Agents of SHIELD Recap: Providence

Well here, we are after last week’s crazy episode where we learned that we pretty much can’t trust anyone. (Still some spoilers for Captain America: Winter Solider)

Well Garrett, is the Clairvoyant and is working for Hydra. Oh and Ward shoot Victoria Hand and we have no idea who he is working for.

The episode starts with Raina making little origami flowers; I am guessing she is doing that because well she doesn’t have a flower dress on in jail.

Picture 2 18-08-03

I guess you don’t get to pick out your clothes in jail. There is a bunch of noise outside her cell and Ward breaks open her door. Naturally Raina is like um what are you doing here, I am not trusting you. Ward gives her a pretty flower dress, which came from the Clairvoyant.

Picture 4 18-08-03

Now Raina trusts Ward, that’s right people give a girl a pretty dress and she will trust you.

Ward takes Raina to a Cuban barbershop so she can meet the ‘Clairvoyant.’ Raina is super confused; I don’t blame her I would be as well. Garrett comes out from under the cloth where tell Raina he is the Clairvoyant.  Raina is all in awe of meeting him, but Garrett kills that by telling her that he does not have a special gift just high SHIELD clearance.

OMG I am so excited to meet you

OMG I am so excited to meet you

Raina acts as if she was just told there was no Santa Claus, she can’t believe it.

What you are not really Clairvoyant

What you are not really Clairvoyant

Garrett is such a smooth talker that he gets Raina to trust him a bit and to stay on the team. He then puts her in a chair where she is basically afraid for her life, I would be to, he might kill her. The chair lowers down into an underground base, seriously Hydra is hiding under a Cuban barbershop.

Picture 9 18-08-03

Back at SHIELD well what is left of SHIELD Coulson and the team are trying to find the Hydra Agents within SHIELD. While they are doing this, they get a call from Colonel Glenn Tablot.

Glenn Tablot

Tablot pretty much tells them that the military is coming in to check things out because of the whole Hydra situation. Coulson tells him that they will be as accommodating as possible. After the videoconference ends Coulson leaves with Skye and May telling them, they have to go now. Things will not be good if the military comes in.

On the Bus Fitz is doing what he can to help repair the plane with Simmons and Triplett.

Picture 1 18-08-03

Coulson tells them that they are leaving. Triplett is there and he asks to come along with the team since they need a new specialist. Coulson is all like no, let’s be fair Triplett did work for Garrett so there is some suspicion there. After what we saw last episode, it is safe to say that Triplett is on the good side. Simmons basically says this when she requests that Triplett be allowed to come along.

Picture 11 18-08-03

Coulson tries to tell her that it is not a democracy but Simmons reminds him that it is and that they should all get a vote. She votes that Triplett comes along, Coulson agree but says that Simmons is in charge of him. Yay, Triplett is coming along on the field trip. Also Fitz is not sure what to make of this, but Fitz and Simmons don’t like each other – do they?

Skye tells Coulson that the Internet is working because well not a whole lot is working on the bus after it was fired at. Coulson gets really excited by this, they have low expectations at this point. Coulson tells Skye to erase everything about the team they can no longer exist. Skye says if she does that then they will be agents of nothing.

We will be Agents of Nothing

We will be Agents of Nothing

Well let’s be fair they are agents on nothing SHIELD doesn’t really exist anymore.

Ward is with Garrett talking about breaking into the Fridge when Skye calls Ward from Coulson’s phone. Skye wanted Ward to know that she would be erasing them from the system.

Picture 13 18-08-03

Ward took it rather well and they even bantered about what his new name out be, possibly Tom Brady. Skye tells Ward she will keep him updated on where they are going. It was a really cute phone call and Ward looked like Ward. That moment made me think that Ward is undercover for SHIELD.

