Agents of SHIELD Recap: Ragtag


Here we are on the second to last episode of SHIELD, here is to hoping that is will be renewed for a second season. Last episode Agent Maria Hill shows back up to help Coulson. Also it looks like Coulson and May make amends after dealing with everything that is going on. The team relaxes in a motel with some junk food.

The episode starts with us getting some back-story on Ward, he was apparently in juvie after burning down his home and almost killing his brother.

Picture 1

This is where Garrett goes to recruit Ward as a possible SHIELD agent. SHIELD sounds much better since Ward’s family is pressing charges and wants to try him as an adult. If I was Ward, I would have gone with Garrett too because Garrett was offering something that sounded way better than what he had going on.

The rest of the team (yes, I still consider Ward a member of the team its hard not to) is watching the new where they hear about Deathlok killing a drug lord on Columbia. Now this would not be bad thing but the drug lord was a part of Hyrda. Maybe Deathlok is going on a rampage. Since they are now lacking all their tech because Garrett and Ward have the plane, Coulson uses old school brainstorming web to help show that everything goes back to Cybertek.

Picture 5

Skye managed to put a quick trojan on the her hard drive before it was unlocked which gets her compliments from Fitz and Simmons, that is impressive because they don’t give those out. Since Skye had to be quick about it, she was not able to make it anything amazing, but if she can manage to put a thumb drive in a Hydra comp then she can take over their comps. Since Cybertek seems to be a part of Hydra that seems to be the most logical place to start.

Again, the team is lacking their entire tech but Triplett was able to come through by getting a suitcase of all his grandfathers’ old Howling Commando stuff. Still no confirmation on whom Triplett’s grandfather is but right now most people assume its Gabe Jones since he is the most obvious choice.

Picture 6

Well Triplett opens the suitcase to show all the old school gadgets, which causes Coulson to geek out. I don’t blame him I would have too. The team begins to play around with a few of the gadgets and they almost destroy the room.

Oh Fitz

Oh Fitz

Coulson and May are the ones who disguise themselves as former SHIELD scientist in order to infiltrate Cybertek.

Geek Coulson and May

Geek Coulson and May

Fitz and Simmons are feeding them everything to say, which makes me wonder why Fitz and Simmons didn’t do it in the first place but I liked seeing Coulson and May like this.

This is a transmitter that.....

This is a transmitter that…..

While this was going on Skye was trying to tap into Cybertek’s systems but couldn’t.

This is odd

This is odd

Coulson and May proceed to investigate Cybertek where they are almost discovered but May beats the guy up.

Picture 13

Also Coulson and May have a moment; it looks like their friendship might be coming back, yay. Coulson and May discover why Skye has not been able to tap into the Cybertek’s system because they don’t have one, they keep everything on paper. During this time is discovered that the Deathlok project goes even further back then they thought and that Garrett was the first Deathlok.

Picture 18

Unable to keep going through the file cabinet Coulson and May throw the file cabinet out the window.

Prepare for a large file transfer

Prepare for a large file transfer

Then escape out the window by sliding down a rope.

Picture 21

Over in Hydra land, Raina has been trying to replicate the GH-325, but she is coming close to is with the help of the hard drive. Deathlok is not happy about the fact that Hydra has his son; Garrett ‘rewards’ Deathlok for a job well done by offering him video of his son. Garrett is seriously a cold-hearted ass.

Picture 14

Deathlok does not understand why Raina does it if she not being controlled the same way he is.

Raina talks about what she has been working on and how there might be something similar inside of Skye that is inside Raina.

Picture 15

Is Rania also a 0-8-4? Garrett has a moment where he gets sick, so Ward orders everyone out so he can recharge Garrett. Garrett gives Ward the cliché I have 2 months to live speech, which is why he wants the GH-325.

I'm dying

I’m dying

Back to young Ward, well Garrett takes Ward into the woods where Garrett leaves Ward telling him that he will be back for him in a couple of months.

Picture 8

Garrett is nice enough to leave Ward with nothing but a dog to help him. Ward is not happy about his because he does not know how to survive, cut to Ward sitting under a tree in the rain.

Picture 24

I guess Ward has now been placed in the Hunger Games.

Garrett comes back 6 months later only to have Ward point a gun at him.

Picture 26

Well it seems that Ward was able to survive the Hunger Games. Garrett tells Ward he brought him tacos only he didn’t he brought him a gun to learn how to shoot. After some shooting lessons, Garrett then tells Ward about what happened to him.

The team goes over the reports about Garrett:

An angry Skye goes to her room for some space, only to have May visit her:

Garrett tells Ward that they will be sending Quinn out to be the face of Hydra. Since SHIELD has been destroyed, Quinn has gained back all his credibility.

Picture 22

Raina calls Ward, she winds up telling Ward that she is unhappy that Garrett does not share her enthusiasm for special people. She is upset to find out that he only wants her to get this done so he can save himself. Raina also tells Ward about a story she heard about a baby in China, the same one we all heard about possibly being Skye.

Picture 23

The kicker to this story is that the monsters searching for the baby were the baby’s parents. Even more confirmation that Skye is a probably an alien.

When Garrett questions Ward about what Raina wanted to talk to him about Ward lies telling him that she was just concerned about them packing up to the states. Raina then hands Garrett the only vial that they have come close to replicating the GH-325.

Picture 42

The team makes sure to equip themselves with more of the Howling Commando gadgets, I have to say I have been enjoying these gadgets they are pretty awesome. Triplett and Fitz might be starting a bromance but not sure about that.

Picture 29

Fitz and Simmons find the plane while May, Triplett, Coulson and Skye are all located outside the barbershop. Since it will take too long for the team to get there Coulson tells Simmons that they should leave. Simmons convinces Fitz that they should put one of the drones on there so this way they will not be back at square one. As Fitz leaves to grab the drone, Ward shows up – oh no.

Picture 33

The rest of the team was going to leave but Skye tells them that if there is a comp in there then activate the trojan she set up. They go into the shop where they find the basement, Triplett breaks out more of his grandfather’s stuff to help them find a comp.

Picture 49

Ward takes Fitz and Simmons on the plane, Fitz pulls out the joy buzzer that electric shocks everything and uses it to shock Garrett.

Picture 37

As Ward kicks everyone out he does what he can to help Garrett. Garrett tells Ward to deal with Fitz and Simmons, Raina offers to stay with Garrett. Raina opens up Garrett to find out that he has been surviving in her centipede serum this whole time.

Picture 41

Garrett convinces Raina to use the vial of GH-325 on him.

Fitz and Simmons manage to get away:

Raina uses the GH-325 on Garrett:

The rest of the team finds a secret door, which Coulson manages to open because it’s his thing.

Picture 50

They find a computer only to be surrounded by a few super soldiers. Unfortunately, one of them is holding the berserker staff.

Picture 52Picture 51

Quinn is off on DC selling the super soldiers to government.

Picture 54

This was a good episode because it gave us Ward’s back-story. Ward was basically manipulated by Garrett into trusting only him. In an interesting twist, Garrett told Ward not to trust him but Ward does. Also seriously did we have to shoot the dog, Garrett you are an ass for that. A part of me loves the fact that Fitz cannot believe that Ward is evil until he sees it with his very own eyes. Fitz’s faith in Ward was really refreshing. Also I really loved the use of the Howling Commando gear, I am hoping we will see more of that in the Agent Peggy Carter show. I am very curious to see how the season finale goes; will they find Fitz and Simmons? Will we find out exactly what Skye is? Does Skye have powers? Is Ward really this much of a cold heartless ass? Will someone please kill Garrett?

Until next week when we see the season finale (well we hope the season finale).


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