Agents of SHIELD Recap: Beginning of the End


Here we are at the season finale of SHIELD, very happy to say that it is the season finale and that we will be seeing the show again next year. The most important things to remember from last episode is that Garrett now has GH325 in him. Ward is possibly an ass because he ejected Fitz and Simmons into the ocean.  We learned Ward’s back story and he has always been Hydra. Oh, that the Howling Commandos had some really awesome gadgets back in the day.

The episode opens with some guy getting a tour of Cybertek; he is apparently there because of their incentive’s program. During that convo we found out that many people are there because of the incentives program. The incentives program does not seem like a good thing especially knowing how Hydra operates. Some lady tells Kyle the guy in charge that they are in place. Kyle tells the new guy that this is good for him to see, on the monitors is Coulson’s team surrounded.

Picture 1

Basically Coulson’s team is the bad guys and it is either job to eliminate them.

The super soldiers surround the team so Coulson tells Triplett to shed some light on the situation.

Picture 3

Now that they are better, able to see they proceed to fight with the super soldiers. May takes the staff from the on after he calls her the Calvary which she does not like.

Picture 6

Skye uploads into the Hydra computer so that she can implement her trojan. As they run out May throws the staff causing it to hit something’s and cause the play to come crashing down.

Kyle calls Garrett telling him that Coulson’s team escaped but it doesn’t bother Garrett. Garrett then takes the door off the med room, with no help just his bare hands.

Picture 4

The GH325 coupled with the super soldier serum made Garrett well strong. Ward is a bit worried about Garrett but he wants to know what their plan is because well they are not really Hydra they were just using them. Garrett is writing something during the convo on the glass of the door.

Picture 9

Let me get all this crazy alien stuff out of my head

Garrett tells Ward that since ward has done everything for him that he will make sure that Ward gets anything he wants. Raina and Quinn watch this and Quinn thinks that Garrett might be crazy while Raina thinks differently.

May is patching up Triplett after the fight, I have been noticing that Triplett is hit or injured a lot. I am guessing since Triplett was not trained for Hydra he did not get the training that Ward did. I guess Triplett was not left in the woods for months, with nothing but his clothes and a dog. Coulson comes in saying that Fitz and Simmons put a tracker on the plane so they can find Garrett. Fitz and Simmons are not picking up, which means that something might have happened to them. Skye is not happy to hear this but Coulson reminds her that the best thing for them to do is to find that plane; Fitz and Simmons might be on it.

Picture 11

Now at the bottom of the ocean would be Fitz and Simmons in the box.

Picture 12

Simmons had fallen asleep and Fitz did not have it in him to wake her up. Fitz is wearing a sling because he broke his arm again.

Picture 13

Fitz had been doing the math trying to figure out why they sank, but that was probably Ward’s doing, he changed the settings. Fitz did manage to send out a beacon on the SHIELD signal but no one is listening to that signal so it is pointless. Simmons tells Fitz to stop telling her about the math and just tell her how they are going to get out. After looking at Fitz, Simmons realizes that it is impossible for them to get out and that they will die down there.

Picture 14

Coulson and the team come out with a plan to break into Cybertek and stop Garrett. Triplett is taking even more toys from his grandfather’s suitcase.

Picture 16

I don’t blame him, those Howling Commando gadgets are awesome. I am hoping to see more of those on Agent Carter. Coulson gives a great speech in which he quotes Fury because well Fury gave some great speeches. Coulson motivates the entire team.

Ward expresses his worry that Garrett might be losing it since he took the GH325.

Picture 17

Well according to Coulson’s message it does drive people insane, Garrett was not all there to begin with. Raina agrees to talk with Garrett. Raina and Garrett are then staring at the Gravitonium which Garrett said use to remind him of a lava lamp.

Picture 18

Now that Garrett can see through the Gravitonium he is no longer afraid of it. Garrett also tells Raina that he can see into her soul, I guess Garrett really is the Clairvoyant now.

Back in the under water box, Fitz and Simmons are having a conversation about what they think death will be like. It makes sense in a situation like that, Simmons has a really beautiful idea of death that Fitz cannot help but love her.

