Amazing X-Men #6 Review

Amazing X-Men 6

I know this review is late, but life was crazy – C2E2 and finishing Camp NaNo. In last, issue Nightcrawler managed to beat his father and trap him on Earth. Nightcrawler is also back from the dead but in order for him to come back it cost he had to give up his soul.

This issue starts with the X-Men having a small party at Harry’s to welcome Nightcrawler back home. Wolverine is toasting Nightcrawler only to turn around and find an empty seat.

Amazing - 1

Nightcrawler is off making sure everything is only all right with his father’s transport. Nightcrawler bamfs away not noticing the red bamfs hiding, I guess the little bamfs are staying around, well at least the red ones.

Amazing - 2

Nightcrawler heads back to his celebration where everyone is happy to see him.

Amazing - 3

Only to have Cyclops, Kitty and a few others show up at the party. We all know that Cyclops and them are a bit cray and are somewhat following Magento’s lead. While Wolverine wants to start a fight – he always wants to fight, Nightcrawler asks him not to. Nightcrawler knows what is going on but for this one night, he wants everyone to be friends.

Amazing - 4

Nigthcrawler then bamfs into a closet where he finds his mother who was posing as a waitress. She had come to see if he really was alive, maybe Mystique does have some maternal qualities.

amazing - 5

She also came to see if he really had seen his father. Nightcrawler bamfs her out of the bar and tells her to go, but Mystique refuses to leave until she knows where they are taking his father. I guess I had too much hope in Mystique actually being a mother. Without meaning too, Nigthcrawler lets it slip that they are taking his father to Ryker’s island. Mystique then shoots at Nightcrawler because she claims she won’t shoot him, so that she can get away.

Amazing - 6

Nightcrawler bamfs back to the party where he finds Wolverine looking for his motorcycle that Mystique stole. Nightcrawler tells him to get everyone because to look for a SHIELD truck because Nightcrawler is about to have a family reunion.

Amazing - 7

Nightcrawler finds the transport, which is covered in red bamfs, as Nightcrawler is saving the driver the red bamfs help Azazel escape from the truck.

Amazing - 8

Azazel and Nightcrawler begin to fight only to have Mystique shoot at them. Nightcrawler tries to guide the motorcycle while Azazel and Mystique fight on the motorcycle. I must say they have a very interested family reunion.

Amazing - 9

Nightcrawler is knocked out and when he comes to the team is around him but his parents are gone.

Azazel and Mystique have bamfed somewhere else; Azazel and Mystique are having a banter. Mystique tells him that she is going to kill but Azazel knows she won’t. Mystique then offers Azazel a job, oh, this cannot be good.

Amazing - 10

Nightcrawler and Wolverine continue to drink at Harry’s where Nigthcrawler is drunk. While Nightcrawler laments about how you can’t choose your family – Wolverine reminds Nightcrawler that he choose his family very well.

Amazing - 11

I have to say I enjoyed this issue, I was looking forward to seeing Nightcrawler interact with Mystique, mainly because I had spent 5 issues seeing him interact with his father.  I have to say the family reunion did not disappoint, I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the next few issues.  I was hoping the bamfs would stay, I was really hoping the blue ones would but it makes sense they couldn’t because they are Nightcrawler. I have to say Nightcrawler handled the whole having Cyclops and them show up very well.  I knew Nightcrawler would not allow a fight to happen because he is such a kind and forgiving character.  I am looking forward to seeing what this job is that Mystique offered Azazel especially since it seems that she hates but can’t kill him.  I am looking forward to their interaction and seeing what Nightcrawler does when he finds out they are possibly working together.

Until next issue, I promise to more timely with the next one.

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