Picture 14 18-08-03Picture 16 17-43-48

Ward and Garrett later get into a tiff because Ward is upset that he had Skye shot because that was not a part of the mission. Wait a min what, not a part of the mission? Garrett tells Ward that Skye was on the radar long before Coulson found her it seemed like a good idea to have her eliminated. Garrett had no idea about Ward’s feelings for her. Garrett and Ward have a talk about why Ward was on Coulson’s team in the first place. Wait, Garrett places Ward there, Ward has been one of the bad guys this whole time. I am not all right with this, Ward is supposed to be the good guy. Seriously, you really can’t trust anyone on this show.

Garrett puts Raina back in charge of the Centipede project. He gives her some bodies to work on as well as everything he has on the drug that was used on Coulson and Skye.

Picture 15 18-08-03

Skye tells Coulson that she took everyone’s badge, Simmons started to cry.

Picture 17 18-08-03

Even Skye was sad to give up hers since she just got it. Everyone has an attachment to SHIELD in some way. Coulson goes to grab his badge, which is locked away and it is glowing with random numbers – coordinates.

Picture 18 18-08-03

Coulson is sure that Fury is trying to contact him and tell him where to go. The team puts in the coordinates but not before Coulson says, whoever doesn’t want to go can grab a parachute and jump off the plane. Everything from here on out is strictly volunteer.

Raina asks Ward how he got the team to trust him, he said he did it by jumping out of the plane and saving Simmons. He was able to distract May by sleeping with her and Coulson by playing that he needed help.

Picture 20 17-43-38

Yea, I’m awesome

Raina was shocked that Ward could betray Coulson after spending so much time with him, because she spent a little bit of time with him and she thinks that he is a good man. Ward says that Coulson is but that he owes Garrett everything. Wait, if Ward has been on Garrett’s team this whole time does that mean that Triplett is as well. I would not be able to handle that

May goes to visit Coulson and asks him for his gun, well Coulson did not give up his gun. He actually told May that she would have to take it from him and May didn’t want to do that. Of course Coulson wants to know why May wants to take his gun. the reason is because Hydra might be controlling him. Huh?

Hydra might be controlling you

Hydra might be controlling you

While Fury ordered the surgery on Coulson, he is not the one who oversaw it. They have no idea if that person was working for Hydra. Which is one of the reason’s May was put on the team to make sure Coulson was fine and not being controlled. May has no idea who the person in charge was only Fury knows that and well he is ‘dead.’

Ward shows up at the Fridge escorting Garrett because well that is where they were suppose to take him.

Picture 22

The men at the door will not let Ward in because they do not see Victoria Hand, she said only let her in. Ward made up an elaborate lie that Victoria Hand was talking with the high ranked SHIELD Agents on the plane.

Picture 23 18-08-03

The guys still would not let Ward in, so Ward pretended to call Victoria Hand only to be shot at by a plane. I will give credit to Hand and the other Agents they are no fools.

Picture 25 18-08-03

Ward gets the guys to let him in because they are being shot at – this proves that Ward and Garrett are smarter. The group enters an elevator where Ward shoots both the guys point-blank, seriously Ward.

Agents of SHIELD Ward and Garrett

Ward and Garrett with a team enter the fridge, once it’s established the air is clean they continue on their way. They enter into the storage room where Fury keeps everything because he is a hoarder and doesn’t want to destroy anything.

Picture 31 18-08-03

Garrett tells them to take anything that looks good or alien. Garrett and Ward then find the device that Coulson and the team discovered in Peru. Garrett starts playing with it.  I don’t think that Garrett should have that weapon.

Picture 33 18-08-03

The team lands in the frozen tundra because that is where the coordinates took them.

Picture 1

While most of the team is hesitate to go, Coulson tells them he is sure that this where Fury is. Coulson leaves out of the plane and the rest of the team follows him

Garrett uses the device from Peru to free all the prisoners that were being held at the Fridge.

