huge hit because Batman is the favorite DC character. They are definitely trying to compete with Marvel. I don’t think they are going to succeed by doing it this way. DC should just do their own thing, because Marvel is ahead of the game on this. They have movies planned out until 2028, that is crazy.

      I can say this about Ben Affleck that he would make a great Bruce Wayne because no one will believe that he is Batman. I don’t believe it and I saw him in the costume. I am happy to hear that you not on team Affleck, I have gotten into it with too many people about why will suck. So many people use his Oscar wins and Argo to defend him. I like to remind them that he has never won an Oscar for acting and was wasn’t even nominated for his acting in Argo. Let’s be fair an Oscar does not mean you can play a superhero, lets look at Hallie Berry in X-Men, Anna Paquin in X-Men, and well lets be fair Jennifer Lawrence was not pulling off Mystique in First Class. She did much better in the Days of the Future Past.

      I wish I was excited for this movie, I am actually very scared. I am hoping that Christian Bale will come out during the movie and that they were messing with us.

      • Cyborg wasn’t in the DK Returns either. This is obviously not a strict and faithful adaptation -few superhero movies are. In fact, right now, i can’t think of any, but that’s okay so long as what they do is done *well*, and works. Maybe Affleck won’t have too many lines or dramatic scenes as Wayne– that’s all we can hope for.

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