Amazon Prime Members will be able to stream HBO Shows


HBO and Amazon have reached a deal that will allow anyone to watch HBO Shows as long as they have an Amazon Prime account.  Now everyone who doesn’t have HBO can watch many of the HBO favorites.  There is a catch to this amazing offer, not all the shows will be available.

To start members will have access to all episodes of; The Sopranos, Deadwood, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Rome, Eastbown & Down, Enlightened, and Flight of the Concord.  Subscribers will have select seasons of Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, and Extreme.  Early episodes of Veep, Newsroom, and Girls will be available after they hit the three-year mark.  This deal does not include True Detective or Game of Thrones.  I know many of you are sad to hear that Game of Thrones will not be included.

By the end of the year HBO GO will be available on the Fire TV platform.  That should mean all HBO shows will be available by the end of the year.  Until HBO GO is available at the end of the year people are still going to have to borrow logins – I mean wait to see many of their favorite shows.

The HBO shows will be available starting May 21st.


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  1. inertialconfinement

    I’m sad Game of Thrones isn’t included, but, hey–it’s a start! Perhaps in the future? Or perhaps they won’t be streaming GoT until it’s done ended and not in such high demand. Still, I’m pretty excited about this.

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