Costume Dynamics: Black Canary

Before the New 52 came about my favorite comic was Birds of Prey. I mean, it had Oracle, what else could a girl ask for? One of the lead characters was Black Canary. My feelings towards her are kind of ‘meh’, but as with most female superheroes, I was left wondering where her clothes went.

Alter Ego: Dinah (Drake) Lance (Queen)


  • hand to hand combat
  • martial arts
  • ultra sonic scream
  • ..motorcycle rider (according to wikipedia this is an ability)

When a pirate and a magician’s assistant have a baby…

Okay, she’s pretty well covered, that’s a positive thing.  However, fishnets… really?  Most importantly, for her being a human who uses hand to hand combat skills, it’s not exactly a protective material.  In fact, it’s the opposite, it gets stuck on everything and tears really easily.  Why would fishnets be your go to hosiery if you’re most likely going to end up doing battle. Unless she’s got some magic enhanced fishnets like I assume Zatanna has, because sure, why not?

Next up, she’s wearing a sweetheart sleeveless bathing suit looking piece.  For that to stay up on a person in real life it would need boning (insert all jokes here).  Once again, she’s a martial artist trained for hand to hand combat.  The first thing her opponent is going to do is pull that top down, and voila! Boobs! Black Canary is too busy trying to get her top on to fight properly. Now even if Black Canary has no modesty, she’s a pretty busty chick (as is any comic book created female), it would be a bitch to fight with those flying around.

Ninja Rambo

Oh late 80/early 90’s. What were people really about?  I guess I can’t really argue much about this costume. She is fully covered even if it does include a turtle neck and some weird black wings coming off of her chest.  I don’t think it’s the most protective thing, but at least there’s nothing really hindering her abilities to fight.

Um… nice try?

It’s an interesting take on Black Canary, but the fishnets make her seem like even more of a hooker… maybe if they had some kind of colored tights underneath. At least she gets pleather shorts.  Other than the fishnets, I think the outfit is something that you could probably hold your own in a fight in. My main issue with this one is her ‘mask’. She doesn’t have super human speed so make-up this detailed would definitely not work… Unless!

Nailed it!

However that’s not for another couple centuries. If there’s an emergency, everyone else is going to show up to stop the bad guy and then about 20 minutes later, in walks a heavily made up Black Canary. By now everyone is either victorious or dead, and the bad guys long gone.  Good job, Black Canary.

Very similar to Supergirl

At first I thought they had done a really good job updating the costume.  I really like the look, but they added more fishnet… I think the fishnet even goes over her shoes? I’m really not sure what’s going on with those.  Seriously, can someone please explain it to me? It kind of looks like there’s a design on the tights under the fishnets and then she just has black flats on? Never mind, it doesn’t look like the artists even know what’s going on.  She has a different design in different panels.  Other than the regular fishnet issue, the top looks pretty sturdy and pretty good for hand to hand combat. Although I hope no one tries to stab her in the leg, because she doesn’t have any protection… like at all…

She looks a little angry

Honestly, this is pretty good, not sure if it reads Black Canary as much as it does Mockingbird, but it’s some sort of aviary thing, right? Did Canary have a baton before? I’m pretty sure the writers were confused between the two characters. I think she needs a choker or something… it just feels like something is missing.  Downside, I don’t know if they’re going to give her her ultrasonic scream in the show, what makes her Black Canary? But if they’re going to have the Flash, he’d be the only one with actual superhuman abilities on this show, so I hope they giver her (or even someone else, please) the ability somehow, otherwise she really is Mockingbird, and that’s crossing into Marvel (dun-dun-duuunnnn!).

Look, though, she gets a mask…and a wig…her real hair is blond…why does she have a blond wig? It’s not even a different length, at least Batwoman has a long wig compared to her short hair.

Ah, the power of Paint

Mixing the New 52 design (even though I can’t read those comics at all) with Arrow’s Sarah (despite the weak caricature) I made this thingamabob.  Hair is probably best in a ponytail out of the face if you are going to keep it long. Leather or pleather for most of the outfit to make it a sturdy outfit, capable of keeping together in a fight. Knee and leg guards to help keep from dying. Pleather has a lot more stretch for the shirt and the pants and leather will protect the very human innards a bit better than fishnets.

There, I fixed it! Okay, let me pretend that I did.  Next time, Wonder Woman, and hopefully Patty doesn’t kill me.

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