Wolverine and the X-Men #3 Review

Wolverine and X-Men 3

Last issue we found out why the Phoenix Corp was sending out the Phoenix symbol onto all electronic devices. Mainly it was to get Quentin to come by the Phoenix Corp. Apparently, they might also be planning on killing Evan, life is hard being an Apocalypse clone.

Wolv- 1

The psychic guy is still having Storm think that the building is crashing down upon her.

Wolv - 2

He had chosen the mansion, which was the wrong move because Storm was able to find a pic of the team and that helped her get her strength. Storm breaks his hold and attacks him. Wolverine cannot help but be amazed at with Storm.

Wolv - 3

Storm is freaked out by how much John (The psychic villain) knows about her. Wolverine is not shocked since he is from the future, the Phoenix worshiping future.  More than likely, the Phoenix Corp is using Wolverine’s guilt against him. Right now all Storm and Wolverine can do is trust the kids at the mansion.

Wolv - 4

Quentin is chilling in a room giving all the attitude to the owner of the Phoenix Corp. Edan claims that he is not really there that he is only in Quentin’s mind.

Wolv - 5

Edan also confirms that he is from the future and has learned the teachings of Askani. This whole moment has just left Quentin confused and me with him.

Some of the kids are chilling outside the X-Mansion, when Eye Boy sees John coming towards the mansion. Oh and John has managed to control the Bamfs. Well I guess the students just lost their ride out of the mansion.

Wolv - 6

Now Quentin is at some Mayan looking pyramid that is apparently the temple where the Phoenix used to be worshipped at. Edan tells Quentin all about the Phoenix, but Quentin reminds him that the Avengers destroyed the Phoenix.

Wolv - 7

Then we are back in Edan’s bedroom, where Edan does his best to convince Quentin what he says is right. Tries to convince Quentin to light the Phoenix flame, but Storm and Wolverine come into the room with a vengeance.

Wolv - 8

Neither of them is happy about what Edan is doing to the Phoenix’s memory.

Wolv - 9

Edan somehow manages to get Quentin to psychically attack Wolverine. That freaks Quentin out but Edan keeps trying to convince Quentin to join.

Wolv - 10

This all eventually sets Quentin off who flicks the flame at Edan because Quentin does not like being told what to do or who to be.

Wolv - 11

Then Quentin takes off the Bamf who is no longer unconscious. This leaves Storm and Wolverine to fight the sexy nuns.

Idie and Hisako bicker about defending the school, because Idie is ready to fight. Idie heads out with a few other students ready to take on John, this does not shock John because these are Wolverine’s soldiers.

Wolv - 12

John then does his psychic attack on all the students because he wants to make sure that Evan can never become Apocalypse. If John fails, he wants to make sure that someone else will be ready to take his place. Then we see Quentin in a frozen tundra, where the Bamf had taken him.

wolv - 13

I will admit I had a very hard time with this issue mostly because it focused on Quentin Quire and I don’t like him currently.   While I get the whole point of the Phoenix Corp, they are just not doing it for me as a villain. I did not enjoy this issue and I hope that the other ones will be better. I did enjoy Storm coming out the mind control on her own. I am curious to what John does at the school, more so I am curious to see how the students ban together. I am so curious if Jean-Phillipe will come down to help save Evan, since it has already been proven that Evan communicates with him. Here is to hoping that next issue will be better and not as boring.

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