Game of Thrones Recap: The Laws of God and Men

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On last weeks episode we learned that Pod has no idea how to be a squire. Also Jon was able to kill the traitorous men of the Knight’s Watch and was reunited with Ghost. Jon was not reunited with Bran because he had to continue on his journey. (I should warn that this recap will contain images and videos of violence and nudity)

The episode starts off with Stannis and Davos heading into Braavos because they are going to ask for a loan. Apparently, Braavos is Greece because you have to pass through the Colossus of Rhodes.

Picture 3

Stannis complains about having the banker keeping him waiting. Eventually the bankers enter into the room, oh look it Mycroft Holmes with a beard.

Picture 4

Davos tries to tell the bankers that Stannis is the one true King of Westeros. Of course, Tywin tells them a different tale, but honestly the bankers of Braavos could care less about that, they trust numbers. Unfortunately, Stannis’s numbers don’t add up. Stannis is ready to leave but Davos has other ideas:

Head over to a brothel, where Salladhor Saan is entertaining some lovely ladies with a pirate joke.

Picture 2

Davos comes in and Salladhor is happy to see him. Davos then lets Salladhor know that he will be setting sail with them in the morning. Naturally, Salladhor is not happy about that and claims that Davos is no friend. When Davos gives Salladhor some of the coins they got from the Iron Bank, I guess his speech worked. Salladhor changes his tune slightly more so he is now accepting of the fact that he will be setting sail with them.

Picture 9

Now back in Westeros Yara (Asha for all the book people) is trying to get her brother back. Well I will just let you see how this goes for yourself:

Let’s be honest I would have been wary of Ramsey Snow as well if I was “Reek” in that tub. Ramsey is a psychopath, who knows what he would have done. Also poor Theon, Ramsey broke him; granted Theon did deserve it a bit. Ramsey really did do a number on Theon. Theon is one of the few characters that got something worse, then what he deserved. Also can we talk about Ramsey showing up all cut up and psycho looking. Do we want to know how he got those cuts, especially since he was having sex right before that.

Back over to the free cities, there are some large dragons flying around:

Dany has truly decided to be Queen of Meereen well I will let you see how well that is going for her:

After the second person, Dany learns that being Queen is not an easy thing. Also Dany has way too many titles to her name, it takes like 5 min to introduce her.

In King’s Landing, they are having a small council meeting before Tyrion’s trial.

I am with Prince Oberyn, there is no reason to be up early in the morning. During the meeting, they discuss what Vary’s learns from his little birds that The Hound has killed a few people and has even said Fuck the King while doing it. Vary’s also tells them how Dany has taken over Meereen and is ruling it.

Picture 8

Cersei is skeptical about what Dany can do but Dany does have an army and ships and 3 dragons that are just getting bigger and bigger. They also learned that Sir Jorah is not longer spying on her for them, well he is all about being Sir Friendzone right now. Vary’s tells them that dismissing Sir Barristan might not have been a wise idea. Cersei tries to defend it but Tywin reminds her that Joffrey did not die on Sir Barristan’s watch. That was a one of those moments that Tywin’s snide comment towards his kids is a good thing.

Jaime takes Tyrion out to his trial where people yell Kingslayer at Tyrion.

Picture 14

I guess Tyrion took his brother’s title then. That is sad because I liked Kingslapper the best for Tyrion. After chaining Tyrion to the podium, really did they have to do that; I don’t see Tyrion getting far in the crowd of people. Tommen gives his rather long title still not as long as Dany’s before he announces that he will be removing himself from the trial.

Picture 22

Tywin, Oberyn and Margaery’s father all sit down to listen to the case against Tyrion.

The first person to speak out against Tyrion is Meryn Trant who had a bone to pick with Tyrion after Tyrion threatened him. While Meryn tells the truth about something Tyrion did and said to Joffery he doesn’t tell them what caused it.

Picture 18

When Tyrion tries to defend his actions Tywin tells him that he cannot speak unless spoken to.

Master Pycelle is brought in to speak or more so give an inventory of every poison that was taken from his storeroom. Importantly Master Pycelle says that Tyrion was the one who took them. Then Master Pycelle shows them Sansa’s necklace, the same necklace she had on the ship when she meet Littlefinger.

Picture 20

I am guessing he had the necklace sent to King’s Landing. Master Pycelle said that the necklace contained poison from his storeroom.

Then they bring Cersei to speak out against her brother; oh, this is going to be good.

Then they bring in Varys who also speaks out against Tyrion, seriously Spider. Tyrion then asks if he can ask Varys a question, which Tywin allows, Tyrion asks if Varys remembers saying that he will never forget what Tyrion did at the Battle of Blackwater. Varys was the one who told Tyrion that he saved them all.

Picture 23

Varys tells Tyrion that he does not forget a thing.

Tywin calls for an hour break from the trail, Jaime then tries to reason with his father during the break. Jaime tries to get Tywin to not kill Tyrion, reminding him that he too had killed a king once. Jaime also tells Tywin that the last command the Mad King gave Jaime was for him to bring the Mad King, Tywin’s head. Jaime has a problem with the fact he saved Tywin life only to have to watch Tywin kill Tyrion. Jaime then makes one last plea to his father:

When they come back for the trial, Jaime gives Tyrion a special message:

The next witness is called in and it’s Shae much to the surprise of Tyrion:

Unfortunately, listening to Shae had might have sent Tyrion over the edge.

I am going reserve this part to talk able Tyrion’s trial, since I made most of the comments about everything else so far. Tyrion’s trial is huge because Cersei pretty much found everyone that she could find to talk against Tyrion. Tywin really did not help with that either. Unfortunately, Tyrion made a few enemies when he was the acting hand of the king. As most things will say you can do all the good for someone but the moment you do something wrong they will never forget it. Tyrion might have saved that city but most people don’t want to remember that, they just want to remember the things he did to wrong them. I would like to take a moment to mention how of course Prince Oberyn would want to know if Shae fucked Tyrion like it was his last night alive. I swear all that man thinks about is sex but I love it. Now lets talk about Shae, I knew she was going to do this so I have been hating her for most of the seasons. I have very certain word I use when in regards to her that is not rather nice. In the show, they played Shae up to be a much more compassionate and caring person then in the books, which is why TV show people like her. In the books, she is not portrayed that way she is extremely vindictive when she does this to Tyrion in the books. She completely betrays him when she stands on trail against him and lies. While in the show, Shae also comes off vindictive; she also looks more like a scorned woman so people will sympathize with her. Let me also say this is not the last we will see of Shae.

Also I would like to talk about Margaery just sitting there during this whole trial.

Picture 26

She knows that her Grandmother is one who actually killed Joffery.  Unfortunately, she cannot say anything, so she has to sit there and watch this trial knowing that an innocent man might be killed.

Until next week.

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