Game of Thrones Recap: Breaker of Chains

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Here we are after last week’s very explosive episode, the most important thing to remember it that Joffery is dead. This has definitely caused cheers across the world/realm. I think this can help prove that:

The episode starts where the last one left off with Joffery being dead and Cersei having Tyrion arrested. The most important part of this moment would be Sir Dantos grabbing Sansa and running away with her.

GoT - Sansa running away

Tywin has a search party sent out looking for Sansa because well they think she helped Tyrion. Seriously, have you people met Sansa there is no way that she could have poisoned Joffery she just is not that kind of person. Sansa has never played the game of thrones; she has always just been a pawn on the chessboard. Sir Dantos gets Sansa onto a small boat, which he rows to a ship.

Picture 4

On the ship is none other than Littlefinger, I had been waiting to see him again.

GoT - Sansa and Littlefinger

Sir Dantos was leading Sansa to Littlefinger who pays Sir Dantos for a job well done by having him shot with arrows.

Picture 7

Apparently, Littlefinger cannot trust him because he is a drunken fool. Littlefinger explains to Sansa that Sir Dantos only saved her because he told him to and for the gold that was promised. Littlefinger even went as far as to tell Sansa that the necklace was not from Sir Dantos’s family but one he had made, then he crushes it.

Picture 8

I feel like that moment signifies the death of all Sansa’s hopes and dreams.

In the next scene, we have Margaery trying to figure out if she is Queen.

Grandmother am I Queen?

Grandmother am I Queen?

Margaery is somewhat traumatized by watching Joffery die. Lady Olenna tells her watching him die was not as bad as being married to him would have been. Margaery cannot help but think that she is cursed because both of her husbands had something about them and they are now dead. Lady Olenna tells Margaery not all is lost; the Lannisters need the Tyrell alliance. Margaery should have a much easier time controlling the next King.  That is good because Margaery really wants to be Queen and does not care who she marries as long as she can be Queen.

We have Tommen (Cersei and Jaime’s youngest) and Cersei standing over Joffery’s dead body.

GoT Joffery dead

Tywin comes up to Tommen and asks him if he understands what happens next. Tommen tells him that it means he is King, so then Tywin begins to ask him what makes a good King. While Tommen has some good ideas what makes a good king, Tywin tells him of kings who possessed those qualities and died. One of them being Tommen’s late “father.”

Picture 14

When Tommen suggests wisdom, Tywin says that is correct. Tywin proceeds to tell Tommen that if Joffery has wisdom he might still be alive but Joffery was a bad king. While I am not a Joffery fan and cheered when he died in the book, that might be a bit much from Tywin especially so close to Joffery’s death. The fact he said it in front of Cersei does not bother me because she condoned too much of what Joffery did, especially at the wedding. As we, all know Tywin does not care about who he offends in his family. Tywin walks Tommen out as he begins to explain the bird and the bees to him. Speaking of the birds and the bees, well I will just let you watch for yourself.

Next, up we have one of our favorite duo’s of Ayra and the Hound. Ayra is wondering what the Hound plans on doing once he gets rid of her. The Hound really wants to get rid of her because Ayra is one of those kids that ask too many questions. While they are giving their horse a drink, the owner of the land rides by. Arya gives them a great story of how the Hound is her dad, how her mom died in a fire and her “father” has not been the same since.

GoT - Ayra

She also tells him that The Hound fought for the Tully’s, well that was the right thing to say because the owner offers them food and a place to sleep for the night. Ayra is getting really good at this lying thing, I am thinking they should have left her in King’s Landing because she would be able to play the game.

Ayra and the Hound are really hungry, I am guessing they have not eaten since they got the chicken and the other horse in first episode.  They were staring that food down but the nice gentleman is saying prayers to all seven Gods.

Picture 16

The Hound is a bit obnoxious during this, which gets him a scolding from Arya. The Hound finishes the prayer, grabs the bowl of stew, and pours himself some. Ayra also takes some and they begin drinks up some of it – they were really hungry.

GoT - Arya and the Hound hungry

The landowner offers The Hound money to work for him because they need someone to protect him and his daughter. The Hound agrees, so it looks like Arya and The Hound are going to have food and money. Well Arya is sleeping peacefully when she hears a scream from the little girl.

GoT - Sleeping Arya

The Hound knocked down the landowner and stole his money.

Picture 19

This causes him to get a scolding from Ayra as seen here:

Over at the Dragonstone, Stannis shows Davos a note stating that Joffery is dead. Stannis is also mad because he has no army yet the time is right for him to take the throne.

Picture 22

Davos has not managed to get Stannis enough men; personally, I think that is because of Stannis because he is not the most personable. It could also be because of the Melisandre because well I think she scares people. Stannis won’t buy sell swords, hey Daarios seems to be doing all right for Khalessi. Stannis doesn’t have the money to buy them either, another thing Davos is working on. Davos is working on a whole lot for a man with no education and use to be a smuggler. Davos then meets with Shireen for his reading lesson.

