Agents of SHIELD Recap: Only Light in the Darkness


Here we are again for another episode of Agents of SHIELD, last week we found out the truth about Ward, I am still rather upset about that. The rest of Coulson’s team found an underground SHIELD bunker to stay at for now.

The episode starts out with us meeting Blackout the villain for the episode:

Then we are taken back to the underground bunker where Simmons is fixing up Ward after Garrett beat him up.

Picture 5

Ward tells the team a BS story about how Hydra took over the Fridge, took everything of value they could find, and freed the inmates. Well that part of the story was true since Ward helped make that all happen. The BS part of the story is when Ward tells them that he killed Garrett, nope Garrett is alive and running around. During the scene we learned that Triplett is smart because Fitz was explain what Simmons had just said and Triplett finished what Fitz was saying.

Its a hairline fracture

Its a hairline fracture

Fitz did not like that; I see some really good interactions between Fitz and Triplett coming up.

Coulson had Skye look up all the inmates that were at the Fridge so that they can know whom they are up against.

AoS - Skye

Ian Quinn is the least deadly of all the people who were in there, well that sucks. Coulson asks her if Mike Daniels aka Blackout was there, we already know that answer is yes. Skye shows Coulson that Daniels was one of the inmates. Coulson decides that he is taking a team to hunt down Daniels and wants Skye to do her best to try to locate the other inmates by using patterns and new stories

When Coulson asks Koenig to help them, he says no, he also says that no one is allowed to leave.

Picture 8

Koenig does not trust anyone else on Coulson’s team because he was not told about them. Koenig will allow all of this to happen once everyone has done through orientation. Seriously, orientation what does orientation have to do with anything.

Apparently, orientation is a lit detector test that is so good even Black Widow can’t crack it.



Everyone on the team has to go through it, well expect Coulson. The test was interesting, May was married, Triplett’s grandfather was a Howling Commando, Skye’s name in from the orphanage was Mary Sue Poots, Fitz likes Simmons, and Simmons is a Doctor Who fan. Everyone on the team passes the test thus getting a lanyard.

Look I got a lanyard

Look I got a lanyard

Now it is Ward’s turn to take the test, well I’ll let you see who well he does on it:

Coulson is taking Fitz, Simmons, and Triplett with him to hunt down Blackout because he knows where he will be heading. When Blackout was out befroe, he was stalking a cellist in Portland. Simmons is happy that Triplett is going on the mission while Fitz does not look so happy about it

Picture 17

Ward passes the test, that Skye question saved him because it was true on so many different levels.

Ward gets a lanyard

Ward gets a lanyard

Ward takes a nail that he put in his finger out, I guess that was to help him beat the lie detector test, well he almost didn’t.

Picture 20

Fitz is not happy that Triplett is coming on the mission and wishes that is was Ward. Ward tells Fitz that he should just tell Simmons how he feels. Of course Fitz denies having any feeling for Simmons.

I don't have feelings for Simmons I have no idea what you are talking about

I don’t have feelings for Simmons I have no idea what you are talking about

I also find it funny that Ward is giving out romantic advice, one near death situation and you know all now.

May is wondering why she is not piloting the mission; well I’ll let you see how the conversation goes:

Fitz, Simmons, Triplett, and Coulson leave Skye, Ward, and May at the bunker. Fitz is wondering how Coulson knows that Blackout will still go after the cellist. Coulson tells him that some people are hard to forget.

Enter the cellist who is getting ready to go on a job at night with her headphones in. Blackout comes up behind her which she does not realize until her Ipod starts to short out. Let this be a lesson don’t run at night with headphones in, you can’t hear what is around you. Audrey the cellist then runs away from him while Blackout walks to catch up to her.

Picture 24

The tactic usually works in horror movies, I wonder if it will work here. A van pull up in from of Audrey and Simmons opens the door telling her to get in because they are from the CIA.

We are the CIA

We are the CIA

Audrey gets into the car, which drives away while another car come up. Fitz and Coulson get out, Blackout recognizes Coulson from when he brought him in. Fitz attacks Blackout with some gadgets that throw a lot of light.

Picture 27

Blackout then tells Coulson that they did things to him at the Fridge that made him stronger. Blackout then shoots this black energy rays from his hand at Coulson and Fitz knocking them away.

Picture 29


Skye is watching the news on all the monitors trying to figure out where all the escaped inmates might have gone.

Picture 32

Skye happens to notice that Koenig has put a tracer in all of their lanyards.

Picture 31

Skye realizes that they need to hack into the NSA satellites in hopes to maybe see whom the inmates where that left and what direction they went in. Koenig won’t let her use the COM room, but she yells at him and gets Ward to back her up. Eventually Koenig relents and lets Skye use the COM room to hack the NSA satellites.

Simmons and Triplett have Audrey in a safe house where Audrey tells them that she knows they are from SHIELD and because of that, she trusts them.

