Wolverine and the X-Men #2 Review

w-x-men 2 - 1

In last issue, we find out that all the teachers are gone because Wolverine gave them time off. The graduate students have stepped up to help watch the kids that stay over the summer. Wolverine tried to recruit a new teacher but failed.

w-x-men 2 - 2

The issue starts with a message from the CEO of the Phoenix Corporation who broadcasted the Phoenix symbol on to all-electric devices.

w-x-men 2 - 3

This makes Wolverine mad so he looks for chuckles his favorite drunk Bamf. Wolverine is mad because they are tainting Jean’s memory.

w-x-men 2 - 4

Seriously, Wolverine you need to get over Jean she was not all that great. This makes Storm pissed who basically flips out on Wolverine because he is acting like she doesn’t care about Jean at all.

w-x-men 2 - 5

Once Storm is done flipping out on Wolverine, Idie comes over letting them know that Quentin is gone.

w-x-men 2 - 6

Quentin had taken off with the Bamf names Gizmo who apparently likes to eat.  I am guessing all the Bamf’s have a vice.

w - x-men 2 - 7

While back at the school, Evan is being all upset because Quentin has it all. Apparently, no one is all that fond of the Apocalypse clone.

w-x-men 2 - 8

Storm and Wolverine talk with Victor “Anole” Borkowski who is the CEO of Worthington Industries. They would like to know how a corporation such as the Phoenix Corp, just appear over night. They figured that corporation would like Quentin because of their name and the fact that he will one day wield the Phoenix Force. This makes Wolverine think that Quentin ran away but that does not make sense, especially when they see that Quentin is right outside the Phoenix Corp building.

w-x-men 2 - 9

Quentin walks into the building all like I am the Phoenix you got my attention here I am.

w - x-men 2 - 10

Then he run into a rather powerful psychic who tells Quentin that he knows far more than he should know. That he has seen too much of the future, but the Quentin is shown even more the future one that can lead to his own death.

w - x-men 2 - 11

A future that is assured because of the fact that Quentin came to the Phoenix Corp.

Wolverine and Storm show up with a no longer drunk Bamf, letting this guy know that they are not going to let him harm Quentin.

w - x-men 2 - 12

Storm goes fight the guy first but he finds his way through her psychic barriers – which is hard to do since Professor X helped put those in place. He is now making Storm think that the room is caving in on her this activating her claustrophobia.

w - x-men 2 - 13

Back at the school, Hisako is doing everything that she can to keep the students calm and remind that if they need to leave in an emergency that they should grab a Bamf, as long as nature girl gives them up.  Well Idie has some other ideas and wonders why they are all being calm when the school will more than likely be attacked since it is named after The Phoenix – Jean Grey.

w - x-men 2 - 14

Idie also wants to know how they are supposed to be calm when they have an extra target on their back because of Wolverine. Idie didn’t help the situation by saying that Hisako only has her position because Jubilee had too much respect. Of course Hisako gets all catty and attacks back. Evan jumps in to stop the fight between the two girls.

w- x-men 2 - 15

That is a very unApocalypse like thing to do – so maybe Evan is not so bad.

Wolverine keeps fighting the psychic dude who has Storm out of commission mentally. The guy basically tells Wolverine that he was trained by the Askani Priests so he is a warrior. He basically babbled on a lot about why he was doing what he was doing – the traditional bad guy speech.

w - x-men 2 - 16

In doing so, the guy tells Wolverine that he is here to kill Evan before Evan can do any harm. Wolverine all beaten up pleads with Storm to snap out of it otherwise Evan is going to die.

w - x-men 2 - 17

This issue was a bit better because at least we get into more of the plot. Granted it was still a bit slow but we needed to know what the bad guys where up to. I am not going to lie, I want to smack Quentin he is definitely not my favorite character. He is too whiny and to self-confident/self-absorbed. Anything bad that happens I am definitely blaming on Quentin. I love any interaction between Storm and Wolverine; they are absolutely amazing together because they get each other really well. I am loving the little Bamfs and how they have names and addiction to something. I am intrigued to see where the story goes with the Phoenix Corp and Evan. I am really looking forward to next issue because it seems like it will be Storm focused and she is my favorite Marvel character so I enjoy reading anything that focuses on her.

Until next month.

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