GoT - Davos reading

Shireen is as demanding as her father, but also a much better person then both her parents. Shireen without realizing it helps Davos come up with an idea on how to ask for money. Davos has Shireen write the letter because he still not very good at doing that.

Picture 24

Up at the Wall, some of the men are saying things about Gilly. She is the only female there and they are not used to having females around. Sam is worried for Gilly that some of the men might try to touch her.

GoT - Gilly and Sam

Gilly kind of hopes that Sam thinks about touching her, aww Gilly has a crush on Sam. Sam takes Gilly to the nearby town because it will be safer for her there because some of the men in the Nights Watch use to be rapist.

Picture 25

Sam knows that he cannot protect her from his brothers but Gilly does not get that. The only place in the town where she can work is the brothel, Sam sets her up for boarding and food, all she has to do it cook, clean, and take care of babies.

Only cooking and cleaning, nothing else

Only cooking and cleaning, nothing else

Sam will not let her make money any other way. Gilly is sad that Sam is leaving her there and Sam is sad to do it, he knows it is best for her.

In a random town by the Wall, the Wildings come and start to kill the villagers.

Picture 28

Ygritte is showing off her Katniss Everdeen skills. The crazy cannibal guys are with them, well here is proof why you should not have cannibals on your team:

The little boy makes it safely to Castle Black where some of the men want to go out to help the villagers.

Picture 30

Unfortunately, they do not have enough men and it would be suicide for them to lose any.   Jon Snow confirms that it would be better for all the men to stay at the Wall. They make the decision to arm the Wall.

Picture 31

Some of the Rangers come back saying that some of the men at still at Craster’s and that they took over and are never coming back. Jon wants to send some men there to kill those men, because Jon had lied to Mance Rayder by saying the Nights Watch had more men than it does.

I might have lied to Mance Rayder

I might have lied to Mance Rayder

When Mance Rayder gets to those men, well it will not take long for him to learn that Jon lied. Mance has enough men to take the Wall.

Prince Oberyn is having a great time in one of the brothels well see for yourself (I apologize YouTube would not let me embed this video):

I will pretty much always put in video of Prince Oberyn if I can find it, because well he is awesome. I love his niece even more; yes wait until you meet her.

Tywin comes in to talk with Prince Oberyn about if he had a hand in Joffery’s death.  Well the Oberyn is knows poisons and Joffery was poisoned.  Oberyn tells him no he didn’t, then Tywin offers Oberyn a place on the Jury against Tyrion.  If Oberyn does that for Tywin then Tywin will help Oberyn get some vengeance for his sister because The Mountain did not act on orders.

Podrick goes to visit Tyrion, well I will let you guys see for yourself (again I apologize YouTube would not let me embed this video):

Over in the Free Cities, Daenerys has found another city that she wants to free.

Picture 36

Khalessi how about you, I dunno try to get over to Westeros and take the throne. At the rate, you are going your dragons are not going to listen to you when you finally decided to claim Westeros. The city sends out a champion and Daenerys has to choose one. Grey Worm and both her knights ask to be sent but she says no.

Pick me, Pick me

Pick me, Pick me

Daarios asks to be the one and Daenarys agrees to that. Well you can just see how that fight goes below:

After the fight Daeneys does her I will free you speech and then takes catapults, when did she get catapults, and throws barrels at the city.

Picture 40

Yea, some how I don’t see barrels scaring the people of the city. In the barrels are the broken collars of all the slaves she freed. Now the slaves pick up the broken collars and then look at the people who have them enslaved.

Picture 41

About this episode, I know a lot of people are having a hard time with the Jaime Cersei scene in the sept. I agree that the scene was horrible but as someone who read the book I also know the scene was supposed to be consensual. I have more issue with the difference between the book and show, because in the book  it’s when Jaime first gets back and while yes incest is bad, there was affection in the sex. That is all I am going to say on that scene. I love any scene between Ayra and The Hound and Podrick and Tyrion. Ayra pretending to be The Hounds daughter and then yelling at him was amazing. Podrick really has been an amazing squire to Tyrion, I am going to miss them together.  Also poor Tyrion they will not allow anyone to visit him and he has having a hard time finding someone to speak on his behalf.  You will learn that I have issues with Daenarys and Free Cities, you will eventually understand why. I am not going to say a ton in my opinion sections because I don’t want to give anything away. I will give you some differences between the book and show. The Gilly being sent to the brothel is a difference; I am interested to see where they go with that, because Gilly had a use at the Wall.   I like where things went for Gilly in the book so I would like to see that happen. I am hoping that they eventually find a way to make that happen.

Until next week.

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