You are not the CIA you are SHIELD

You are not the CIA you are SHIELD

The last time Black out was after her a SHIELD agent stopped him. She goes on to tell them that she had something special with this Agent, who happens to be Coulson.

Um, you had a thing the cellist

Um, you had a thing the cellist

Fitz and Coulson are listening in from another room. Audrey goes on to tell him how she has been working on getting over Coulson’s death. Fitz tells Coulson to go in there but Coulson won’t because she is healing and he does not want to mess that up since he can’t stay.

Back at the bunker Ward is walking onto the Bus with a gun behind his back, what is he planning to kill everyone in the bunker.

Picture 38

Ward’s first stop is May; well that is smart get the toughest person out-of-the-way first. Lucky for Ward he does not have to do much because May has her bags packed. May tells Ward she is leaving because Coulson will never forgive her for lying. Now Ward doesn’t have to kill her, good because I liked her. May leaves into the frozen tundra on foot, really May where are you going to go on foot.

Picture 44

Next Ward goes and visits Koenig who is all excited because Skye was able to tap into the NSA satellites. Ward talks with Koenig for a few moments before he shuts the door.

Picture 23

Fitz is able to develop a device that should stop Blackout but Coulson needs to agree to use Audrey as bait. Coulson doesn’t want to do it, but Fitz tells him it is the only way to draw out Blackout.

Skye is checking out the monitors but she has not seen anything. She asks Ward where Koenig is but Ward makes up a lie. Then Ward mentions an us when it comes to them, which Skye is all like um, us, just because I kissed you doesn’t mean that there is an us.

Manipulative Ward

Manipulative Ward

Ward gives her a drink and opens up to her about his past and most importantly his brothers. This leads to an eventually kiss between Ward and Skye, Skye don’t kiss him he is the bad guy.

Picture 42

Triplett and Simmons put Audrey on the stage telling her that they will do everything to protect her and that their best Agent is here. Audrey still has yet to see Coulson. Audrey plays her cello and Blackout shows up and begs her to keep playing when she stops.

AoS - Audrey

While Blackout is walking towards her Simmons, Triplett, and Fitz both attack Blackout with these light guns that Fitz created that almost remind me of the energy packs used in Ghostbusters. Blackout is able to strike out at all three of them.

Picture 51

Then Black out proceeds up the stairs toward Audrey only to be stopped by Coulson who attacks him with a gun and Triplett jumps in to help.

Picture 48

Both of them manage to stop Blackout or should I say blow him up.

Picture 53

The energy blast knocks out Audrey. Coulson does over to her and tells her that he is watching her and gives her a kiss.

Picture 56

As Audrey comes to, she thinks that she heard Coulson but thinks that her mind is playing tricks on her because Simmons is there. Someone needs to tell this girl that Coulson is alive because she really seems to love him.

Back at the bunker Skye takes the tablet that Koenig was using to monitor them all in order to find him. She happens to locate him in a closet, as she looks around the closet she notices some blood dripping down, as Skye looks up she finds a dead Koenig.

Picture 47

Skye then realizes that Ward killed him and must be Hydra, based on the tablet Ward is heading in their directions. Skye then does her best horror movie impersonation where she freaks out while trying to hide from Ward.

Picture 55

Ward goes to check to the closet where the penny drops into his hand like it should, good job Skye for putting that back.

Picture 57

Skye is outside the closet wondering why Ward was looking for her in there. Skye tells him that she left the room because she was freaked out but that she is all right now and she proves it by kissing him.

Skye and Ward kiss again

Skye and Ward kiss again

Skye don’t kiss the enemy especially now that you know he is the enemy. Ward tells her that they need to leave because he got word from Coulson. I am betting Ward just wants Skye to take him to the location that will decrypt the hard drive since she made it location-based.

Fitz and Simmons wonder why Coulson didn’t tell Audrey he was alive but he gives them a good reason.

In the Bus, Ward is flying with Skye in the passenger seat well you can see how that conversation goes:

Since we are all wondering what happened to May, this is what happened to May:

This was a good episode; I will admit I was hoping for better. I really didn’t expect the two different story lines. I was also hoping that Audrey would see Coulson and more from Blackout. I will admit I was disappointed in that part of the story. I did like The Bunker of Terror part that is my new name for the episode. I also like how Skye now knows that Ward is the bad guy; I am hoping that means she will lead him to the wrong place in the next episode. I am also hoping that she somehow left a message for the team. I am not sure how I feel about the whole Fitz Simmons thing; I kind of liked them as friends. I don’t know if I want them together. I am loving Triplett and I love how he is so much smarter than anyone knows. That is so getting to Fitz, because Fitz can’t treat Triplett like he is dumb.  This episode proves what I have been thinking for the last few episodes that Coulson’s and May’s relationship will never be the same.  That makes me unhappy because I really liked their dynamic.

Until next week when we see Maria Hill again and the return of Deathlok.

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