Batwoman Annual #1 Comic Review

Just as I was about to give up on the entire line of Batwoman, they throw this in my face!


Finally something with action and not the over thinking overly dramatic feelings which were also underwhelming.


It’s called Hughes Syndrome, and you should get that looked into

So Bones, the skeletal guy in charge of D.E.O. (did these guys learn nothing from Skeletor?), is holding Batwoman’s sister, Beth Alice Beth? the crazy blond, hostage.The ransom; Batman’s identity.


Surprise, surprise…

While Batman’s amazing ability to set up traps goes off and he captures Batwoman at the same time as, I’m assuming unintentionally, setting a moray eel on Bones…


I’m a little confused… does he have lungs?

…Bette, as Hawfire, is breaking Alice (who is giving Harley Quinn a run for her money as my favorite psycho blond) out of D.E.O. safehouse.



Papa Kane’s extraction team is helping Hawkfire out on her mission, although, I’m pretty sure they’re questioning what the hell they are saving.


Every girl needs a nice handbag.

Back at Gotham PD HQ, Detective Harvey and Captain Sawyer are captured  and then quickly break free, and that’s kind of the last you see of them in the entire issue…


Here, enjoy Harvey’s backside, though!

Anyway, skullface survives the waterlog, and there begins the falling apart of the D.E.O.


They have both been warnined

While the D.E.O. are crumbling, the Bat family is coming together in what I can only describe as a Scooby Doo-esque trap.

Batwoman shows up to exchange Batman for Alice, who is just chilling, hanging from the ceiling.


Charlie called, the other Angels are waiting

Like ya do.

Papa Kane dressed as the captured Batman, and a shocking secret became revealed


Someone better call Maury!

While everyone is stunned, the cavalry comes crashing in.


Batman has the best family reunions

Fight, fight, fight…



I’m sorry, did Batwoman just attack a guy who hesitating in shooting her cousin? Am I the only one who sees a problem with this?

Look, Mr. Grabby Hands…

Boob grab, fight, fight, assassin.  Good guys win…for now.

Back story revealed.


Nope, no lungs

One page of acceptable emotions, and then they lived happily ever after.


The End

If they keep up this kind of writing I guess I’ll keep going with the series.  Maybe they’ll get the whole romance part of the Batwoman’s life to be interesting and make sense. I will let you know if they decide to keep up the awesomeness.

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