Picture 20

While talking Simmons realizes that the edges around the window can be blown opening using some of the things they have in the box. It looks like they will not be dying after all, which is good because I love FitzSimmons.

Over at Cybertek, Coulson and Triplett are waiting to take out some of the guards. Triplett uses a noisemaker toy that says that the enemy is over there.

Picture 25

I don’t think the guards fell for it but they did feel a need to investigate. Then Triplett and Coulson go and take out the remaining two guards. Then they take one of the army SUVs where Coulson just drives through the gates of the compound.

Picture 27

Really those doors were just in his way. Coulson and Triplett do some shooting, more importantly they blow a hole for May and Skye to come in.

Picture 21

Quinn is giving the army guys a show of what they can expect from the super soldiers. Of course the army guys are not acting impressed at all.

Picture 22

They hear the shooting that was going on outside and wonder what that is. Quinn tries to tell them that it is a training exercise. Garrett comes into the room and of course, the army guys want to know who he is. Quinn tells them he is a security consultant part-time after Garrett does his cray routine. Garrett gets mad, lifts the one military guy up by his neck, and then rips one of his ribs out. Ok, that might have been a bit much.

Picture 28 Picture 29

Quinn and Raina are running away with the Garvitonium, honestly I don’t blame them I would run away from Garrett right now. Ward does not like that they are taking off. Raina tells Ward that she is a believer of Garrett and he told her things because she listened. Based on what is to come, Skye will play a big part in it.

May and Skye have infiltrated Cybertek, where May shoots a few people and Skye claims to have a bomb in a backpack.

Picture 32

I am pretty sure she does not have a bomb in there but hey no one can tell. Naturally people are freaking out, since Skye now has access to Cybertek’s comps she knows what they can do. Kyle tells her that they had planned for all outcomes including this one. May asks if he put the soldiers on default directive, naturally Kyle is shocked that she knew this. The soldiers that are attacking Coulson and Triplett stop because the default directive means protect Garrett.

Picture 26

Coulson takes off after the soldiers knowing that they will lead him to Garrett and tells Triplett to radio for help. It might have been a good idea to leave Triplett because he has a tendency to get hurt during missions.

Ward tells Garrett that Raina and Quinn have taken off but Garrett could care less. Skye then calls Garrett letting him know that she is with the handler for all the soldiers and is in Cybertek.

Picture 31

Garrett is not bothered by this at all and taunts Skye with the deaths of Fitz and Simmons. That seems to bother Ward a bit, but since Ward has been waiting for orders from Garrett, Garrett tells Ward to get Skye.

Back in the box, Fitz and Simmons are ready to get out but the catch there is only air for one of them. Well I’ll let you see how that goes:

Simmons being the awesome person that she is gets Fitz out and makes it to the top of the ocean but now what is she to do.

Picture 40

A helicopter is flying right by with Nick Fury. Fury then helps pull Fitz and Simmons out of the water.

Picture 42 Picture 44

Fury then has Simmons in a decompression chamber. Simmons is rather shocked to see Fury because she thought he was dead. Fury tells Simmons that a team is working on Fitz because he was without oxygen to the brain for a long time but she saved him.

Picture 37

Fury had also been listening to that SHIELD channel because he was looking for Coulson.

Skye now has Kyle tied up with the backpack strapped to him. Ward comes in telling Kyle that Skye won’t kill him. Ward and Skye have a banter:

May is now fighting Ward and tries to kill him with a portable saw, Ward get the upper hand and taunts May with the fact that there was supposed to be no attachment.

Picture 45 Picture 46

May and Ward continue to fight and well I am impressed how often Ward is able to get the upper hand. I wonder if May’s emotions are messing with her. May finds a nail gun and nails Ward’s foot to the floor, now Ward is scared.

Picture 56

May than beats Ward and knocks him out.

Coulson finds Garrett and punches him, but since Coulson does not know that Garrett took the GH325, Garrett then punches and knocks Coulson across the room.

