Game of Thrones Recap: The Lion and The Rose

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The second episode of Game of Thrones is upon us, last episode was as great reintroduction to many of the characters. The main thing to know for this episode is that Joffery and Margaery are preparing to get married.

The episode starts with a girl running through the woods being chased by dogs, Ramsey Snow, another girl with Theon/Reek trailing behind them.

Picture 1

They are shooting arrows at the girl who Ramsey is telling that if she makes it out of the woods then she will be allowed to live. I guess Game of Thrones decided to take a page from Hunger Games. Unfortunately, the girl is shot before she can make it out of the woods.  She must have been from one of the lesser districts.

Picture 2

Apparently, they are chasing her down because she made the other girl jealous. Well we all know that Ramsey Snow is a psychopath, as evident by what he did to Theon.  This really should not come as a shock to anyone

Later Roose Bolton, Ramsey’s father comes to the Deadfort to visit Ramsey. Roose sees what Ramsey has done to Theon and he is not happy.

This is my new pet Reek

This is my new pet Reek

I am putting that one on Roose Bolton because he should know that his bastard is psychopath. Even though Tywin gave them the North, he refuses to help them obtain it. Theon’s family hold a key part of the North and Roose was hoping that they would be able to ransom Theon but they can’t now. Ramsey tries to defend what he did by saying that the Flayed Man is on their banners, but Roose reminds Ramsey that he is not a Bolton he is a bastard.

You are not a Bolton you are a bastard a Snow

You are not a Bolton you are a bastard a Snow

Ramsey proves a point by have Theon/Reek give him a shave and during the shave Ramsey taunts Theon/Reek by reminding him that his father was the one who killed Robb Stark. Theon/Reek had the blade right at Ramsey’s neck; all I could think was Theon slice him just end his rein of terror.

Seriously slice the bastards neck

Seriously slice the bastards neck

No, Theon/Reek finishes the shave and that is when Roose realizes that Ramsey has complete control over Theon and they can make him do anything. Ramsey is sent off on a mission that he takes Theon/Reek with him. While someone else is sent off to find the Bran and Rickon since, they are still alive.

Tyrion is having breakfast with his brother but Jaime does not seem to want to eat.

Jaime and Tyrion Lannister

The proud Lannister children, the Dwarf, the Cripple, and the Mother of Madness

It has to do with the fact that he is upset about the fact that he cannot fight anymore. Even though Jaime has been trying to practice with his left hand he cannot fully do it because he has no one to fight with. He will not risk letting anyone know that he cannot fight because men talk. Tyrion tells Jaime that he knows just the person to help.

Jaime meets up with Bronn who is being paid to give him private sword lessons away from everyone. Jaime is not sure the place is safe but Bronn lets him know that no one has ever heard him having sex with one of the knights wife there so no one will see or hear them. While Jaime is not happy about having to use a practice sword, it is needed for him to learn again.

Picture 11 14-46-04Picture 10 14-46-04

Varys runs into Tyrion letting him know that Sansa’s other maid saw Tyrion with Shae. Cersei plans on telling their father about it and Varys will not lie for him.

Picture 16 14-46-04

Varys will help Tyrion find a safe place for Shae but that is all.

Later at a prewedding event kind of like a wedding shower, Joffery is being present with gifts. Margaery’s father gives Joffery a very nice goblet, which Joffery thanks him kindly.

Picture 18 14-46-04

Tyrion gives Joffery a book about the past kings because it will give Joffery wisdom. Joffery then graciously thanks his uncle for the gift, I have to say that nice Joffery is scary.

Nice Joffery

Tywin then presents Joffery with Valyrain steel sword.

Joffery with Ice

That sword is made from the other half of Ice; seriously, you are giving Joffery a sword made from Ice, which is Ned Stark’s sword, Ned Stark who Joffery had beheaded. Once the sword is in Joffery’s hand, we see cray Joffery again. Joffery decides that he wants to try out the sword and hacks the book that Tyrion gave him.

Picture 23 14-46-04

All Joffery can say is how using this sword will be like beheading Ned Stark all over again. Poor Sansa had to be there to hear that, I feel so bad for her at moments like this.


It also sucks for Tyrion because he can only do so much to protect her.

During the wedding shower, Cersei points out Shae to her father, which does not go unnoticed by Tyrion.

Cersei and Tywin Lannister

Shae comes by to visit Tyrion thinking that he wants to have some sexy time but he does not. Tyrion tells her that Kings Landing is too dangerous and he has brought her passage on a ship to the Free Cities.

Tyrion and Shae

Shae does not want to go, but Tyrion tells her that she cannot stay because he cannot have children with a whore. Sansa is fit to bear him children and he wants to do right by her. No matter what Shae is a whore and this causes Shae to cry.

Picture 29

When Bronn tries to escort Shae away but she just slaps him.

Bronn gets slapped

Poor Tyrion it was really breaking his heart to tell Shae that but he had to protect her.

Picture 31

Over at the Dragonstone they are having a bonfire with people.

Picture 34

Apparently according to Melisandre they need to be sacrificed to the God of Light because they are non- believers. One of the people who is sacrificed is Stannis’s brother-in-law.

Really sis you are going to let me burn like this?

Really sis you are going to let me burn like this?

Davos tries to tell Stannis that was wrong but of course, Stannis does not listen. They are having dinner later where Stannis wife mentions how their daughter is not listening well and needs the rod. Stannis will not hear of his daughter being hit, so it is suggested that Melisandre talk to her. Melisandre then goes to talk to Shireen who was lying down because she did not want to see her uncle killed even though she could hear him.


