Game of Thrones Recap: First of His Name

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Last week’s episode we found out who killed Joffery and watched Margaery attempt to seduce Tommen based on what her grandmother said. Also Jaime sent Brienne on a quest find Sansa with Podrick. Bran is kidnapped at Craster’s Keep and Jon is on his way there to kill the traitors of the Knight’s Watch.

The episode starts with Tommen being crowned as the new King, well he does not seem to be crazy so that could be a good thing for Westeros.

GoT - King Tommen

Cersei notices that something is going on with Margaery and Tommen, it might have something to do with the late night visits. Cersei has a talk with Margary where she admits that Joffery was crazy and shocked even her. She could not help love him because he was her first born.  Cersei also realizes that Tommen will need a queen: well you should check out that talk and Margaery’s dig.

Cersei talks with her father about Tommen marrying Margaery and about her eventually marring Loras.  During this talk Tywin tells Cersei that Tyrell are their only rival because they have the money and power.  While Tywin has been acting like they have all this money they don’t their last mine dried up three years ago.

Picture 11

The crown does not have any money either and basically they all own the Bank of Braavos and eventually they will come a calling.  Well Cersei how does it feel to know that you are no longer a little rich girl.

Then we head over to the Free Cities where Dany’s council is telling her that Joffery is dead.

Picture 3

Dany is happy about that and she had never meet him. Daario went off and got Dany some ships even though he wasn’t told to. During the council meeting, she was told that while she could take Kings Landing she would not be able to take all of Westeros. She is further informed that not all the cities that she has taken are doing well and some of the people she instilled were overthrown. Dany sends everyone out but Sir Jorah, who she confesses her fears but also her plans to rule like a Queen.

Picture 5

Littlefinger is taking Sansa to her Aunt through the hills of the Vale, which is the only way to get there.

Seriously there is no other way to get to this place?

Seriously there is no other way to get to this place?

Once inside the castle, we find out that Lysa knew what Littlefinger was up to and that he was bringing Sansa to the Vale.

Family reunion

Family reunion

We also learn the truth Lysa’s husband’s death:

Lysa wants to marry Littlefinger right then and there, which he eventually agrees to do that day.

Lysa and Littlefinger kissing


Lysa also mentions how she plans to scream all during sex that they will be able to hear her across the seas. Yet some how that is still probably better than life in Kings Landing for Sansa

She was serious about that?

She was serious about that?

The next day Lysa decides to have a talk with Sansa because she wants to get to know her niece. We all know that Lysa is crazy:

Arya is saying her prayer that she must say every night before bed much to the annoyance of the Hound, only the Hound discovered that he is the last name on her list.

GoT - Ayra Prayer

When the Hound wakes up and does not see Arya there well he panics for a moment. One: because she is his meal ticket and two: because she might try to kill him. The Hound finds Arya practicing what she had learned from her ‘dance’ teacher during the first season. As well know the interaction between Arya and The Hound are amazing.

Brienne and Pod are traveling down the road, well Brienne is and Pod is trying to. We learn that Pod has not been on a horse since he was a kid when he first learned.

GoT - Brienne and Pod

We all know his time with Tyrion did not require him to ride a horse. Brienne tries to let Pod off the hook but he does not want to leave. Later on in the day, Pod is trying to cook rabbit for them but he does not take off the skin and well fire.

Picture 23

Brienne then asks Pod what he did for Tyrion, which was not a lot; Pod mainly poured Tyrion’s wine. We all know how much Tyrion likes his wine. Which leads Brienne to question why about how good Pod would be in combat:

Cersei willingly visits with Prince Oberyn she must really like punishment. Well the conversation actually goes really well, which was surprising.

Picture 21

Cersei was basically trying to help convince Prince Oberyn to vote against Tyrion. Cersei also has a maternal moment where she asks Prince Oberyn about Myrcella (her daughter living in the Dorne). Prince Oberyn tells her that Mycella is very happy and swimming around with his daughters, the last he saw. Cersei asks him to give Myrcella boat that she had made for her.  Can someone make me a boat for my birthday present.

Picture 22

Up at Craster’s Keep, Locke is doing recon to see how many people are there. Locke happens to notice Bran and them being held hostage. Locke then heads back to the rest of the group where he tells them about what he found and they make plans to attack.

Picture 28

Jojen tells Bran about a vision he had about the Weirwood tree that Bran has to find and how they are just there to guide him.

Picture 27

Karl enters the tent planning to rape Meera.

You have pretty curls

You have pretty curls

Jojen saves his sister by letting Karl know that Jojen has the sight and has seen Karl’s death that night. Then the Night’s Watch can be heard coming into the camp. Karl and some of his men run out of the tent, Locke comes into the tent telling Bran that he will free him. Locke has other plans when it comes to Bran, Bran then wargs into Hodor.

While this is going on the men who came up with Jon keep fighting their traitorous brothers.

Picture 32

Bran wants to go towards his brother by Jojen reminds him that Jon won’t let him continue his journey. Bran has them free Ghost and Summer before continuing on his way. Jon finds Karl in one of the huts where they begin to fight.

If we learn anything about this fight: fighting dirty is sometimes needed and never turn your back on a woman who you have beat and raped. One of the men runs away only to be attacked by Ghost, that’s what he gets for peeing in front of him. Then Ghost comes back to Jon:

Jon offers to find work for the women of Craster’s Keep but they would rather find their own way because of everything that happened to them. They do ask him to burn down the entire place and all the dead.



Picture 45


This was a good episode, it flowed really well but did not have a ton going on.  The ending had all the violence and fighting but it was a perfect end to the episode.  I remember liking Brienne and Podrick in the books, I like them even more in person.  Poor Pod, he really is trying to be a good squire and that is all he wants to do.  Cersei had a maternal moment that made her nice and I think scared us all.  Also Cersei thanks for finally admitting that your son was bat shit crazy, you kind of acted like you didn’t know that.  Also the Lannisters are not really rich anymore, I would feel bad about that but they are evil people.  Poor Sansa, life is not going to be all that great around crazy Aunt Lysa.  Although life with her might actually be better then life in King’s Landing, that is sad.  I think in the books, Lysa doesn’t know who Sansa really is, that is an interesting change.  Also Littlefinger had told people that Sansa was his bastard not his niece.  Also I am super happy to see Ghost and Jon back together, those Stark’s need their wolves.

Until next week.

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