Picture 43

Apparently, Coulson is knocked in a hidden place because Fury is there. This was a bit to convenient in my opinion. While Coulson is happy, to see Fury he also wants to have a convo with him about what happened and it might get loud. Fury agrees he owe Coulson that and then hands Coulson a gun that is similar to the berserker staff.

Picture 48

Coulson then shoots the remaining guards in the room and Fury comes out and shoots Garrett. However, that does nothing to Garrett.

Garrett goes on a cray rant where he basically twist something that Fury had said. Fury looks as Coulson and say you did not say he had gone this crazy and Coulson says he took up a notch.

Picture 55

I have to say the comments from Fury and Coulson in this scene were amazing, such Joss Whedon writing. I wish I had the clip to show you because you have to see it. Deathlok at the command of Garrett aims his laser gun at Coulson and Fury.

Picture 68

Skye is now going through the incentives program rooms, she finds Kyle’s wife who they were holding hostage. Eventually Skye comes across Ace, Deathlok’s son. Skye takes the hulk action figure out of the backpack and ask Ace to give her a message that only his dad will know.

Picture 64

Kyle tells her that she cannot communicate with Deathlok from here, but Skye shows Kyle her phone saying that she has been.

Picture 65

Deathlok gets a message from Skye letting him know that she has his son; this causes Deathlok to then fire at Garrett.

Picture 67

Yes, good job Mike Peterson. Deathlok hen advances on Garrett who tries to fire at him and Garrett plead with Coulson and Fury to stop Deathlok. Coulson then says that Mr. Peterson is free to do as he pleases. Then Deathlok stomps Garrett.

Picture 70

They are packing up Garrett’s dead body as they bring Ward in:

For what Ward did he deserve this, I had been hoping that Ward was undercover for SHIELD but he wasn’t. I have no sympathy for him at all anymore.

Skye meets with Deathlok and asks him why he is not with his son.

Picture 72

Deathlok does not want Ace to see the man he has become. Deathlok leaves planning on atoning for his actions so he can be the man Ace use to look up to.

Apparently, Deathlok did not kill Garrett who breaks out of his container and kills the guard.  Garrett then uses the super soldier machine to repair himself.

Picture 74

Only to have Coulson blast him with the device they found in Peru.

Picture 75

On the bus, yay Coulson got his plane back. Coulson is yelling at Fury, but in Coulson’s defense, he did say that it might get loud. Fury calms Coulson down stating that May was on the case.

Picture 78

Coulson said how this was only supposed to be used in the case of a fallen Avenger. Fury then says exactly, aww Coulson is an Avenger; maybe this means we will see him in Age of Ultron. Fury then hand Coulson a box that will help him rebuild SHIELD.

Picture 79

Coulson asks Fury for orders on how to but Fury says it’s Coulson’s choice because he is the director now. May wonders where Fury will go, for not Fury is planning on disappearing but he will always be around.

Picture 81

Then the team heads to another secret base where they meet a surprise:

Raina shows up at some mysterious place where she hand this blood covered or just red looking dude a picture of Skye saying that she found his daughter.

Picture 83

Coulson wakes in the middle of the night and well:

It was a good season finale; I am looking forward to seeing how Coulson rebuilds SHIELD. I am also hoping this means that Triplett will be a season regular next season because I have really begun to like him. I am very curious about the whole Raina thing with Skye’s dad. The first thing she said when she entered the room was I know you never thought you would see me again. Raina had said in the pervious episode that her and Skye might have something in common in them. Is Raina related to Skye? Also what was that stuff both Garrett and Coulson were writing? It almost reminds me of the second Transformers movie when the cube affects Sam’s brain. What is with alien tech or DNA and it at affecting human brains? What is going to become of Ward, will he learn how to be a person without Garrett? Will he learn how not to take orders from someone? Is he actually a good person? Fitz, what about Fitz, he has to be all right because the FitzSimmons interactions are amazing. I am still out on them being a couple but I love their interaction.

I am interested to see what next season brings there are a lot of questions that still need to answered like what is Skye exactly. Until the fall, I promise to get my recaps up faster.

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