Melisandre proceeds to tell Shireen everything she knew about the Gods is wrong that here are is only two not seven. More importantly, she tells her that they are currently living in hell.

North of the wall Bran has warged into Summer again and was enjoying it but Hodor woke him up. The Reeds both understand why Bran likes to warg into Summer. I think we all understand why Bran likes to do it, the poor kid can’t walk and it’s the only time he can run.

Bran Stark

The Reeds tell Bran if he stays in Summer to long he will forget himself and everyone else. Bran is important without him everything is lost. I am still not 100% sure why and I have read all the books. As they are walking Bran see’s Summer chilling by a tree of the Old Gods.

Picture 42

I am betting this is the same tree that Jon took his vows at. Bran goes over the tree, which gives Bran visions of lots of thing including his father, Bran’s fall and a dragon flying over Kings Landing. Most importantly, the vision lets Bran know where they have to go.

Picture 43

Now it is the wedding day and Margaery does look rather lovely but her grandmother was dead set on that.

Picture 44

Margaery and Joffery take their vows and I am rather impressed that Margaery was able to kiss him and not vomit.

Joffery and Margaery kiss

The wedding ceremony ends and Lady Olenna talks with Tywin about how Highgarden will be there to help with money when the bank comes a calling. Tywin does not understand why all this money had to be spent on the wedding.

Tywin Lannister and Lady Olenna

There was a ton of money spent on that wedding, there was food everywhere, it was a rather lavish event.

Picture 49

Both families were seated on either side of the couple, which gives Lady Olenna the chance to give Sansa her condolences on the loss of her brother.

Lady Olenna and Sansa

It is a terrible thing and considered bad luck to kill someone at a wedding especially after they have food and drink in your home. Joffery has some entertainment going but he does not like any of them. He either throws coins at them or has the guest thrown food at them.

Picture 58

Margaery is not amused by any of Joffery’s antics. Margaery announces as Queen that all the left over food will be given to the poor, which makes all the people love her even more.

Brienne comes by to congratulate the couple and bows instead of curtsy.

Picture 53

Oh Brienne how I love you. Cersei follows Brienne to thank her for bringing Jaime back. Cersei remarks how Brienne jumps from being the sworn sword to so many people. Brienne reminds Cersei that she is not the sworn sword to Jaime. Cersei has managed to notice that Brienne loves Jaime.

How could you tell?

How could you tell?

Well anyone who has read the book knows that Brienne has a thing for Jaime. I guess Cersei was measurig out the competition, which is fair since Jaime did that earlier with Sir Loras.

Picture 52

Jaime let Sir Loras know that Cersei will never marry him and if she did she would kill him in his sleep. I guess after everything that happened with Robert both Cersei and Jaime are rather protective of each other.

Cersei later undoes Margaery’s good deed by making sure the food is given to the dogs and not the poor. Well that is a great way to make the couple look bad not just Margaery. I suspect Cersei did that because she wanted to prove that she was still Queen.  Which probably has something to do with the very lovely conversation Cersei and her father had with Prince Oberyn as can be seen below.  I love Prince Oberyn, I just love people of the Dorne.

Joffery decides that he should show everyone about history so he hires to dwarfs to act as him and the other five Kings.

Picture 63

The important part of this is to show how amazing Jofferey is as King. The enactment was absolutely appalling and the only person enjoying it was Joffery.  The ending of the enactment has “Joffery” knock the head off of “Rob Stark” and then “Joffery” proceeds to “fuck” the head of “Robb Stark.”

Picture 64Picture 66

Again poor Sansa has to see this and she makes that face again, I swear that is the only face she can make.

Picture 65

Joffery then decides the he wants to make fun of Tyrion by suggesting that he join the enactment as a way to challenge Joffery’s authority. Tyrion politely declines, but has a few words to say as seen below.

Joffery does not take kindly to that and pours wine over Tyrion’s head. Well that was a waste of wine, but again Tyrion takes it well as we all saw. Margaery being the good Queen that she is calls Joffery back over to her. Unfortunately Joffery then decides that will make Tyrion is cup barer.   Tyrion accepts the honor but Joffery has to be the little prick that he is, drops the cup on the floor, and then kicks it making Tyrion have to crawl under the table looking for it.

Picture 70

Sansa gets up and retreives the cup from under the table and hands it to Tyrion. I think that might have been the nicest thing that Sansa has ever done for Tyrion in their marriage.

Picture 72

Joffery then makes Tyrion fill the cup up and commands him to kneel before him. Tyrion does not and Joffery keeps commanding him, but Margaery saves the day again by saying that the giant meat pie had arrived.

Picture 73

Joffery goes down to eat cut the pie with his new sword and in doing so releases some doves.

Picture 74

Sansa asks Tyrion if they can leave and they try to make their getaway but Joffery calls Tyrion back over because he needs his glass of wine because the pie is dry. Tyrion hands Jofferey the wine that Joffery drinks plenty. As Joffery tries to say more to Tyrion but he starts coughing and gasping for air a bit.

Picture 77

Margaery realizes that Joffery is choking, well the rest of it you can see for yourself:

Yay Joffery is dead; I know we had all been waiting for this to happen since the moment he cut off Ned’s head. Cersei thinks that Tyrion did it and has him arrested.

Picture 87

That was a good episode, we had the Purple Wedding I have to say I did not think they were going to show the wedding this early in the season. Nevertheless, it is something that I have been waiting for. I will not say anything more about the wedding because well I know who poisoned Joffery but I am more curious to see who you think did it.

Until next week.

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