First Set Photo of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince

In an age where anybody with a smartphone can become Paparazzo, it’s getting tougher and tougher for studios to keep things under wraps. Case in point, Instagram user armandarakjian uploaded this photo for all of the Interwebs to gawk at:

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) on the Birmingham, Michigan, set of Man of Steel sequel tentatively titled Batman Vs Superman


It was soon followed by these snap shots.



And as the nerd-o-sphere drools over the scoop and debates the merits of such a photo, I have to say a great big “ZZzzZZzzZZzz” to this extravaganza of nothingness.

First of all, let’s just go ahead and assume that this is her on the set, and not just arriving before hair and make-up. This is a Diana Prince outfit.


So, it’s not the Wonder Woman outfit, of course, but let’s go out on what we can see here.

One of the big concerns that fans had about her look was her being too lithe. Wonder Woman has some meat on her. Mostly muscle, yes, but she’s not such a slim figure in any event. Despite reassurances to the fans, Gadot doesn’t look to have put on much muscle at all. Her calves are very slender and her waist is downright delicate. In the Instagram photo, her tiny waist is made even more pronounced by what I’m hoping are some pretty impressive shoulder pads; otherwise, they’re idea of Wonder Woman’s physique appears to be stick thin and monster traps.

And is that a wig?

Of course, real opinions will be reserved for when we first get a good at her in costume.

Let’s hope that the blue dress is misleading of her physique, and that we can get a realistic portrayal of the Princess of Themiscyra.

Preach, sister girl.

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  1. I’m definitely not a supporter of the petite Gal Gadot in this role (I wanted Jaimie Alexander) but the comic images in this post are NOT typical nor representative of Wonder Woman throughout her 70+ year existence! That is the burliest depiction I’ve ever seen – on par with or even bigger than Marvel’s She-Hulk! So this is not a fair nor accurate basis of comparison. Google Perez Wonder Woman if you want to see a form closer to the mark. Wonder Woman was gifted with blessings and virtues from the Gods which include beauty from Aphrodite and strength from Heracles. That said, she has to be be beautiful in a Venusian way and does not necessarily have to have huge muscles in order to possess this superhuman, godly strengh gifted to her at birth. I think her physique should be idealized in a mildy athletic way. Gadot’s frame is too small and lacks mass, and she doesnt have Christian Bale’s carazy metabolism to add sixty or more pounds in a matter of months. WW is also supposed to have light blue eyes. This is a miscast.

    • pattyinreallife

      Hey, thanks for the comment.

      I agree, the comic image of WW is way too buff; it was mostly included as a commentary on the beautification of the superheroines at large. And, yes, she should be beautiful, but also formidable. So, my ideal WW is somewhere in a happy medium between Gadot’s lithe frame and this hulking comic image.

      • Mine too! 🙂 I forgot to thank you for including the snapshots in this article which I found through a Google search. They were very helpful in my debate with a blind Gadot zealot. Thanks!

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