Picture 2

Great just what we all need escaped prisoners who really should not be out among people.   Garrett is about to leave but Ward wants to borrow the Peru device because there is something beneath them according to Coulson. Ward blasts open the floor and they find something down there but they don’t show us what.

Picture 4

Also that just got Ward a free dinner.

The team continues to trek through the frozen tundra looking for whatever it is they are supposed to find. Fitz and Simmons have a moment Fitz is happy things are the same between them. Simmons does remind him that things are not that same.

Picture 5

Skye also questions May as to why she was put on the plane. May tells her, because Fury wanted to make sure the Coulson never found out because the doctors thought he would have a bad reaction. Coulson actually handled all of that better when we thought. They get to the point where they should find something but they have not. Coulson tells them that something is there, it has to be, they are not Agents of Nothing they are Agents of SHIELD and it means something.

We are not Agents of Nothing

We are not Agents of Nothing

Right now Coulson reminds me of Harry Potter when they were searching for the horcruxs. Fitz throws a snowball, which cases a gun to come out and shoot the snowball.

Picture 12

The team runs for cover, Coulson can’t believe that a SHIELD place would fire on people. Coulson goes out there and he is asked for his name. Coulson says it and the machine raises its weapon and let him know they have been expecting him.

Picture 14

They team enters into the hidden facility where they are met by Agent Eric Koenig, who call the base Providence but in reality is has no name.

Picture 15

Agent Koenig takes them into a room where he informs them that Fury is ‘dead.’ Koenig also apologizes for destroying Coulson’s badge but he will be getting a cool lanyard.

Picture 18

The rest of the team will be issued one on a case-by-case base. He also informs the team that the Fridge has fallen, which cases Skye to run and call Ward.

Koenig takes Coulson into another room so he can speak privately with him. Koenig kind of shows Coulson around this other room where we find out that Koenig has been there since basically Avengers. He is all right chilling there reading and playing Call of Duty, Coulson also plays Call of Duty. I am guess it is a SHIELD Agent thing, to play Call of Duty. Coulson finally gets Koenig to tell him what he brought him over there for – Fury is alive.

Fury is alive

Fury is alive

Finally, someone told Coulson because I was about ready to do it. Coulson is not happy that Koenig lied to his team but Koenig said Fury’s orders only a select few people are allowed to know.

It had been discovered that Skye put a password on the hard drive will all the info from the plane. Now they have to get the password from Skye, so Ward has to go back in undercover.  Garrett reminds Ward that they sometimes have to pay a high price, we see some metal on Garrett’s body.

Picture 20

Garrett then proceeds to hit Ward so that his cover story will be believable.

Picture 21Picture 24

Then Ward shows up at the secret bases where Skye is there to let him in. Skye do not let him in, he is not one of the good guys he is a bad guy. Skye touches Wards face because he got beat up.

Picture 26

Skye asks Ward if they can get that drink once, he is settled in. Skye, stop flirting with Ward, seriously the guy lets it out that he cares and they share one kiss and she becomes the flirting Queen.  As she walks away Ward give a sadistic look, kind of like the one he gave at the end of last weeks episode.

Picture 27

Back in the basement of the Cuban barbershop, Quinn is brought over to Garrett. Quinn does nothing but complain about everything and about how Garrett put him in there and almost took out his tongue. Quinn shut up, you pampered ass. Garrett is nice and gives Quinn a present – his gravatonium.

Picture 31

Great, just what Quinn needs.

While I appreciate that, this episode was not as intense, because I needed a break after last week’s episode. I am really upset to find out that Ward has been working for Hydra this whole time. That Ward was put on the plane to watch Coulson. Now this makes me worried that Triplett is also working for Hydra. I don’t think I could handle it is Ward and Triplett were both working for Hydra. Plus side Coulson finally knows that Fury is alive. He also knows that Agent Hill knows, that is probably why he is going to go visit her.

Until next week, when we meet Coulson’s love the cellist and more Ward and Skye kissing.


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